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Dev Blog: Grid Sizes & You

You may have noticed as you fly through space that you only see other ships within a certain distance of your own. For example another player in the same solar-system just 150km away will be visible to you, but a different ship 30AU away will not.

The mechanism for determining what is visible …

Curse: Battle of JWJ-P1

Disclaimer: Due to multiple conflicting reports, all the numbers provided in this article are estimates only.
JWJ-P1 system, Curse region. On the 6th of December at 20:45 EVE Standard Time, The Initiative. [INIT.] clashed with Mercenary Coalition [MC] and Northern Coalition. [NC] over a tower in …

Submission: EVE Online – New Ship Damage Visual Effects

These new ship damage & repair effects are coming

Dev Blog: Operation Frostline – Seasons Greetings From CCP!

Greetings Capsuleers!

The holiday season is firmly upon us, and over the course of December and into January 2016 we have a few treats in store for the pilots of New Eden.

Following the deployment of the December release tomorrow, there will be key moments during the season where pilots …

Low Sec Rumble: Clash in Anchauttes

Anchauttes system, Placid region. On the 6th of December at 6:00 EVE Standard Time, Imperium forces clashed once more with residents of low security space over a tower in the system
In continuation of the Imperium’s attempt to cull low security space entities, towers in the Anchauttes system …

DARKNESS. Strikes Deal with ”Rekking Legion” to Evacuate Querious

It seems that Pandemic Legion [-10.0] ‘s commando team ”Rekking Legion” has been succesfull at scaring DARKNESS. [DARK.], member of the DumpsterCo coalition, out of its space in Querious.
Pandemic Legion has been deployed to NPC Delve for the last four months and while it was …

Low Sec Rumble: Nisuwa Clash

Nisuwa system, Black Rise region. In the early hours of the 5th of December, Imperium forces clashed with Snuffed Out [B B C] and Psychotic Tendencies. [TISHU] forces over several towers in the system.
Continuing their assault on the infrastructure of low security space entities, Imperium forces …

Opinions on the Fountain War Kick Starter

Disclaimer: The opinions within this article are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of EN24, its staff or writers. EN24’s opinion is neutral but we welcome everybody to share theirs! This was written several weeks before The Mittani announced that he would be closing …

Opinion: Vivre Libre ou Mourir!

Disclaimer: The opinions within this article are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of EN24, its staff or writers. EN24’s opinion is neutral but we welcome everybody to share theirs!
Live Free or Die!
Political slogan of the French Revolution, New Hampshire state Motto …

Wormholes Collide: Lazerhawks and No Vacancies Clash in J151909

J151909 system, E-R00028 region. In the early hours of the 4th of December, Lazerhawks [LZHX] and No Vacancies [NVACA] clashed in the system.
The battle started after Lazerhawks established a connection to No Vacancies’ home system. The two groups had fought each other in the past, and as …

Eastern Front: Fighting Over Moons Intensifies

On the 3rd of December, Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] continued its assault over the rich moons of the Wicked Creek and Detorid regions, leading to two major clashes in the span of a few hours.
15:10 ZLO3-V
The first engagement was fought between Red Menace Coalition (RMC), which owns the …

The Scope: ORE Confirms Theft Of Tech & Blueprints

Alton Haveri reports on news that elements of the Serpentis Corporation force involved in administrating ORE station in Outer Ring were able to escape the onslaught with a significant amount of valuable ORE technology.
This news comes as the corporation reveals details of some of the technology …

Kirith Kodachi: The War On Logi – Overview

The other day, while talking about Command Destroyers and how they are part of the War On Logi that CCP seems to be waging, I decided to go deeper into the topic today and give an overview for what the war looks like and why its being waged.
As I said, I noted how the most effective use …

Watch This: Jonny Pew – Thirteen New Ships Coming to EVE!

Our good friend Jonny Pew bring us an in-depth look of the thirteen new ships coming to EVE Online, in case you have missed it we are getting logi frigs and command destroyers, Jonny’s video is a great way to catch up with the upcoming chariots of

Dev Post: Testing the new TQ Tech III Hardware with Solace

Hello testing capsuleers, new and old, subbed and un-subbed.

Ever dream of flying an Imperial Apocalypse? How about self-destructing 50 Gold magnates?

Well, now you can! Simply show up for the Ops Super Special Mega Shiny Solace Hardware Fun Time Event happening tomorrow, Dec 4th starting at …

PSA: Patch Notes for the December Release

Patch Notes For December Release
2015-12-04 13:02
Patch Notes for December Release 1.0
Released on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015



The new Theme pulses to the beat of a million exultant hearts.

Doppler Shift – An option has been added to the Audio menu …

Low Sec Rumble: Clash in Iralaja

Iralaja system, Black Rise region. In the early hours of the 3rd of December, Imperium forces clashed with a fleet belonging to Psychotic Tendencies. [TISHU] and Snuffed Out [B B C] over a tower in the system.
The Imperium has been waging a war against low security space alliances in an attempt to …

Eve Community Rallies To Aid Fallen Capsuleers Family

This past Wednesday in San Bernardino, California, two armed men walked into the Inland Regional Center and opened fire on the crowd. There were 21 wounded and 14 deaths. It has been confirmed today that one of these victims was Robert Adams, also known as Photon Torpedo. He was an Eve player, a …

Wormholes Collide: Haywire. and DURA LEXX Clash in J114337

J114337 system, E-R00025 region. On the 2nd of December at 14:20 EVE Standard Time DURA LEXX [DURA] clashed against Haywire. [HWRE] on a tower in the system, sparking a bloody and costly capital exchange for both sides.
The battle started after DURA LEXX attempted to evict Haywire. for the third …

#EVE_NT Collides Round 3 – Warlords of the Deep vs Sleeper Social Club this Sunday

#EVE_NT Collides’ third weekend is upon us with round 3 kicking off this Sunday (6th) at 20:00 UTC, which can be watched via one of the following methods:

The Official #EVE_NT Collides website 
The Twitch Streaming website
Or via the EOC.tv website

The victors of the first two weekends …

Breaking: The Mittani Cancels CFC / Fountain War Kickstarter.

The CFC/CCP Games Backed Fountain war kickstarter has been officially canceled marking the ending of a somewhat rocky endeavor.

The kickstarter generated a wide range of critic from the EVE Online mainstream crowd, many of which saw the enterprise as a mere attempt to raise the money, specially …

Red VS Blue: Alive and Kicking

Eve News 24 was contacted today by a loyal member of Red VS Blue, the well known PVP group that has helped players experience PVP in EVE Online for well over 4 years. Since their apparent demise in November, it appears R’v’B is ready to rise from the dead. for those that don’t …

EOC.tv Rumble Event Sees 480bn ISK Exploded For Charity

Last weekend saw one of the biggest brawls to happen in Eve since the Bloodbath of B-R5RB– but it wasn’t over Sovereignty, or a Moon, not even an accidentally jumped Titan. It was all over the community coming together to support a number of EVE Based Charities.
The charities:
Plex For …

Kirith Kodachi: Command Destroyers – Ransom Price

I talked a little bit last Friday about how Tech II Command Destroyers are going to change a lot of the meta in the upcoming patch:

These things are going to upset all corners of null, low, and wormhole space but low sec especially will see extensive use of these things. We can`t even comprehend …

Devblog: Tranquility Tech III – An Update

Hello Capsuleers!It’s been a little while since you’ve heard from the Operations team, so we thought we would give you a progress report on building the new server cluster that powers EVE Online. For a good initial overview of the project, check out this dev blog.
With endless …