Devblog: Alliance Tournament XIV: Auction Results and Seeding

Hello Capsuleers
With the secret auction having closed, we can now announce the winning PLEX bids for the remaining 8 slots in Alliance Tournament XIV.


Vydra Relolded

Northern Coalition.

League of Unaligned Master Pilots

Brave Collective

Curatores Veritatis …

INIT. Leadership Update “We’re just trash, you and me”

In a breaking development late on Sunday evening 24/07/2016, Initiative scouts on overwatch in TXW-EI (Syndicate) began reporting-in with increasing intensity as Psychotic Tendencies [TISHU] forces rapidly swelled in system and began urgently loading their Supercarrier fleet with Machariel (some …

Goons Delve into Redemption

By all accounts it seems that the remnants of the CFC, primarily composed of GSF, will be attempting to invade and live in Delve through Aridia, specifically Sakht. Although the GSF narrative wavers between “MBC is the new CFC” to “cracks in the coalition” depending on which way the …

Video: Zkill Guide to Alliance tournament XIV Commentators

The Zkill guide to Alliance Tournament XIV Commentators made by

DevBlog: Alliance Tournament XIV: Draw Results and Prizes

Greetings again honorable spaceship warriors. Today, we’ve got some information on what you’ll be fighting for as the prizes for Alliance Tournament XIV, the participants that were picked in the random draw, and which commentators’ soft vocal tones will guide you through this year’s …

The Imperium Abandons the North

Last week the Mittani announced in the now closed fireside chat that the Imperium will be leaving their current home of Saranen. You can find a full recording of the announcement below:

The summary of the announcement was that despite some victories, the line members appetite to take and hold …

Watch This: EVE Online Conspiracy “Finally” Exposed.

On the heels of such thought-provoking conspiracy works like Dinesh D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America” and Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next” comes possibly the most damning summary of EVE Online creators’ misdealings ever put on tape.
Manic …

SpaceMonkeys Alliance Mothballed

Early this morning an announcement was sent out on the SMA internal messaging system that the Space Monkey Alliance was to be mothballed.
Space Monkeys Alliance rose to prominence as a member of the Imperium and positioned itself as one of its main powers living in the Fade Region. SMA’s …

Salty Sion

Head Diplomat of the Goonswarm Federation Sion Kumitomo has once again penned an article, this time making the argument that CCP is milking Eve for profits and diverting funds to their VR project. He argues that this action has taken funds away from bettering Eve and is the reason for lower …

Devblog: Billboard Submissions Are Now Open!

A couple of months ago we held a contest inviting players to submit their own ads to be played on billboards in game.
Some of the content we received was amazing, and the results were announced here. There was also some more questionable content that we didn’t feel was suitable for display in …

Player Spotlight: LadyOfWrath

Recently I was informed LadyOfWrath (LoW) had returned to EvE Online and after a few conversations was lucky enough to land an interview.  Before we dive into the details I want to provide a small bit of history for those who do not know this character due to a long absence from EvE Online.  …

Shadow of the Serpent – The Good, The Bad and the Grindy

After four years of playing EVE it’s actually difficult to impart how much of a ground breaker the Shadow of the Serpent event is in terms of PvE in EVE Online. Of course it’s nothing new in terms of the MMO world, but it is the first time CCP has tackled a PvE event of this type – ever. Sure …

Circle of Two Defection Part 4: Fell by a Whisper

I strongly recommend reading the other parts before continuing on with this final article.
Part one established the importance of Co2’s defection through quotes of prominent individuals.
Part two provided more interviews comparing and contrasting differing perspectives regarding role that chance …

Overview: The EVE Online – Gunjack OST Suite

A few weeks ago CCP Games released on their Soundcloud channel the EVE Online: Gunjack soundtrack authored by Jeff Broadbent, who happen to be no slouch in the VGM scene.
Most of the tracks make a definite intent on transmitting an insane sense of urgency to the player, which overall seems to fit …

EVENT: Instagram Screenshot Contest

CCP Games is organizing an Instagram competition, in it you basically take a breathtaking screenshot of your favorite EVE moment and share it with the #eveonline hashtag.
Here are the basics:
Hi there capsuleers,
We are inviting you to join our Instagram screenshot competition!
The rules are …

Watch This: EVE Online Ship Spotlight – Ferox

Designed as much to look like a killing machine as to be one, the Ferox will strike fear into the heart of anyone unlucky enough to get caught in its crosshairs. With the potential for sizable armament as well as tremendous electronic warfare capability, this versatile gunboat is at home in a great …

MBC Fortify the North Unopposed as Second Keepstar Anchored

The second nullsec Keepstar to ever be anchored came online at 20:00 EVE time entirely uncontested.
The Keepstar belongs to Pandemic Horde and was anchored in 7RM-N0, coming online less than a week after DARKNESS. anchored the first Keepstar in 209G-D.

MBC forces formed up and were ready to defend …

PSA: Patch notes for July 13th release

Defect Fixes


Service modules in Citadels are again consuming fuel correctly after server downtimes – this time without causing cancelled market orders.


Remnants of the previous scene no longer persist behind windows in Planetary Interaction …

Watch This: Flight Academy – EVE Online wormholes tutorials.

If you have never experienced the “joy” of being locked out in a wormhole out of probes (or worst, being the sole survivor of a gang gone SNAFU), chances are that you might be missing out one of the most mysterious and eerie staples of the EVE Online experience. Wormholes.
Introduced …

PSA: Check Automatic Payment Settings

In the 118.6 Release 1.6 patch, we fixed an issue where some of the “Automatic Pay Settings” checkboxes in the wallet UI could sometimes show up as checked on the client, even though there were not actually set on the server. As this fix has not changed the existing settings on the …

Jonny Pew: Should You Do Mining Challenges?

Are mining challenges worth a try? Our good friend Jonny Pew put on his thinking cap and explored the exciting and dangerous world of mining missions from the point of view of a non-mining

EN24 Political Update & Highlights – Week 27

Hello Everyone this is my first EN24 Political update in which we’ll cover the latest EVE Online corporation alliance and coalition changes and try to give some context to it in hopes of providing clearer picture of the current EVE Online political map. This week’s the update will be …

Jonny Pew: How To Get Serpentis Capital Ship BPCs

The brand new (and shiny) Capital Ships from the Serpentis faction are an insanely probably one of the hottest commodities right now, given the fact that it depends on the current “Shadow of the Serpentis” events for every BPC to be seeded. Its rarity makes acquiring an interesting and …

DevBlog: Alliance Tournament XIV: Rules and Signups

Hello Competitive Pilots!
With the Alliance Member cutoff for teams wishing to participate in Alliance Tournament XIV now having passed, we are able to reveal the ruleset for this year’s contest. There are a few changes from last year, with the main changes summarized below and the full ruleset …

Video: Niden’s Dishonorubru (EVE Online Machariel PvP)

Niden, known as a Crossing Zebra’s Editor-In-Chief and the creator off some amazing art work, created an amazing pvp video named ”Dishonorubru”.