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Imperium and Pandemic Legion Forces Clash in Cloud Ring

DY-F70 system, Cloud Ring. In the early hours of the 4th of July, forces belonging to Pandemic Legion [-10.0] clashed with those of the Imperium, in a fight over a station’s reinforcement timer.
Cloud Ring has recently seen great upheaval, after the Imperium announced its withdrawal from the …

REKKINGCREW Downs an Erebus in Camal

Camal system, Derelik region. On the 4th of July, 17:20 EVE Standard Time, an Erebus Titan belonging to Brave Collective [BRAVE] was destroyed in the system by forces belonging to REKKINGCREW and Pandemic Legion [-10.0].
Since their chaotic evacuation of Catch, [BRAVE] had many assets left all over …

Watch this: This has to be the funniest Recruitment Ever

The Black Legion. folks appealed to their inner city base for a testimonial on their latest recruitment video, which I must say it is one of the funniest recruitment videos ever.

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Dev Blog: Patch notes for Aegis

Here are the patch notes for the upcoming EVE Online Aegis

Help Is On The Way

CCP announced their new help center today, the latest improvement to EVE Online’s aging game experience. CCP has been busy planning, announcing and implementing huge changes to EVE.
The first decade focused on making a cool game with cool features, but over time the gameplay was painted into …

Dev Post: NPE feedback Q & A

CCP Rise went on the EVE-O forums and expanded on the current status of the New Player Experience (NPE)
We’ve seen many posts this week on starting skills and the NPE as a whole (especially on reddit so I thought you might like a small status update on these things.
Let’s do it as a …

Making ISK in EVE

ISK makes the spaceships go around. How do you make ISK in EVE? Many a new EVE player has wondered about how to make ISK to be able to buy a battleship. Or a freighter. Or even bigger.
There are many different ways to make ISK, but it may seem difficult for a new player to see through the maze and …

Weekly News Recap: 21/6/2015 – 27/6/2015

The fourth week of June continued to exhibit a slowdown in New Eden as witnessed in previous weeks. Though battles were fought, it seems both numbers and frequency have declined throughout New Eden as the entirety of Null Security space is waiting in abated breath for the deployment of the new …

June Week 4 – Super Capital Scrapheap

Welcome once again to this week’s Super Capital kills summary. You can find the previous week’s summary posted here.
This report will include Super kills which occurred between June 22nd and June 30th.
—–23/06/15 – 1 Nyx destroyed – 25.9B ISK
A Nyx piloted by Mortiare …

Faction Warfare June Update

o/ Pilots,
Cinnamon Rage with another little Faction Warfare update encompassing some things for June to keep you all in the know about the best place in EVE to be

Caldari/Gallente Warzone

I can report on a notable shift in the conflict in the Caldari/Gallente Warzone. With Snuffed Out‘s …

Opinion: Immiserizing Growth, Part 1

Immiserizing growth is when a product’s availability increases leading to a decrease in its overall value. In essence, the value of an item decreases as more of it enters the market, so increasing production of, say, wheat by means of a new pesticide which eliminates more pests will give you an …

The Inner Workings of a Super Capital Killer

Many of you will know by now that I regularly post articles relating to super capital kills from all across New Eden and have been doing so for a long while. With the amount of super capital kills increasing over the last few months we went from singular posts to weekly summaries as their relevance …

EVE Scribe: Providence Bloc and Northern Coalition. Continue to Fight over KBP7-G

KBP7-G system, Providence region. On the 28th of June, at 19:00 EVE Standard Time, Providence Bloc and Northern Coalition. [NC] clashed once more over the fate of the KBP7-G system.
The KBP7-G system had fallen to [NC] hands after a protracted struggle, but the final timer was uncontested due to …

Real Money Trading – Ethics and CCP

RMT is the act of trading real money for ingame currency.
Botting is the automation of gameplay to generate in game currency.
As a reporter I covered real money trading [RMT] in 2010, when rmfHorus confessed his RMTing and methods to EN24 in a three part series. He claimed to have bought a …

Brawl In Cloud Ring: Lethal Ironboards vs. The Imperium.

Full disclosure: the writer of this article is a member of IG.Academy, a member of the Iron Armada. While I will avoid bias as much as possible (because let’s be real, bias sucks), take some of the things I say with a tiny pinch of salt. Most importantly, enjoy the article!
On the night of …

Blog: EVE Online: A New Player is Born

I have read many articles on what makes EVE Online a game which stands out form the crowd, and I never truly understood what the writers of these articles meant until I played the game myself. Ask EVE Online players what makes the game so good, and most will probably give you a different answer, …

The Drifter Menace: Amarr Loyalists Attacked in Sarum Prime

Sarum Prime system, Domain region. On the 27th of June, at 16:00 EVE Standard Time, a capsuleer rally to show support for the Amarrian empress Jamyl Sarum turned into a battleground as Drifter forces attacked the assembled ships.
The event organized by Imperial Dreams, a member corporation …

Lowsec Rumble: Snuffed Out and Pandemic Legion Clash in Villasen

Villasen system, Black Rise region. On the 26th of June, 22:30 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Snuffed Out [B B C] and Pandemic Legion [-10.0] clashed over a tower in the system, in a fight that saw [B B C] taste defeat.
The battle was over a WAFFLES. [N0MAD] tower in the system. [B B C] had …

EN24 Podcast – Corebloodbrothers (Provi) vs Fuufa (NC)

The Provi Conflict FC’s: Corebloodbrothers (Provi) vs Fuuufa (NC)
EVENEWS24 podcast where we talk about the top stories in EVE Online.
In this podcast we go right to the source of the current Providence conflict, with lead FC’s of the campaign on both sides. They discuss the conflict, …

ZID-LE: Ratting Carriers Decimated in Feythabolis

ZID-LE system, Feythabolis region. On the 25th of June, at 15:00 EVE Standard Time, 6 ratting Carriers belonging to the Stain Wagon coalition were tackled by members of Nulli Secunda [S2N] and Fraternity. [FRT], leading to their eventual demise as Pandemic Legion [-10.0] forces arrived on the field …

EVE Scribe: Providence Bloc and Northern Coalition. Clash over BK4-YC

MVCJ-E system, Providence region. On the 24th of June,  21:30 EVE Standard Time, forces belonging to Providence Bloc and Northern Coalition. [NC] clashed in the system in a brawl that showed much effusion of blood and destruction.
The fight began with Providence Bloc attempting to regain the …

Video: Kiting Rail Comet vs Eve University

I love a good pvp video, and when it comes with some amazing commentary then you can’t make me much happier!

Alliance Tournament XIII Schedule Released!

CCP Logibro released the schedule for the Alliance Tournament XIII today in a short announcement on the news section of the EVE Online website:
Greetings Competitive Capsuleers!
The final schedule for Alliance Tournament is now available in the Alliance Tournament section of the EVE Online …

Fozzie and Rise give us some Aegis Updates

A little while ago, CCP Fozzie and CCP Rise have put out four separate posts on the forums, giving details on a few of the things we can expect to see in the coming Aegis update, which will go live on July 14th (delayed from July 7th). Here are the different things that CCP has told us, and a few …