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Galatea: First Sov Iterations Announced

CCP have announced the sovereignty changes in the upcoming Galatea update. Galatea will see the first of what CCP expect to be several sets of updates. The original post can be found here.
The changes we will see include:

Reducing the base capture time of Structure Command Nodes from 10 minutes to …

CSM 10 – Aegis Sovereignty Collected Feedback

Since it’s release in the Aegis update on July 14th the new Sovereignty System has sparked fierce debate. It has been discussed on podcasts, written about in blogs and been the subject of numerous forum and Reddit topics.
Here on Eve News 24 we have published many articles and podcasts …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #10

So it’s that time of the week where I have spent hours upon hours of trawling through YouTube to bring you the BEST (well, in my opinion anyway) videos that the Eve Community has to offer. So here we go!
#1  Eve Online VR Video – The Ships and Factions of New Eden
Virtual reality is a big …

The Angel Project Turns Three!

Soon to be in its fourth year of operation, The Angel Project is an initiative that was created to assist new players in getting established in EVE by providing advice, skillbooks, ISK, ships and many other goodies for them to utilize while taking their first steps into New Eden.
With the third …

Perunga: A Tale Of Justice?

Update: It appears that the article below is based on a troll, We will leave the article up for entertaining purposes however take the below statements with a grain of salt.
Perunga is CEO of C.Q,B, who are part of Snuffed Out Alliance. He was interviewed recently by EN24, and apparently that …

Alliance Tournament XIII Day 1 and 2 Results (Video Added)

The Alliance Tournament kicked off this weekend with the live streams being provided by volunteers from the ISD, via their twitch streams. You can also find all the matches as they were streamed on their respective Twitch channels and when they are made available on the ISD YouTube account.
You can …

My Two ISK: Why I Think EVE Online is Not Dying

I am the type of person who hates to hear how a game is dying, whether it is or not. It’s annoying and it makes me think that I’ve been wasting my time playing a possibly dead game, and if I am it makes me want to stop playing or spend too much time finishing the game, instead of …

Null-Sec Alliances Petition Changes To Aegis Sov

Legion of xXDeathXx, a large null-sec alliance, are leading a campaign to get as many people as possible to sign a petition asking CCP to make changes to the mechanics of Aegis Sovereignty.
We are the people of nullsec! Living for years in this epic and massively rich in conflict environment, we …

Kurisu Makkashi: An Interview

Kurisu Makkashi is CEO of Cruis3rs Cr3w Alliance, and Republic of Pew, the chief corporation in Cruis3rs Cr3w.

Kurisu Makkashi, CEO of Cruis3rs Cr3w Alliance

Kurisu, please, tell us a little about yourself
I am Kurisu Makkashi. After playing EVE for 7 years, I am now the CEO of the newly formed …

CSM Jump Fatigue Town Hall – The Summary

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) headed up by Sugar Kyle with CCP Developers CCP Larrikin, CCP Delegate Zero, CCP Fozzie, CCP Nullarbor and finally CCP Mimic held a CSM Town Hall that was set up on an open team-speak with the goal of obtaining feedback and opinions on the Phoebe Jump …

EN24 Podcast, ep.19 – New Player Feedback

EVENEWS24 podcast where we talk about the top stories in EVE Online.
EN24’s podcast releases another episode. This time we talk to some new players who give us their perspectives on struggles and successes.
Guest: Sharkut Tag’heul – Red Federation, RvB (3 days old)
Guest: Kiki …

Structures Analysis

The last time null-security sovereignty mechanics changed, Pandemic Legion was wiped off the map (Fountain) by IT Alliance (former Band of Brothers corps). That was six years ago.  The recent overhaul of sov mechanics has been rather smooth, with a few exceptions: There was an ugly extended …

The Scope: Drifter forces assault Amarr Navy Headquarters in Safizon

Lina Ambre reports live for The Scope Galactic News Network as drifter forces assault Amarr Navy Headquarters in Domain.
The Amarr Navy responds to the threat, launching a massive counter offensive against the


Original devblog located here: I FEEL SAFE IN CITADEL CITY 2015-08-13 14:58 By CCP Ytterbium | Comments———-

Hello again people and welcome back to yet another structure blog by Team Game of Drones. We’ve previously talked about the general protection and capture mechanics, …


Original devblog located here: CITADELS, SIEGES AND YOU 2015-08-13 14:57 By CCP Ytterbium | Comments
Hello again dear spacebros and welcome back to another structure blog by Team Game of Drones. Time has passed since we last discussed upcoming new structures (Fanfest …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #9

So it’s that time of the week where I have spent hours upon hours of trawling through YouTube to bring you the BEST (well, in my opinion anyway) videos that the Eve Community has to offer. So here we go!
#1  Arek’Jaalan Site One: Unknown Entry Event
Sup General, aka Super General aka …

Opinion: Everyone is the Bad Guy

DIsclaimer: This is an opinion piece. It is a biased perspective from my views and my experiences in Eve. Obviously the way I see things will be different than the readers of this article. I am also a relatively unknown player. I am not a famous person, and the average player would not have a clue …

Opinion: Reply to Kael Attrell regarding Logi mechanics

DIsclaimer: This is an opinion piece written by Seraph IX Basarab. This Article reflects his opinion, not those of EN24.

Over at TheMittani.com, Kael Attrell, a director within the Goonswarm Federation submitted an opinion peace regarding his thoughts on how overpowered logistics are. His claim is …

Jump Fatigue Round Table

CCP recently announced that they would hold a round table where Eve players will be able to speak their mind about jump fatigue and ask some questions. We know for sure that we are going to hear some heavy criticism concerning jump fatigue but it is important to remember why most of this …


Alliance Tournament XIII is nearly upon us, with the action kicking off this weekend with last year’s winners The Camel Empire taking on SpaceMonkey’s Alliance. If you’re planning on watching, here’s a few things you should know.
Weekend the First
The first weekend if being broadcasted by …

PSA: Twenty New Capital Skins Now Available In The New Eden Store!

We're very happy to announce that twenty new capital SKINs have been added to the New Eden Store!

These SKINs are available for Titans, Supercarriers, Carriers, Dreadnoughts, Freighters and Jump Freighters, and are available for you to fly the following colors:

Amarr – …

Perunga: An Interview

Perunga is a highly regarded FC of Snuffed Out, and is also CEO of C.Q.B.

Perunga – CEO of C.Q.B. and Member of the leadership of Snuffed Out

Welcome Perunga, how about you tell us a little about yourself?

Currently I’m CEO of C.Q.B, a pirate corp in lowsec, I used to FC in the …

DevPost: Alliance Tournament XIII Flagships

Hello teams!
With Alliance Tournament XIII starting this week, the deadline for Flagships has passed. Here is the full list of flagships in this year’s tournament:

A Band Apart.: Armageddon
Affirmative.: Bhaalgorn
-affliction-: Bhaalgorn
Agony Empire: Bhaalgorn
Alternate Allegiance: …

Video: Mr Hyde – Chill Summer Frags

Mr Hyde uploaded a new video; a compilation of small fun fights in a variety of ships including: Nighthawk, Rokh, Rattlesnake, Gila, Kronos, and Brutix!

Massadeath: An Interview

Massadeath is a member of the leadership alliance of Mordus Angels (MOA), and CEO of his self named corp, MASS A DEATH.

Massadeath, CEO of Mass A Death, of Mordus Angels

Massadeath joined EVE back in 2004, after seeing it in stores for over a year, he finally yielded to temptation and bought the …