EVENT: 72 Hours, 13 Streamers, 2 Great Causes!

From Friday morning to Sunday evening, thirteen of Eve’s finest streamers will be getting together to do a continuous seventy-two hour stream.  The reason? To support and raise …

CARE4KIDS: Looking for German representative!

Maybe it is a German cultural thing, but so far EVE related charity hasn’t appealed to me. Charity projects don’t become inherently better just because they are run by …

Submission: How to Sabre 101

Demeisen Atreides received a bunch of requests for Sabre/dictor tips so I thought I would make a video illustrating some of the best ones I have picked up while learning over the …

Video: We Are Eve

The following video was created by: @prettyarcanine

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Video: Blacklist Squad Smallgang

Blacklist Squad coming at you from the boys of Radio_Roamers (ingame channel)!

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