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Perunga: An Interview

Perunga is a highly regarded FC of Snuffed Out, and is also CEO of C.Q.B.

Perunga – CEO of C.Q.B. and Member of the leadership of Snuffed Out

Welcome Perunga, how about you tell us a little about yourself?

Currently I’m CEO of C.Q.B, a pirate corp in lowsec, I used to FC in the …

DevPost: Alliance Tournament XIII Flagships

Hello teams!
With Alliance Tournament XIII starting this week, the deadline for Flagships has passed. Here is the full list of flagships in this year’s tournament:

A Band Apart.: Armageddon
Affirmative.: Bhaalgorn
-affliction-: Bhaalgorn
Agony Empire: Bhaalgorn
Alternate Allegiance: …

Video: Mr Hyde – Chill Summer Frags

Mr Hyde uploaded a new video; a compilation of small fun fights in a variety of ships including: Nighthawk, Rokh, Rattlesnake, Gila, Kronos, and Brutix!

Massadeath: An Interview

Massadeath is a member of the leadership alliance of Mordus Angels (MOA), and CEO of his self named corp, MASS A DEATH.

Massadeath, CEO of Mass A Death, of Mordus Angels

Massadeath joined EVE back in 2004, after seeing it in stores for over a year, he finally yielded to temptation and bought the …

Honorable Third Party Returns to Providence

I’ve played throughout different areas of Eve from lowsec to highsec, from wh space and back to 0.0, but one thing that has always been consistent is my interest in cloaky warfare. Taking that predatory mindset and putting it to use in Eve Online has always been an interesting aspect of the …

Northern Coalition. Loses a Titan in Aridia

On the 6th August a Northern Coalition. [NC] titan pilot was destroyed by the ever observant and prepared hands of the #REKKINGRUSKI crew cleansing the Aridia region of neutral capitals.
Ai Cadaen, an alt pilot of the CEO of the hirr [HIRR] corporation Anastasia Korenchkin, lost a Leviathan in the …

Low Sec Rumble: Costolle Hosts a Massive Brawl

Costolle system, Verge Vendor region. On the 5th of August at 21:03 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Snuffed Out [B B C] and That Escalated Quickly. [M8WTF] clashed with Shadow Cartel [SHDWC], Dead Terrorists [IKILU] and Cynosural Field Theory. [MOROS] over a moon in the system.
The battle …

Cloud Ring: I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth Loses Capital Force to Pandemic Legion

5-MLDT system, Cloud Ring region. On the 5th of August 2:29 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Pandemic Legion [-10.0] and Northern Coalition. [NC] destroyed a I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth [J4LP] Capital force in the system.
The fight began with [-10.0] and [NC] forces organizing a joint 125 …

Oceanic Assault Finals

On the 8th of August, just after downtime, the final four hours of the AU time zone tournament Oceanic Assault will take place. The culmination of two nights of fighting over the last four weeks has seen the initial pool of 256 pilots whittled down to just 30 pilots. Over the four hours after …

Low Sec Rumble: Cruis3rs Cr3w vs. Snuffed Out and Shadow Cartel

Heydieles system, Essence region. On the 4th of August at 3:44 EVE Standard time, forces belonging to Cruis3rs Cr3w [CR3W] clashed with Shadow Cartel [SHDWC] in a battle that quickly escalated into a full scale Capital engagement.
[CR3W] are a relatively new alliance which grew from a NPSI …

Greedy Goblin: The purpose of FozzieSov

I know that MoA report and ratting report should be there, but I’ve just read this post and it seeded an idea. The main point of the post is that players have an in-game “day-job” (fueling towers, managing an organization, following orders) and then unwind from this job in ganking …

EVE Euro Tour 2015 – CCP Does Europe

“From the frozen wastes of the Northern-Atlantic Ocean a merry band of travelers will emerge, laden with fine wares, good word of internet spaceships and an unending appetite for beer.”
So goes the ancient prophecy and so it shall be!
A bunch of us from CCP are heading to a couple of amaaazing …

Frosthammer Melting, a Reply to CSM Thoric

Like many of you I read the reddit post written by CSM X/Get Off My Lawn [LAWN] leadership member Thoric Frosthammer regarding the new sov mechanics.I advise that you read it first before reading this as I will be going down the points of his argument and addressing them.
First off I’d …

QC-YX6 Erupts in Violence

QC-YX6 system, Delve region. On the 3rd of August 19:40 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Northern Coalition. [NC] and Pandemic Legion [-10.0] clashed with the Imperium over a tower in the system.
With both Imperium and [NC] forces deploying recently to the Delve region, the area has been …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #8

In great keeping with Eve News 24 tradition of not being consistent with weekly serials – The Eve Online Weekly Video Round up is back after a month break. So it’s that (overdue) time of the week where I have spent hours upon hours of trawling through YouTube to bring you the BEST (well, in …

DevPost: Gorga’s removal from CSM 10

Hi everyone,
I am here today to bring you an important message regarding the removal of a CSM member – Gorga.
The reason for his removal is the unacceptable level of participation that we have witnessed in a past few months. While we understand that real life issues can interfere with CSM duties, …

July Week 4 – Super Capital Scrapheap

Welcome once again to this week’s Super Capital kills summary. You can find the previous week’s summary posted here.
Due to the end of the month approaching I decided to combine the remaining days of the month into one post so therefore this report will include Super kills which occurred …

Announcement: Introducing Gunjack

We are happy to announce the upcoming release of Gunjack, a VR arcade shooter for the Samsung Gear VR Platform.

Set in the EVE Universe we all know and love, the player takes on the role of a turret operator aboard a mining rig out in the nullsec region of Outer Ring. As part of the defense …

Leaks: The Initiative’s Alliance Update

Another day, Another leak! This time we show you The Initiative. [INIT.]‘s alliance Update, Enjoy!
Leadership Update #33, 30/07/2015 “Sounds Of Summer”
« on: Today at 11:06:53 pm »
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Leadership Update #33, 30/07/2015 “Sounds Of …

Leaks: Drama time in FCON

Disclaimer: The following leak was submitted to us by a pilot who wishes to stay anonymous.
More of FCON leadership issues. Kari Trace- As of 2015-07-27 @00:00:01 UTC I have tendered my resignation from the FCON SkyTeam. His post:
When I first joined FCON many years ago as a random low-sec scrub it …

VIDEO: An Hyperion adventure

Small gang PVP video always excite me and this time we have one submitted by Zeura Brotherhood.
After we had scouted a Brave enemy fleet inside a C3 Wh, we decided trying to trap them inside using 3 battleships. The initial plan was to avoid any engagment considering them composition.

EN24 Podcast, ep.18 – Iron Armada on Aegis Sov

EN24’s podcast releases another episode. This time we talk to PVPers on the ground in null-sec: Iron Armada. They have been actively defending their space with the new capturing and defending mechanics. We’ll hear how the mechanics are working out so far.
Guest: Tridgit – CEO …

Clarification Regarding Jump Clones & Standings  

2015-07-28 16:58 | By CCP Falcon

As some eagle eyed capsuleers have noticed, during the deployment of the Aegis Sovereignty release on July 14th, changes were made to Tranquility that had an effect on the standings restriction that was in place for creating jump clones.
Before the release, …

Bob’s Corner: AT Practice, 2 steps forward, 1 step back

The Alliance Tournament is around the corner, with only a couple weeks left before the first teams enter the battlefield to fight over the AT XII championship title. I personally have friends on different teams. All of them are practicing extremely intensively in order to show the best of …

Dev Post: More New Skins Available In The New Eden Store!

We are happy to announce the addition of another 26 skins to the New Eden Store!
These skins are for Tech II and Navy Battlecruisers along with Tech II and Navy Battleships, and consist of the following factions:

Amarr – Equilibrium of Mankind
Caldari – Wiyrkomi Corporation
Gallente …