Dev Post: Pirate Battleship Cost Intervention

Hello again folks. I’m here today to talk a bit about pirate battleships, the costs of obtaining them and what were here at CCP are planning to do about it.
One of the major EVE balance concerns raised by the community over the past several months has been the low price of pirate battleships …

Kirith Kodachi: Bloodied

Over the past few months my weekly fleets have been quite successful, earning a variety of good kills including the occasional battle cruiser, battleship, and even a Chimera carrier once (to be fair, he was looking for a fight). In exchange I’ve been posting very few losses so I’ve …

Heavy Water Climbs, Nitrogen Dumps – Miner Metrics

A daily show giving a brief overview of the New Eden mineral market and its projections. The show presents the median prices, recent trends in supply and demand as well as advice on future changes in the


2017-06-04 12:00
By CCP Logibro
We are planning a mass test on Singularity for the upcoming release. We will be testing client performance improvements. More information about this mass test can be found in this forum thread. If you’re interested in attending please join us on …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #60

Feature Image Sun and Sailing by Razorien

The past week has supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden. From ambient videos, fake trailers and some hilarious or tense PvP moments, these are EVE News 24’s picks for the past week:
#1 Triumvirate Town
by Maggie Evenstar
A little …


2017-06-02 12:18
By CCP Falcon

As we head toward what is already shaping up to be the largest EVE Vegas ever, we want to allow you to have a direct and creative impact on what products will be offered at EVE Vegas and in the EVE Merchandise Store.
We’re happy to announce that we’re now …

Dev Post: Nullsec Asteroid Cluster and Excavator Drone changes

Hey folks.
We continue to keep a close eye on the impacts of the changes to mining ships that have been made over the past six months. After this observation we have decided that we need to make another intervention to keep the economy healthy. This isn’t the first of such changes, and once …

CCP 20th Anniversary – Message to EVE Online Players

In celebration of CCP’s 20th Anniversary, CEO Hilmar Petursson prepared a special thanks to the friendship, creativity, and accomplishments of EVE Online players throughout the

Kirith Kodachi – Strategic Post

One of my favourite things to do for blogging these days is to notice some announcement of a change from CCP or someone saying something, and then dig up an old post of mine where I say the exact same thing.
The latest entry to this hobby is this dev blog on Strategic Cruiser changes:
The short …

Overview: Redesigning the CONCORD Police Frigate

Originally aired on the O7 Show, May 28th, CCP Acid Burn takes you through the redesign process for the CONCORD police frigate in EVE Online. In this interview, he highlights how the original concepts and ideas evolved, bringing the design to

Watch This: o7 – The EVE Online show – Episode 23

On this episode the o7 crew spoke with EVE players and developers about the recently released NPC shipyard feature which brings large scale AI controlled NPCs to EVE Online, we also looked behind the scenes at CCP to see how a brand new EVE ship design is born. This, plus all kinds of EVE community …

FW Alert – Minmatar Republic Forces Seize Complete Warzone Control

Breaking News from the Minmatar – Amarr Warzone
While this story is still developing the following information has been confirmed:

 At 1423 hours capsuleer forces loyal to the Minmatar Republic seized control of Arzad; the only remaining faction warzone system under the control of Amarr …

Eve Grows, Welcomes Newbros, and Ch-Ch-Changes Part II

Editor’s Note: Eve News 24 would like to thank both Laura and Cagali for speaking with us and providing insight as to how Eve has gone for them during the changes of the last 12 months. EN24 remains neutral in the argument of which organizations are truly the ‘best place’ for a …

Dev Blog: Strategic Cruisers and You

Hello adaptable capsuleers!

In this dev blog, we’ll be discussing some early information you need to know in preparation for the big Strategic Cruiser rebalance coming this summer.

We’ll recap the high-level plan, give you the first of many notices about how the patch day …

Critique on Pandemic Legion’s Modus Operandi

Disclaimer: The following article is an opinion piece written by Seraph IX Basarab, readers’ discretion is advised.

Certain people of the Goon variety whine and complain that I often critique their alliance and write little of anything else. A quick review through my article history will …

Eve grows, Welcomes newbros and ch-ch-changes Part I

Over the last 12 to 13 months CCP Games has made a series of changes intended to break multiple stereotypes associated with Eve Online and bring more players to the wonders of New Eden.
EVE’s major obstacles, historically, were subscription costs, a heavy learning curve, and the extreme amount of …

Kirith Kodachi: Unenthused

Now that the first Blood Raiders Sotiyo structure has been destroyed on Tranquility I want to blather on a bit.
I think the big thing that took the wind out of my sails for writing about the meta-game of EVE this spring was a Fanfest that left me feeling underwhelmed. The biggest reveal from the …

Grand Theft Molok: Hudders Edition

** Feature image artist – Cymek of TEST Alliance (Printed with his permission)
Eve Online is a game filled with tales of daring do, intrigue, friendship, and betrayal.
These tales form a brilliant and varied tapestry that becomes the history and lore of New Eden. I have always loved the fact …

John Drees: Selling Spies or Selling Lies

JohnDrees has released a new video and it is sure to light the drama cyno. This is a follow up to his last video on the internal workings of Honorable Third Party (HTP) and it’s Blacks Operations Program. This video covers his (JohnDrees) offer to sell the names of embedded HTP spies …

The Scope: Blood Raider Shipyard Under Attack!

Alton Haveri reports on events in Period Basis, after the attack an advanced shipyard belonging to the Blood Raider Covenant that appears to be based on a Sotiyo class engineering complex.
With the Covenant forming a fleet in anticipation of the final attack, and local forces currently in the …

Dev Blog: Increased Skill Injector Flexibility Coming On May 23rd

DISCLAIMER:The following is a reprint of information originally provided by CCP. We publish this to help it reach the wider Eve Community. The original post can be found using the link below.

2017-05-19 15:21 By Team Size Matters
Hello skilful Capsuleers of New Eden!
With the changes to PLEX now …

Seraph IX Basarab: Kugu Strikes Back!

Image credit to Razorien ** We would also like to credit and thank Imperium News for the shared use of this picture.
In many ways reddit revolutionized the way the Eve community interacts. The official Eve Online forums tend to be too moderated offering none of that “bite” which makes …

FW Update: 2200 ships, 31bn ISK killed in 72-hour running battle to liberate Eha system

This article is posted in syndication with the author’s permission. We are happy at EN24 to publish information for the Faction Warfare community. The author is DegnarOskold

Battle Report!
The Federal Defence Union is proud to announce the liberation of the Eha star system from its …

Dev Blog: Color Blindness support is coming to EVE Online

DISCLAIMER:The following is a reprint of information originally provided by CCP. We publish this to help it reach the wider Eve Community. The original post can be found at the bottom of this post.

According to the internet, around 8% of men are color blind, so some quick napkin math would mean …