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Kirith Kodachi: A Year Review of EVE’s Logged in Player Numbers

Let’s take a look at our favourite status monitor site EVE-Offline and see what the concurrent players numbers look like for 2014.

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Overall, 2014 has to be considered a disappointment in comparison to 2013 which saw higher than average numbers except in August and September. It …

Watch This: Developer Spotlight – Cinematic Team

EVE’s video trailers have inspired and awed for years but none like ‘This is EVE’, featuring real players and they’re adventures. In this Developer Spotlight the mysterious trailer team shows us how they created ‘This is EVE’ and give us a better understanding of the creative

Developer Spotlight: EVE Virtual World Operations

Here is a nice breakdown of the behind-the-scenes workings keeping the EVE Online universe up and running.

Running the world’s most advanced and complex virtual universe is no small task. CCP Applejack gives us a glimpse under the hood and what the future of Tranquility

VIDEO: CFC Bombers Wipe Out Entire Kadeshi Fleet

Last night, parts of the CFC deployed down to R-ZUOL engaging in the ongoing war there, with N3 fighting off the Russian’s eviction attempts. CFC brought down their bomber group as well, which had been very effective in the past, effectively blowing up entire N3 fleets. Yesterday this …

Opinion: AWOXing getting AWOXed

Disclaimer: The following article was written by Angelica Everstar. All statements made in this piece are hers and not EN24’s
A long, long time ago, in a space game called EVE, people started to join corps to avoid getting CONCORD’ed when they killed their apparent “corpmates”. This …

LIVE STREAM: R-ZUOL Station Final timer *LIVE*

Yet another live stream! Lets see who wins today!
Watch live video from Hayabusa_Stream on

Bob’s Corner: Bobmon for CSM 10

As some of you might have seen on the EVE Online Forums, I will be taking part in the elections this year for CSM 10. I know, some of you have said, “Wait! Hang on, you’re not old enough to attend!” (21 was the age limit and I will be 20 around the elections.) This was true at the …

Devblog: A Glimpse into the Future of Ship Skins

Hey everyone, CCP FoxFour here to talk to you about what EVE’s Team Size Matters development team is currently working on and follow up on our o7 Show appearance last Thursday.
All of us in EVE development really love the idea behind the ship painting program that is in EVE right now and we want …

DevBlog: The Republic Strikes Back: The Svipul Tactical Destroyer and Projectile Changes in Tiamat

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the Tactical Destroyers, they are new advanced ships created by the four great Empires of New Eden with the help of capsuleers like you! Last October we ran an event that encouraged players to participate in new research on the mysterious Sleepers of Anoikis. …

Phantra Gets Personal: RelationSHIP is the Best Ship?

EN24 readers, lurkers and space friends; lend me your ears.
My name is Phantra. I’m one of the not-so-shiny but ever-so-new writers here at EN24 and I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into writing about all manner of space business. Amongst PL circles I’m known sometimes as “that …

Shadow Cartel Take Down Cynosural Field Theory. Supers in Vestouve

On the evening of the 18th January 2015 in the Vestouve system of Placid a group of T1 battleships, assorted support and a couple of roaming carriers from the Shadow Cartel alliance decided to try and provoke a fight from long time rivals and ex-members of Overload Everything, and their friends …

Stainwagon and CFC vs N3 Coalition in A-CJGE. **Updated with Video**

Around 1800 eve time on the 18th January 2015 a fight was sparked between members of the Russian Stainwagon and the N3 Coalition alliances.
The fight started with Nulli Secunda and Stainwagon having a throw down as the Russian alliances try to gain space in the Esoteria region of Null Sec space. …

Video: Small Gang Confessor Ownage

Awesome, Confessor small gang video with some awesome commentary,

EN24: Looking for Writers!

We are opening spots in the EN24 team. If you wish to be part of the crew, here are the basics:
– Good Grammar.
– Skype access.
– Free time.
– Decent EVE politics knowledge.
– Decent EVE Online experience.
– Wish to earn some Iskies.
– Open minded view on current political events
– …

Submission: [NOHO] Operation: Momma Bear (EVE Online)

An AHARM spacebro and fearless NOHO FC (Xtrah) is leaving us to join the military and so we invited some friends to ‘blob’ k-space. The fleet consisted of about 100 sentry battleships, 20 t3 cruisers, 10 tackle, 2 boosters, 4 dreads and 3 carriers.
After three large engagements against …

*LIVE* Stream: [RU] -GE- 30 Machariels Extravaganza

Big fight about to happen! Check out the live stream

NCDOT Lit on Fire by CFC Bombs

An NCDOT Ishtar fleet, active in Immensea (R-ZUOL), was handed a sound defeat by CFC bombers. Initially, the NCDOT fleet was having trouble keeping their fleet boosting pilots alive as they mysteriously kept dying when allied N3 alliance Gentlemen’s Club was around. Awoxing (traitor in …

Circle-of-Two Titan Downed by Total Absolution

CFC Titan down, baited by L0SER18q, and caught and killed by a Out Of Sight FC, Nemezida EG with the help of Total Absolution.  In the middle of Guristas territory, Venal, on a long dead-end pipe, Total Absolution sprung into action after being called in and the trapped the two Circle-of-Two …

Super Kerr Induced Nano Coating (Ship Painting 2.0)

To begin my article, I’ll start with a story. Over a year ago, I used to be a Director of a nullsec PvP corp named War Trident which was part of the Trifectas Syndicate Alliance. Two of our Members, Anton and Kerry, a married Australian couple, used to attend our PvP fleets. For ISK-making …

Minmatar / Amarr Factional Update.

The Minmatar are just starting to recover from the Amarr Militia’s assault that took 100% of the Amarr/Minmatar warzone for the first time in history (under the current FW mechanics). Unfortunately, they find themselves as the militia with the lowest active population, having lost over 2/3rds …