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Post-Halloween High Sec SlugFest in HEK

November 11, 2019

Hek is know among trading solar systems as the ‘discount Amarr of the Minmatar regions (which is kinda ironic as Amarr is also known as ‘the discount Jita’ by some ). Still, among the endless rows of Loki hulls and overpriced Gallente fuel cisterns, there was some excitement to be found this weekend courtesy of  Hog Hitmen, a mercenary alliance specialized in structure cleanup.

For the Halloween special event held last week by CCP Games, Hogs were among several player groups who setup attractions of their own in the hopes of garnering some attention and generate some content. And content they got, as reddit user Afasso explains:

Hogs collective placed a fortizar in Hek, primarily for the Halloween 100% loot drop event, during which we had over 200 concurrent wars. The aim was to generate as much content as possible. And boy did that deliver.

We had people from PIRAT, Wrecking Machine, Celt, Black Legion, Brave, PL, TNT, Horde, VINDI, and a bunch of others all come to fight.
Almost 100b killed overall. With the fortizar included, the isk fight was about even.

Fortizar was lost, but it served its purpose and generated one of the biggest highsec fights in a long time.

If anyone out there thinks eve is dead. Clearly you aren’t looking hard enough for content! This was in HIGHSEC damn it.

Thank you very much to everyone on both sides who came and made some explosions, that was an awesome fight!

I love eve <3

There’s a RAW video of the fighting, although a bit hectic:

Great stuff and congrats to the involved parties

[ EVE Tools Battle Report ]