The Battle for 9UY4-H Part 4

With the final station timer set to come out at 18:30 eve time, Provi-Block formed up early, killing off a SBU in G-5EN2. G-5EN2 is the first system in the pipe from Assah (Insidious Empire’s staging system) to 9UY4-H (the current battlefield for both sides) perhaps Insidious Empire …

Video: The Stratios – Sisters of Eve Cruiser

The Stratios model was recently finished and skinned on The Singularity server and a youtube video has been made detailing the beauty of this ship.

The Stratios Cruiser is one of the new Sisters of Eve ships that has sparked much dispute in the New eden community, for a good reason, currently the …

Esoteria/Stain/Period Basis area update

Update from Striker (C0VEN):
Since the end of war with Systematic Chaos Eso/Stain/PB was really quiet and boring. With SE we were roadtripping near dronelands. South-east was pretty empty all the time (with Bricks in Gemi and only occasionally roams of LR). Things started to be interesting again …

Vent Spy: Imperial 0rder rage when losing 2 supercarriers

Hilarious Ventrilo recording of Imperial 0rder (I0) when they lost a Hel and Aeon supercarrier (the second selfdestructed) and multiple carriers.
Imperial 0rder Vent recording (by bobbechk from PL)
Recording courtesy of Bobbechk (Pandemic Legion).
Good mood changed by anger and despair, …

Providence fracturing: Damu´Khonde troubles

What have Against All Authorities and Damu´Khonde similar. Both have recently realized, that they have almost no allies ready to help them. Damu´Khonde Providence NIP (Non Invasion Pact) has as one of its prime directives, that in case a system or territory of a NIP holder comes under sovereignty …

Atlas forums look: Leadership sold us out

Atlas member quote:
How the hell do you think people get shit out of stations they lose? Do you understand that since the start of space holding in 0.0 there has been tried and true ways to get shit out of 0.0 after you lose it. You dont have to pay off an enemy to move shit.
You sell it, or move …

Epic battlereport: RORZ-H Hot Drake on Drake Action

Battlereport from Elise Randolph (Dead Terrorists)
Déjà vu all over again. The system was RORZ, we got the call that NC was forming to shoot the DT ihub that was coming out. The COURAGEOUS FREEDOM FIGHTERS of DT, Ev0ke, and CH, formed once more in Drakes and Scimitars, with vigorous allies NC DOT …

Political map: changes of August

Obviously the most significant event of August is the defeat of Atlas Alliance and capture of its territories. The blue spot in the south-east lost its former shape and shrank considerably. The major part of it was repainted red by Red Alliance. Its allies in the campaign White Noise and Pandemic …

Looney Toons. (ACME) Merger with FCON

There is a lot of misinformation in the Eve community on the details of ACME leaving Brach.  Some say it’s because they where care bears.  Others say it’s because of bad kill boards.  Some say Razor hates ACME. has done some investigation and discovered the …

Providence 28th July

Due to recent event which culminated by Ushra´Khan Alliance being taken over by Hydra Reloaded Alliance loyalists, and most of former UK corps going into Circle of Two, the region is very unstable, where both sides seem to hold on their own.
Many station systems and other facilities are being …

EveOnline: Tyrannis HD

EveOnline: Tyrannis HD from RaySajuuk on

EVE Online Ship Sizes

I’ve only recently started playing EVE Online and found myself being fascinated by those enormous spaceships. Thanks to a great piece of software called TriExporter, I was able to import these models into Maya and decided to render some Amarr ships as “miniatures” 😉
For those …

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