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Video: CoreBloodbrother’s Fanfest Experience

Corebloodbrothers, CSM 9 and 10 member showed us his Fanfest 2015 experiance by submitting these videos! We hope you guys enjoy it and hopefully it convices you to go next year!
Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

And the last

Test Alliance Please Ignore SOTA

On the 22nd of March, Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] held a state of the alliance (SOTA) where they announced their departure from the HERO Coalition. TEST had been a founding member of the HERO Coalition and with HONOR’s recent closure + Nexus Fleet closing down at the start of last …

Diplomatic Immunity. steal station from PFR

(Disclaimer: The author of this piece is a member of Diplomatic Immunity.)
The station of 3Q-VZA in Wicked Creek is in itself unremarkable. A Caldari station located in a constellation full of poor sec status systems however throughout Sunday, 23rd March, it was the location of a series of clashes …

ReWatch: EVE Online 2015 Fanfest Streams / Videos.

Hey guys, in case you missed the original streams we got something for you. Several EVE Online players did record the Fanfest keynotes and they have been popping around youtube throughout the day; so here they are in not particular order.
We’ll replace these streams with CCP Games’s …

Dev Blog: Back Into the Structure

Greetings, dear space friends extraordinaire, my name is CCP Ytterbium and I’m here to talk about our future plan for structures in EVE Online on behalf of team Game of Drones. We have been collectively working on this particular feature prototype (or more to the point, set of features) …

* LIVE * FANFEST 2015 Closing Ceremony.

Well, the Fanfest is coming to an end – stick with us if you can’t watch the whole thing live, we’ll be livebloging:
#en24cc Tweets
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There has been a lot of chatter regarding what route will CCP Games take to revamp the structure game in EVE, tag along with our live blog which is about to start now!
#en24structures Tweets
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* LIVE BLOG * FANFEST 2015 – FINAL DAY – Design Board

Hey guys, EN24 will be live blogging the last day of the 2015 Fanfest, so lets get to it!
Tweets by @evenews24
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LIVE! Fanfest 2015 – Final Day.

The Final day of the 2015 Fanfest is upon us, you can watch the stream down below:

Saturday 21st March
10:45 Stream goes live
11:00 UI Modernization Panel
12:00 Art & Graphics Panel
13:00 Future Vision of Structures
14:00 Using Science to Help Newbros
15:00 CCP Security – Better Safe than …

Hard Knocks destroy Journey. Nyx in B9N2-2 – Pilot AWOL!

Around mid-evening on the 19th of March 2015, in the Perrigen Falls system of B9N2-2, a Nyx class super-carrier piloted by Torin Aivoras of the Alternate Allegiance corporation Journey.. [FABL3] was destroyed by pilots of the corporation Hard Knocks Inc. [HRDKX], a known wormhole and nullsec …

Phoebe Freeport Republic opens new Freeport in LP1M-Q

(Disclaimer: The author of this piece is a member of Phoebe Freeport Republic [PFR])
At the break of dawn on Tuesday the 18th, Rebel Alliance of New Eden [RANE] lost sovereignty over the system of LP1M-Q and it’s associated Caldari station. Phoebe Freeport Republic [PFR] were the assailants and …

Shadow Cartel catch TISHU Aeon in Genesis!

On March 18th, at 21:38 EVE Time, an Aeon belonging to Kusoni Intaro, a member of Psychotic Tendencies. [TISHU] corporation Adversity., was caught by a 30-man Tech 3 cruiser, Heavy Interdictor and Dreadnought fleet from low-sec alliance Shadow Cartel.

Click for Killmail

When asking about …

Dev Blog: Patch notes for Scylla

Patch notes for Scylla 1.0
For Release on Tuesday, March 24, 2015



– Firing a bomb from a Bomb Launcher module will now trigger a 60 second Weapons timer.
– The default CSPA charge for newly created characters has been reduced from 2950 …

Watch This: EVE Online Fanfest 2015 Trailer – Emergent Threats

More nice things coming out of the 2015 EVE Online Fanfest which is taking place in Iced-land. CCP Games last year made one amazing trailer which utilized in game voice comms to convey the whole “EVE Experience”, this without doubts was one – if not the – best EVE Online …

Meet the new Council of Stellar Management X.

The New CSM has been elected, after a few months of intense campaign, CCP Games has broken the usual protocol of unveiling the Council during the last day of the Fanfest and they simply announced it the first day. Check out the chosen ones in the screencap

EVE Fanfest: Sov 5.0

The sovereignty presentation recently took place at this year’s fanfest which was presentated by CCP Fozzie. I have attempted to make notes on the main points and imagine’s where possible but there is gaps so apologies. If you have anything to add then post in the comments below and it …

EVE: Valkyrie Trailer

Recently announced at Fanfest this year check out the below Gameplay trailer for EVE: Valkyrie below. I for one think it look’s

Greedy Goblin: To increase the nullsec player income, you must nerf it

If you care to listen any nullsec pilot long enough to hear all his cries over Phoebe and the Entosis link, he’ll get to the bottom-up incomes and the low nullsec income, usually dubbed as “nerf highsec income”. He’ll even mention that he had to start a highsec alt to make …

Fanfest 2015: Live!

Woohoo! the EVE Online Fanfest 2015 starts now, below we are embedding the live feed of the show along the schedule for today.

Thursday 19th March 2015
• 10:45 Warm up for Fanfest!
• 12:00 Welcome to Fanfest & the Future of VR
• 13:00 Sovereignty 5.0
• 14:00 Game Design Panel
• …

Brave Alliance GE–8JV Staging Station Reinforced.

Late last night Pandemic Legion [-10.0] formed up their normal SOV grinding fleet of a couple of dozen Archon carriers and around 20 supers-capitals to put the GE-8JV station into it’s second reinforcement timer.
GE-8JV is significant because this is the main staging point for the Brave …

Worlds Collide: Setup Bans Announced

The event will see the Chinese ‘Serenity’ Server Champions, City of Angels alliance vs Alliance Tournament XII Champions representing the ‘Tranquility’ server, The Camel Empire in a best of five series to become crowned the overall Eve Online Champions of the Universe.
As per the …