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EN24 Network: Be part of our expansion.

During the last four months, we have been making several key changes to EN24 to increase our capacity to bring you quality content on a daily basis. Also, it has constantly been in our best interest to expand our readers’ EVE Online experience beyond the boundaries of our current …

S2N Abbadon Fleet gets wrecked by CFC

Yesterday CFC FC’s received scout reports saying that Black legion & Mordus Angels both in Tengus assisted by an Abaddon fleet of Nulli Secunda were out reinforcing towers. CFC already had a Tengu, Hawk, Baltec fleet and a bomber fleet formed to assist their traige while they were repping …

Announcement: Open Call for Writers

We are opening spots in the EN24 team. If you wish to be part of the crew, here are the basics:
– Good Grammar.
– Skype access.
– Free time.
– Decent EVE politics knowledge.
– Decent EVE Online experience.
– Wish to earn some Iskies.
– …

EVE Sovereignty Map Time-Lapse 2007 – 2014

Those of us who have been around in New Eden for years and have seen the political landscape shift with sovereignty changes know the rise and fall of empires first-hand. Below is a time-lapse of null-sec starting in 2007 to 2014. Seven years of changes you can clearly see with your own eyes to the …

Leak: Brave Military Announcement

BRAVE held their Military meeting earlier today in which they inform their members about some of internal developments!
More fun fleets incoming!
Join the Intro FC program!
War is coming
SOV will be attacked by 2 parties (possibly Stainwagon and ProviBloc)
Prepare for war by:
1: Making ISK
2: …

Opinion: Dsans comments on capital Travel Changes

Disclaimer: This piece reflects the opinion of Dsan, old EN24 writer, Member of Habitual Euthanasia, Pandemic Legion.
lets talk about these latest changes announced in the most recent dev blog on October 1st.
For starters, if you’re a regular reader of devblogs and follow up on their final …

EVE Online’s 2015 Fanfest announced.

Mark your calendars boys and girls, the 2015 Fanfest has a date and you can now secure your tickets

The final details for Fanfest 2015 are now available! Complete information about travel packages and tickets can now be found on the EVE Fanfest 2015 …

Brave New World: A Look Into the Future of Null Sec

If you are confused about the nullsec changes and the fallout, you are not alone. Mixed reactions abound in the Dev blog comments thread (exploding to 200 pages in the first day) and on news sites. Expect podcasts and bloggers to cover this thoroughly too, but the truth at the end of the day is – …

Visualised: Long Distance Travel Changes.

Kowata from Nemesis enterprises sent us an insightful take on the New Eden map after the Long Distance Travel Changes take place if they remain as announced.
After changes, it will be harder for a super-capital to leapfrog an entire regions given the new 5 light-year range adjustment. This changes …

In Development: Black Legion Blues current N3 Alliances

Black Legion. is as of today, blue to a few of the alliances that are part of the N3 Coalition.

To any null-sec politics aficionado, this is a very interesting development. Especially when you realise that its been reported that NCDOT, an old enemy of Black Legion has started sharing colors with …

Opinion: My Sov Null Solution

Disclaimer: This is a opinion piece written and submitted  by Talvorian Dex from a website called Target Caller. This piece expresses his opinion but not EN24’s!
In my last post, I spoke about how the Null-Sec Statement was a demonstration of “dogs and cats dancing together” to make a …

Opinion: You Don’t Speak For Me!

To preface this I would like to say that this is completely my own opinion, and I don’t claim to speak for Eve News 24, or any other Eve Online players.
Recently a letter was written up a signed regarding future changes in Eve and a request by the authors for a particular future model. This …

Null-Sec CSM member complains of sidelining by CCP Games.

After the release of the Jump devblog, drama unleashed all over the discussions forums. This thread was mainly filled with folks both supporting and others pointing about their perceived flaws in these plans. Then a very interesting tweet appeared:
The 0.0 CSM do not support all these changes. Some …

The Cosmopewlitan: The Day Nullsec Cried.

Two days ago I asked a friend that if a genie were to offer him a single wish to change null SOV radically, what would this wish be? His response was more of a daydream than a viable answer:
You would need to reduce the light year distance a capital can jump in a day. Similar to jump clone time …

Greedy Goblin: Jump changes, dumb Goons, smart Goons

This is an extra post, written because the prepared post for today is somewhat obsolete. The jump range changes prove that CCP doesn’t listen to those who demand freebies for themselves.
If you read the comment section of the new dev blog that introduces huge jump nerf, you see two very …

RE-POST: A Letter to The CSM7 – Back to the Gates.

Hey guys, riverini here. I have been bombarded in the comments and via emails by avid EN24 readers asking me to showcase this old piece we posted nearly two years ago. It is an Open Letter to the CSM. I am reposting it again in wake of the recent announced jump/movement changes. This well written …

Phoebe Pre-Game: Null-Sec Alliance Movements *Update Oct 30th*

Disclaimer: Please remember that this is a work in process. I will consider all feed back, suggestions and Intel.
This article will look at all the rumoured as well as confirmed alliance movements happening before the Phoebe patch hits. This article is therefore a work in process and will be …

Dev Blog: Long-Distance Travel Changes Inbound

Hi everyone,

We are about to make some significant changes to how long-distance travel in various forms works in EVE, with the aim of significantly increasing minimum travel times between two arbitrary distant points, most particularly in regards to jump drive and portal based movement. The …

CoreBloodBrothers sends internal statement about The Null Deal

The text below is a statement made by CSM, Provi head FC, Corebloodbrothers. This statement was send out internally, but we were able to get our hands on it! To read more about Null Deal please read the following piece!

WOW, I am about to quit Provi and the CSM.
Words like hate are you serious. …

Suspect Baiter Has Wish For Easy Kills Broken

While most of you know Jita is the largest central trading hub in New Eden, you may not know or even understand what goes on outside the station. This is the playground of the pilot looking for the quick easy kill, the pilot looking to gank targets for ISK and the playground of the “suspect …

Battle Report: Scary Wormhole People Not So Scary – a 44Bil Womhole Capital Gank

Early morning on the 30th September 2014 a combined fleet of wormhole inhabitants Lazerhawks, Hard Knocks Inc. and Sleeper Social Club alliance attacked and destroyed eight dreadnoughts, two Archons and two Loki’s worth 44 billion ISK belonging to The Dark Space Initiative, part of the Scary …

Re-Watched: The EVE Online o7 Show – Episode 1

Here is something to watch during the client update. In case you missed it last week, this is the re-run of the first episode of the EVE Online o7 show now on Youtube. Make sure to pay attention around the 32 minute mark when the talk shift to Sov and Power Projection and how Null-Sec “It has …

The Cosmopewlitan: Occupancy and Gatopardismo.

Philosopher, Warrior, Haiku Poet. Disappearing at the end of the last great war, riverini is rumored to be secluded in a containment chamber in deep null-sec space, where he will presumably be kept until the time comes to be unleashed into unsuspecting and complacent enemies. He also writes opinion …

Check ‘em: EVE Online Oceanus Deals! PLEX is 10% off

EVE Online Oceanus is scheduled to be released today and CCP Games saw fit to lower the prices of many of their main offering, check out what’s in store
PLEX is 10% off

Our first item on our list is of course, PLEX – 30 Day Pilot’s License Extension. It is trading at a whoppong …

Greedy Goblin: 90% of Nullsec leaders want to rat safely in Nyxes

In an unprecedented event, the leaders of the Sov-holder alliances made a declaration how they want to change Sov mechanics.
These suggestions aim at one thing: to forever stabilize their situation and allow them to earn real money from playing EVE (by selling third-party content and as …