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July 3, 2016


Unlike as I predicted in my earlier updates, LAWN is still trucking along. 4 of its member corps seem to be putting up a huge fight against MBC forces in the Pure Blind region, so far taking 10 systems.

White Legion also seem to be refusing to fold, as their newest corp “True Xenon Inc.” seem to be forming an alliance tournament team, consisting of people such as Gorski Car, Chessur, aria Yatolila, and God’s Apples.

GotG alliance SLYCE loses 117 members and many small corporations. This is what seems like an inactivity purge. Was unable to contact diplomats for confirmation.

DRF Alliance Dirt Nap Squad. Loses long time member corp Sturmgrenadier Inc. consisting of 97 pilots.

Thermodynamics alliance loses its founding corp Furnace, who joined Play Hard Pray Harder alliance. This delve alliance will be something to keep an eye on in the future, as they seem to be gaining momentum and power rapidly.

Provibloc alliance Yulai Federation lose 121 member corp Atlantis Kingdom.

DropBear Sanctuary alliance loses staple corp Blades of Athena, who joined Northern Coalition. This has caused some drama over on the /r/eve subreddit over NC’s moral compass.

Pandemic Horde surpasses 10,000 members.

MBC forces seem to have mostly un-blued each other, with alliances such as TEST and Pandemic Legion already butting heads in various battles.


RIZE alliance seems to have folded ever since they have been evicted from the Nourvokaiken gate in Tama. Their biggest corp Original Sinners joins CHAOS alliance, while a smaller corp Light Red Unicorns joins The Bastard Cartel.

Lowsec alliance Snuffed Out and Goonswarm Federation work together in a colossal trap to dreadbomb NC. and TISHU titans and supers. Overall 4 MBC titans died and most of the dreads dropped died as well.

Gallente Militia corporation Rapid Withdrawal form the Pen Is Out alliance with ally Schneckt. This is possibly due to the permanent wardec from SpaceShip Bebop, also a galmil alliance.


Elite PVP highsec alliance Vendetta Mercenary Group yet again get baited on a free mission runner, losing a 1.3B Stratios.