Dev Post: Little things from Team Super Friends

so far we have two new very nice little things for you
Flag exempt from fleet warp
Good for scouts and people in Titans (I guess).. you can now flag yourself exempt from fleet warp. Nice little icon is added next to your name, so the rest of the people in fleet know why you don’t follow …

Bridging the Gap: War Mechanics

War is a way of life and of course – death. For EVE Online, war is weaved into the very ships we fly. Armed to the teeth and never built for destruction. We are the pinnacle of what it means to go to war.
Not long ago the war declaration mechanic saw an …


I am so sorry, I didn’t realize that video had already been posted, so here is a different video that’s not a repost, because I feel bad that I accidentally reposted something. Again, sorry.
This video comes from Mr Duffo, and there are no links or boosters, so stop that’s …

Narwhals Ate My Carrier

Sixteen carriers down. Sixty billion isk destroyed. The culmination of great scouting, planning and teamwork.

Here’s how it went down. Thank you to Narwhals Ate My Duck for the following Battle Report.
It was one of those evenings, where everyone was yearning for some pew pew, when we …

The Graduates – Leaving Razor

The Graduates have just left Razor due to cultural clashes. The Graduates have decided that because of these it would be in their best interest to leave Razor and pursue their core ethos, which are sportsmanship and focusing on fair play. They have now formed their own alliance and invite any other …

Alliance Tournament XII- Collusion Rules

In a Developer Blog, written by CCP Fozzie, he clarifies some of the rules pertaining to allowing Alliance Tournament teams to scrimmage against each other and set up “house rules” in their matches.
“Practicing against other teams is allowed.”
“For ATXII we will be allowing …

Faction Warfare: Black Rising

Disclaimer: This piece is written from the perspective of a Gallente militia line pilot. Inaccuracies or bias are not intentional but a result of the writer’s limited personal experience.
Over the course of the last month, the Gallente-Caldari warzone initially went through a phase that seemed …

Hona’s Corner: New Player Experience

It’s commonly said that eve has a steep learning curve, a VERY steep learning curve. This graph from the New Player Experience keynote at fanfest demonstrates just how steep the learning curve can be:

According to this graph 90% of the new players don’t join the Eve community and instead …

Dev Blog: POCOs and Wars coming to an API near you!

Well crud,

It's been some time since there was a dev blog on API related stuff. This will be a pretty brief dev blog but should contain a few interesting things.

This dev blog is aimed at Third Party Developers for EVE and contains technical details for new API endpoints. Without further …

Report: CCP Lays Off Employees

Polygon reports on how CCP has just announced at a company meeting that is currently being held that 49 employees will be laid off in order to refocus on the EVE Online Universe. These employees are being offered severance packages and these layoffs we are told will not affect the development of …

No Value Wyvern Down!!

Last night, A No value Wyvern died at the hands of Triumvirate.
It was a normal Wednesday evening for Triumvirate, with their members slowly starting to login to FDZ4-A, their current staging system. More and more people trickled in when, suddenly, Chris Lares spoke up on comms:
”Snails And …

Kronos 1.1 suffers a minor delay

Shortly after every EVE Online expansion follows an update to fix any bugs which have been introduced. This is nothing unusual the very nature of such a complex game as EVE Online means that introducing bugs is almost inevitable as there is only so much testing that can be feasibly completed in the …

The first Barghest killmail

With the release of the new Mordus Legion faction ships comes the usual race to be the first to kill one. The Barghest only hit the market at around 18:00 EVE time and did so at 3bil, only a mere matter of hours later at 21:10 the first Barghest was lost. The in game kill report is reproduced …

Kronos release day market watch

So it’s release day and downtime hits any minute, in a meer matter of hours New Eden will get its hands on the Kronos release and the usual release day rush to get the new items out of the door is soon to commence. We’re already starting to see some of the effects of this prices of base …

Guristas Data Sequences – Not on market yet

With the launch of Kronos comes the Guristas Infiltration live event where players complete the new Contested Guristas Covert Research Facilities in order to unlock the higher tier besieged sites.
The loot from these has been confirmed as Guristas Data Sequences which are exchangeable in 5ZXX-K for …

Fidelas Constans invading Geminate

We have received intel that CFC alliance Fidelas Constans has, of Friday the 30th, began an invasion of Geminate.
Geminate is currently owned by a mostly russian alliance called Legion of xXDeathXx, who have been a neutral party so far to both CFC and N3.

Thus far, the map is rather unaltered; …

Bored during patch day? Watch this!

Bored while updating your Eve Online client? Well, here is something for you to watch! Catalyst criez uploaded an awesome video collection of his solo pvp adventures. Ships used are: Tengu, Deimos, Vagabond, Eos and Proteus. Enjoy!


Want to show off your pvp adventures? Feel free to submit …

OverView: EVE Online Kronos Theme Music.

CCP Games just released the EVE Online Kronos main theme which you can hear after the jump.

I really like the Tron-ish feel they decided to maintain from the Rubicon relase. Take a listen it and tell us whatcha think.

Dev Blog: The New Eden Store

Greetings pilots!

In the Kronos release (tomorrow June 3rd), we have revamped the experience for browsing virtual items in EVE Online. In the grand-opened New Eden Store, which replaces the Noble Exchange (NEX) store, you can buy visual customization for your avatar or ship for the virtual …

Seraph IX Barasab: Summer 2014 Pre-Game

2014 may or may not have a quiet summer. Many are predicting that nothing of note will happen and both major coalitions have made plans to just hang back, find “gudfites” where they may be (such as Provi) and let things settle for the next big war. As we all know, any time someone makes …

Battle Report: Easily Excited/Surely You’re Joking vs Black Flag Society + allies

There was a defensive POS timer for Easily Exited in Pemsah (Aridia Region) triggered by Black Flag Society bombers, compelled a form up, as Black Flag Society numbers climbed above 50 in their staging system.
Usurper. alliance was seen to cyno suitcases into Fihrneh (Aridia) and join Black Flag …

Sunday Night Lights: Massive Brawl in V-3

As the HERO coalition have continued their slow conquest of Catch from Against ALL Authorities, the focal point of most of ‘major’ nullsec pvp has slowly shifted to Catch – and to a lesser extent, Providence. The effect of this general migration – NCDot from Esoteria, …

One Man Army: Bandicam 3.0

This week’s episode is God’s Apples 3rd installment of his bandicam pvp video series.

Video Description:
The music is about 5 seconds off from what it is in the .wlmp file, but I’m ain’t re-rendering and re-uploading. Deal with it.
Ships flown in order of usage:
Harpy, 10mn …

Dev Blog: Meet The AT XII Commentator Team.

Signups for Alliance Tournament XII are now live! Get your alliance executor online and tell him to sign your alliance up because there is glory to be earned! There will be fabulous ship prizes as always, immortality in the Alliance Tournament halls of fame, and bragging rights to last you a …

Awesomesauce: Check These New Graphical Tweaks to ships in Sisi.

Once again AkrasjelLanate did a fine job showcasing the new ship skins and models, check this out the following showcase of what’s currently rolling out from Sisi:
Battlecruiser pirate ship skins

Mordu’s Legion Ships

Remodeled Moa and Condor