Spotlight: The Rising Phoenix of Industry

Eve has a reputation as being a harsher kind of MMO where whining is rightfully ridiculed and even CCP members are known to tell players to “HTFU.” However sometimes this kind of attitude is used to give people an excuse to be unnecessarily obnoxious. This manifests itself mostly in people with …

Cavemen. pull off Fortizar heist

When a Fortizar owned by Syndicate-based alliance Slightly Sexual <S3XY> began unanchoring last week, a convoluted series of distraction schemes and counter-schemes spanning several days culminated in the structure being swiped by local alliance Cavemen. <CAVE> in highsec Solitude on …

Kirith Kodachi: Captain’s Quarters – Potential Never To Be Realized

Way back in 2012 I posted an imaginary backlog overview for Team Avatar about the future direction of the Captain’s Quarters had the Summer of Rage had not occurred and scuttled CCP’s plans for walking in stations:
Story #22317 – Sharing Space
Description – As a user I …


CCP released a devblog announcing the retirement of the Captain’s Quarters and the In-Client Twitch Support.

2017-07-12 14:05
By CCP Falcon

Next May, New Eden will celebrate its fifteenth birthday and the march will begin toward the third decade of EVE Online.
As part of the focus …

The Discourse – Project Discovery Exoplanets Goes Live

Project Discovery Exoplanets is live and ready to accept all daring scientists. ARC Studio has released their latest broadcast of “The Discourse” covering the subject.

Meanwhile Eyon Vondawn of Spaceships Involved records an easy to understand tutorial on how to identify the new …

PSA: Issue with Project Discovery Evaluation Set

Hello pilots,

MMOS are currently investigating an issue with Project Discovery.

It appears that during the evaluation phase (after the tutorial) data sets that are presented for analysis are too difficult for that stage. This has led to many players being given extremely low overall …

Watch This (Gold Edition) – TEST Server Please Ignore

We came across this video today that was released in the last 24 hours by Temppu Gaming of TEST Alliance that in my opinion is one of the best combat footage with Super-Carriers and Titans that I have seen in quite a while. Hat’s off to the TEST Propaganda Department on this one and I hope …

Twitch Logs: Highlights of CCP Town Hall

Today’s roundtable by CCP was broadcast on Twitch, and you can watch the video of that here, but the best questions and answers of the day came from CCP Rise in the chat stream after the broadcast itself. We have gathered these questions together and formatted them for easier reading. Minor …

Join the Eve News 24 Team

EN24 is doing an open call for writers, storytellers, and reporters interested in making internet spaceship news an integral part of their Eve Online experience.
We are seeking writers and staff from all regions and segments of New Eden (i.e. ‘Null-Sec’, ‘High-Sec’, …

DEV – CCP Live Q & A with CCP Seagull, Mimic, & Rise

Below is a re-broadcast of the Live Q & A session with CCP Seagull, Mimic, and Rise that just wrapped up about an hour ago. Below is the live chat that at the time of publication is still ongoing with CCP staff. Enjoy!

Watch live video from CCP on

Dev Blog: Rebalancing Strategic Cruisers

Hello again adaptable capsuleers!

Today we are happy to bring you another dev blog covering the imminent revamp of the Strategic Cruiser (also known as T3 Cruiser) class coming on July 11th.

When we last released a dev blog on this topic a little over a month ago, we covered the high level …

GM Lelouch Provides Excellent Insight Into CCP GM Policies

With the array of different mediums we use to communicate both with CCP, and with each other, regarding Eve, it can be really easy to miss things. Yesterday, while looking for information on something else on Reddit, I came upon the following thread in which user /u/CeleryStickBeating described an …

Good Features: Colorblindness Correction Palette

A few weeks ago, CCP introduced a tool to help colorblind Capsuleers function better in New Eden. While the feature is still in beta, users are finding the system to be effective at correcting even minor color adjustment issues and problems, resulting in easier perception of the user interface.
The …

Northern Coalition. Clashes with Goonswarm Federation and Allies in Efa

A major battle took place today in the region of Khanid, in the lowsec system Efa today, as Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] and their allies squared off against Northern Coalition. [NC].
The battle took place over a Plaer-Owned Starbase (POS) reinforcement timer. Members of the Querious Fight Club …

Imperium forces crushed at FCON citadel

Yesterday, saw a large battle between the forces of The Imperium and its allies, versus the Phoenix Federation and their coalition. Well over 50 billion ISK was lost by forces on both sides, with The Imperium losing both the ISK war and the fight for the Fortizar.  The Imperium lost after it …

Watch This: EVE Online – Development Update (July 2017)

EVE Online’s Executive Producer gives an update on current EVE Online development and the upcoming priority shifts to how we develop for ship and module balancing and structures. Also, some updates on the July release with Tech 3 Cruiser rebalancing, the Agency, Project Discovery – …

PSA: Patch notes for July 2017 release

Patch notes for July 2017 release
Released on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Features & Changes


Required input materials to build Pirate Battleships has been increased.


The drop rates of T3 datacores and ancient relics from Sleeper exploration sites have been …

The Gaunt: PewPew Episode 6

After a break ‘The Gaunt’ returns with Episode 5, continuing his series of solo PvP commentary first seen in the Watch These compilation.
Todays episode of solo pvp includes a nice fight with the mighty sleipnir!

El Musico:
00:00 OVERWERK – Anthology (Daft Punk …

Triumvirate Leaks Damaging Relations With Drone Region Federation

Over the past few days, I have posted a series of leaks on Kugutsumen’s Foreplay section exposing internal dialogue among Triumvirate’s leadership/directorship regarding the future of the alliance. A previous campaign against the Guardians of the Galaxy coalition in the north left …

This Is The Thing.

This is an opinion piece and only reflects my own views and not the views of EN24 or it’s affiliates.

It’s been a rough couple of months, and I haven’t really weighed in on the anger and discontent at CCP’s recent shenanigans regarding our beloved game. I feel it, this …

EN24: Your Platform

Somewhere between child-like space exploration whimsy and the appeal of cutthroat gameplay are thousands of different individuals trying to reach their goals in New Eden. Many of these goals involve recruiting members, making connections and finding people who may have similar goals in mind. What …

CCP Confirms: Outside of Tech3 Cruisers, No Balance Changes Until After Alliance Tournament

CCP today confirmed today that it will hold off on it’s proposed balance passes until after the upcoming Alliance Tournament in August, with the exception of next weeks incoming T3C changes. Developer CCP Fozzie released the following statement on the Eve Online forums.

Hey tournament folks! …


2017-07-03 16:54
By CCP Falcon

We’re incredibly happy to announce our first two player speakers for EVE Vegas 2017!
This year, EVE Vegas will be hosted at The Linq Hotel & Casino, and is now officially the biggest EVE Vegas in New Eden’s history.
To start the lineup, …

Watch This: TEST Alliance Please Ignore Weekly Highlights – Episode 5

By OnSpotTV
Published on Jul 3, 2017
As per popular demand, the host has been changed ! Thank you all for the feedback and fly safe !
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