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App Overview: Tripwire and its newfound Grassroots Support

June 29, 2016

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For everyone living in or day-tripping into wormhole space, Tripwire has been a marvellous and widely used tool enabling people to map the ever-changing wormhole connections around them.

For this article, I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Tripwire’s creator, Daimian Mercer, to ask him about the app. Beginning life as a tool to help the Blue Sun Enterprises hunt in W-Space shortly after Wormholes were added to Eve, back when the Eve API tracked individual jumps and number of kills in W-Space as well as K-Space, BSEN used it to hunt in the wormholes they lived in, and their connections.

‘Tripwire was born within the first year of wormhole space coming to EVE and was an idea me and some core members of Blue Sun Enterprises had to help us hunt in w-space. Back then not that many lived in w-space and the EVE API provided # of kills and jumps into a system like all of k-space has now so we used Tripwire to track our scanned wormholes and would sit and wait until one became active – thus the name Tripwire.

I was actually trying to make a web based ship fitting tool first but it proved very difficult so I took on a smaller project first to get my footing with EVE app development, a simple site running tool to track w-space site participation and rewards. That eventually turned into Tripwire and I’ve never been able to finish that project since. I doubt I will ever have time to take on another project since Tripwire features seem to be endless.’

As arguably the current standard wormhole mapping app, Tripwire boasts a list of features from in-game and external browser support, a smartphone app, corporation and alliance wormhole sharing, constant background updates, detailed system information (security, pirates, wormhole effects/class, region, PI, planets and static connection) and activity monitoring (Ship, pod and NPC kills, as well as ship jumps in K Space, for up to a week), making it useful in a wide variety of settings. This doesn’t even begin to list the user interface options for sharing information with your corp/alliance mates, the ability to pass on information on signatures for exploration and combat sites, and the ability to highlight a system for all users by ‘flaring’, which is useful if you want everyone to converge or to highlight a specific route to, for example, Thera.

The app will even fill in half the details of the wormhole with an automapping feature that will follow you as you jump through and record the exit details for you. The vast majority of the community using the various apps available agree that Tripwire is by far the best and most widely used of the alternatives available, and it has remained free to use (with donations greatly appreciated) since inception. While initially intimidating looking (the UI is reminiscent of a FTSE shares analysis with a statistics graph for recent jumps and kills of pods, ships and NPCs), the interface quickly becomes familiar, and using copy and paste you can usually finish mapping the exit wormhole before your post-jump cloak expires, allowing you to pick your destination at your leisure and warp without being exposed.