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TEST & C02 Take down a PL Fortizar

June 18, 2016

At  0512 (EVE Time) on Saturday, June 18th a Pandemic Legion ‘Fortizar’ Citadel was destroyed by joint fleets from TEST and Circle of Two. Over the last week MBC Coalition forces have disengaged from the waning World War Bee and started resetting standings between each other.

Video provided by Trespasser (CEO of Southern Comfort in TEST Alliance)

Late Friday TEST was notified that a Pandemic Legion citadel was in the process of on-lining in the nearby low-sec system of Hakonen. The system serves as a common low-sec staging system for both TEST and CO2 and would provide Pandemic Legion a strategic location to launch raids throughout Tribute and Vale. Sources within TEST stated they believed the citadel was being placed as a base to ‘farm’ their members and allies. Not wanting to simply wait for Pandemic Legion to initiate hostilities TEST and Circle of Two struck first.

TEST formed 250 ‘Alpha’ Maelstroms and a secondary Caracal fleet led by veteran fleet commander Vily. Once TEST arrived in Hakonen they were joined by Circle of Two who fielded around 75 Omen Navy Issues, and a Snuffbox Nightmare fleet. The fleets took up positions around the Pandemic Legion citadel with about five minutes left before it entered the 15 minute vulnerability window. This window is the most dangerous time for any on-lining citadel as it has no shield or armor and can be destroyed without having to wait for a re-enforcement timer. Once the citadel anchored and entered the vulnerability window the two fleets opened fire on the new citadel with no opposing fleet fielded to defend it. A Goonswarm confessor fleet showed up, warped onto the grid, fired on the citadel, and then warped off. A few minutes later the Imperium Fleet returned to the grid and were immediately engaged by Circle of Two. After a quick battle the Circle of Two Omen Navy Issues overpowered the Goonswarm Confessors and drove them off the field. The remnants of the Imperium Fleet withdrew and left the system and the citadel fell a few minutes later. Pandemic Legion did not show up or field a fleet.

The attackers (TEST & CO2) lost 11 ships for 500 million ISK while Goonswarms 3rd party attempt cost them 31 ships and 1.2 billion. At the time writing no killmail has been generated for the fortizar but the estimated loss of the citadel for Pandemic Legion will be around 20 billion ISK.