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Dev Blog: Longer Queues Expected – Skill Training Above and Beyond 24 Hours

Greetings ever-evolving and ever-learning capsuleers!

As many of your already know from CCP Seagull’s Phoebe release blog, we will be making a major change to EVE’s skill training system in the upcoming release by removing the 24-hour training queue limitation.

Quick history …

Submission: Explode a Nyx for the Kids!

In order to raise awareness for sick children who need expensive medical support, CEO Bacchanalian of Rote Kapelle organized an event that would attract the attention of capsuleers across Eden. As he explains here ‘Kill a Nyx for Kids & Charity’, he decided to sacrifice his Nyx …

No Holes Barred Defends Home System From Eviction

While the majority of Eve has been preparing for the next expansion with bated breath, behind the scenes in wormhole space, fights have been brewing. With a group like Adhocracy,  a longstanding figure of the wormhole community laid low in a campaign called “Carthage”, this past …

Propaganda Mondays: DARKESHI. The time has come!

What the fuck did I just watched!? O.o [ Jawdrops ]

Ok, now a bit of context. The Kadeshi and Darkness. are moving to Delve for a deployment. Darkness and Kaseshi are both part of the N3 coalition and this is basically their announcement video.
Now, if you excuse me, I’ll be busy blowing my …

LEAK: Black Legion. Phoebe Incoming! Meeting

On Saturday, 25th October 2014, an alliance meeting was called for Black Legion. to issue orders in preparation for Phoebe release on the 4th November 2014.
The first point made was that Infomorph Psychology and Synchronizing are to be trained to level 4 at least to make rapid movement across the …

Battle Report: Intaki Throwdown – SHDWC vs SNUFD vs 8URNT

Late in the EU timezone on the 26th October 2014 and into the early morning of the 27th, a fight went down in Intaki which included arguably the three biggest purely low-sec alliances, Shadow Cartel (SHDWC), Snuff Box (SNUFD) and relative newcomers Overload Everything (8URNT).
Overload Everything, …

EVE: Online – Phoebe (2014) Release Theme

From the historical collection of “login screen” music for the massively multiplayer game EVE

I Used To Have a Titan, but Then I Got High *Update*

Afroman would be proud, The CFC have lost their second Titan in two months to Black Legion. And this time it was all due to a bad case of weed brain. Anyone who listened to the Black Legion. Alliance meeting a month or so ago would have heard how Elo Knight does not want his members smoking weed …

Submission: The Little Things – CCP Karkur, You’re Our Only Hope!

A few things which I think will make EVE a better place to be in. Send in your ‘little things’ ideas via mail or comment and I will try and after effects them in game to show CCP ow awesome they could

Provi/HERO Sign Peace Deal

For almost three months, both the newly born HERO coalition and the ProviBloc have struggled over control of the systems in northern Catch. The systems, claimed by Providence as a part of “Greater Providence” and part of the legacy of Sylph Alliance, have put them at odds against HERO, …

Kirith Kodachi: Clearing the Cache

Let’s talk more about the dark side of Phoebe and the jump changes.
First, let’s state the problem that plagues all competitive multiplayer games but open ended games like EVE the most, the n+1 problem:
All else being equal, the side with n resources is at a disadvantage to the side …

Watch this: Mission Objective Tracker

This November 4th CCP will be adding new information to the Agent Mission info-panel that will keep capsuleers updated on the progress of their currently accepted missions. Here is a demonstration of how it

Brave Collective Lose 34 Billion in a Wormhole

Last night saw the Brave Collective wormhole corporation Dropbears Anonymous to a well-planned log off trap by Hard knocks Inc. and E X P L O S I O N. The trap had been in planning for a few days, after a Dropbears fleet had been seen killing POS modules in a wormhole. This wormhole is …

Dev Blog: Trials and Tribulations

Hello capsuleers! As some of you may have heard already from CCP FoxFour's presentation at EVE Vegas, Team Size Matters will be releasing a number of improvements for trial accounts in the Phoebe release on November 4th. This blog will go into detail regarding what we're actually changing …

Coming soon: dual renting

People making bets about the future of Nullsec after Phoebe agree in one thing: the rental empires will fall. This is most probably true. However they implicitly assume that renting itself will fall and renters have to run. This is completely wrong.
Pirates and other small PvP groups are not the …