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EvE Online nominated for BAFTA Award.

Eve Online Phoebe has been nominated, alongside titles like Destiny and League of Legends, in the ‘Persistent Game 2015′ category for the British Academy Games Awards 2015.
Eve Online has a great history of winning awards, having won over 55 since 2004 including Best Veteran MMORPG 2013 …


The Drifters are upon us, and they are not to be trifled with. The new NPC faction (or Jovian sub faction) will enter the game in the next expansion, Tiamat, dropping on February 17th. The Drifters pilot extraordinary battleships that are set up to challenge even the most experienced players. …

The Scope: Shattered Worlds

Another video from “The Scope” program from GNN (CCP’s in-game, in-character news service), reveals theories on the current back story. This time the report is on shattered wormholes, Sisters of EVE, and the numerous wormhole theories out there.
Notice the news crawl at the bottom …

RLA – The Silent Killer

It has caused the destruction of countless capsuleers, laid waste to the most careful operational plans, and even tore entire alliances asunder; all without so much as a target lock. Stand aside Big Blue Donut. Move over Denial of Service Attacks. The true, most dangerous force in all of EVE is …

The Small Things: Black Legion. Move Back to Venal, Northern Coalition. Go AFK in Querious and More!

Welcome to the third and slightly delayed article in a new series on EN24 where we will be looking at the ‘small things’ that might not make a full EN24 article but are either funny or interesting enough to share anyway!
We here at EN24 will be running one of these articles once a week after …

CSM Term Summary

Improving […] EVE is at the heart of our plans for 2015. We will not just release a single set of changes, but continuously work with these systems all throughout the year and take the time needed to make things work well to provide good times and good fights.
— CCP Seagull, Executive …

EN24 Podcast, ep.3

EVE Online News from EN24’s podcast releases their third episode. The podcast begins with a look at the headlines and market report. Then EN24 writers examine the top stories in the “newsroom”, and top it all off with an interview with Kira Tsukimoto from Brave Newbies on the occasion …

I’m Not Even Mad

Most kills in EVE are fairly straight forward affairs. Fleet A jumps into Fleet B and mayhem ensues. Victory falls most often to the side with better ships or larger numbers. To be sure, pilot skill and pilot error play their part as well but it is only rarely that true genius has its chance to …

Super brawl in Stain

As with the previous post, 3 Nulli Secunda [S2N] supercapitals died today consisting of 2 Aeons and 1 Hel.
On the 9th February 2015 the StainWagon Coalition and members of N3 clashed in a continuation of their war over moons and sovereignty in the south-west of New Eden. For the first time in this …

In-Development: Features of EVE Online’s Tiamat Release

CCP Fozzie takes you behind the scenes of Tiamat, EVE Online’s February 2015 release.
– The Minmatar Svipul Tech 3 tactical destroyer
– Corporation Tools
– Projectile Weapon Balancing
– Audio and Effects for missions, anomalies and projectile weapons
– Upgraded …

Nulli Secunda Supers Down in Stain (09/02/15)

Yesterday three super capitals, a Aeon and a Hel followed by an additional Aeon, from N3 alliance Nulli Secunda, died in GD0-7H in Stain.
The reason for this appears to be the Nulli supers had a collection of Russian Wyverns trapped inside a POS which was being destroyed having exited reinforced …

Dev Post: Corp Little Things & Friendly Fire Control

Hi! I’m CCP Punkturis and on behalf of Team Five 0 I want to tell you about some of the changes related to corporations that we’ve been working on for Tiamat, which will be released on February 17, 2015!

We know the effort and time that CEOs and directors spend on managing their …

Leaks: The Initiative Alliance Update

Campaign January 2015 – Op Success!
Hi Guys,
About a month ago we took up a campaign in Immensea. Just before Christmas, despite Gclub and Nulli timing everything to the US TZ, we took a few systems within titan range of G-0 – XS- and B-R5. N3 called in the help of 2 more alliances, …

PODCAST: Eve Media Round Table – CSM

Tonight, a bunch of the EVE Media guys got together and decided to host a round table to talk about Eve Online and the goings-on within New Eden. This time we discussed the CSM! ENJOY!

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PL fishing crew kills NPC Avatar in Nakah

Today, Pandemic Legion‘s fishing crew successfully killed another Avatar in the low sec system of Nakah.
The story behind this kill is that a scout had noticed an Avatar sitting in Nakah in space, piloted by Aman Sul. The scout tried to probe the Avatar, however it logged off before he …

VIDEO: Arsehole Squad Brawl with HERO in V-3YG7

It’s sunday, time for some awesome video’s! This time showing you Arsehole Squad brawling it out with HERO in V-3YG7