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Breaking: H.E.R.O. deploys to Sendaya

March 5, 2014

The newly formed H.E.R.O. (Hopefully Effective Rookie Organisation) bloc today announced their first major deployment as a coalition to Sendaya in the Derelik region since their inception on the 2nd of March.

Brave Collective CEO and coalition executor Lychton Kondur announced the deployment today at 18:00 GMT. The combined move marks Brave Collective’s 3rd ever strategic deployment and first foray into lowsec directly bordering on a major conflict zone, working alongside their fellow newbie-friendly alliances Nexus Fleet, Spaceship Samurai and Test Alliance Please Ignore.

The objectives of the joint deployment are not yet immediately clear beyond H.E.R.O. creating content for its membership. However, an announcement on more clearly defined goals from the coalition executor is expected in the next few days.

Despite considerable challenges for Brave Collective’s logistics team, which is faced with the formidable task of moving assets for over 6000 members, the return to the Derelik region appears far more orderly than the chaotic scenes which characterised BNI’s first move to Vestouve in Placid. Early reports indicate that a steady stream of convoys, in addition the Brave Collective logistics fleet, consisting a few dozen jump freighters and carriers is currently running on overdrive between Sendaya and Brave’s former staging system of Barleguet, which runs a stark contrast to the small blockade runner fleet utilised during the Vestouve deployment.

This deployment to the strategic Derelik region, in addition to confirmed reports that Brave Collective has begun the sale of fixed assets such as POSes in the Placid and Syndicate region has raised fevered speculation that the 14,000 member coalition may be looking to create mass PvP content or challenge sovereignty in a campaign in the surrounding CurseCatchProvidence and Scalding Pass regions

There is currently also considerable contention among nullsec pundits over the allegiance of the H.E.R.O. coalition due to Test, Nexus Fleet and Spaceship Samurai’s previous status as members of N3. However according to Markonius Porkbutte, Director of Communications for the Brave Collective, whilst there is significant pressure on the H.E.R.O. bloc to choose between the CFC and N3, H.E.R.O. is currently preoccupied with content creation and concretely developing the objectives of the deployment over political maneuvering.