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PSA: Patch Notes for Today’s EVE Online update.

November 11, 2019

Patch Notes For November 2019 Release

Released On Tuesday, November 12th 2019

Features & Changes


  • Micro Jump Field Generator reworked to move a maximum of 25 capsuleer ships. All fighters, drones, probes and bombs will always be moved
  • Bosonic Field Generator signature resolution increased to 10,000 (was 2000)
  • Dromi I and Standup Dromi I web amount reduced to 10% (was 15%)
  • Dromi II and Standup Dromi II web amount reduced to 15% (was 20%)
  • Ansiblex Jump Gate and Tenebrex Cyno Jammer must now be anchored at least 500km from other Upwell Structures


  • Korean language localization deployed
  • Localization of the New Eden Store for supported languages


  • The minimum increment for placing bounties on individual characters has been increased from 100,000 ISK to 1 million ISK


  • The skill requirements for Tech 1 light combat drones have been reduced to make them more quickly accessible to new capsuleers:
    • The prerequisite to train the Light Drone Operation skill has been reduced from Drones 3 to Drones 1
    • The level of the Drones skill required to use Tech 1 light combat drones has been reduced from 3 to 1
    • The level of the Drones skill required to use faction and integrated light combat drones has been reduced from 3 to 2

User Interface:

  • Updated the default window and sizes for new users and added a new low and medium resolutions layout so that windows are an appropriate size regardless of your starting resolution. These updated and new layouts are designed to fix some long standing issues with the previous window layouts and sizes:
    • Expanded the Overview’s width to avoid columns being obscured and significantly increased its length to allow more entries to be shown by default
    • Expanded and realigned the Selected Item Window so all buttons are shown in large mode by default for most items, and items with a large amount of buttons or a long title no longer cause the window to expand in size and move down the overview when attached
    • Moved the Drone Window and the Target List anchor to accomodate the newly expanded Overview and Selected Item Window
    • Expanded the Chat Window so that you can see many more messages by default
  • Added the ‘One Way Move’ warning prompt when moving items to a corporation owned container

New Player Experience:

  • The tutorial now teaches players about ISK and the wallet
  • The tutorial now teaches players how to loot
  • New Caldari pilots are now rewarded with blasters instead of railguns during the tutorial
  • Several text improvements to Aura’s dialogue
  • Tutorial NPCs now always drop Metal Scraps

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue which could prevent missing Rigs from being fit to a ship from a saved fitting
  • Fixed an issue where simulated structure service modules could not be put offline via the context menu
  • Fixed an issue where fitted modules were not correctly refit when fitting a ship from a saved fitting


  • Fixed an issue that could cause ship’s to get stuck in the pre-warp state after being moved by a Micro Jump Field Generator
  • Fixed an issue where a corporation or alliance enlisting in Factional Warfare would not be correctly processed after downtime
  • Addressed issue causing T2 Triglavian wrecks to drop T1 components


  • Fixed environment VFX on the War Monument tin C-J6MT
  • Corrected the orientation of Sleeper structures in several dungeons
  • Fixed camera pan movement maintained during a Setting’s menu graphic refresh
  • Fixed LOD issue with the Triglavian Twilight Skin on Empire ships
  • Removed unused resources from the client to reduce application footprint
  • Realigned starboard holograms on Permaband premium Skin for the Sabre
  • Fixed burnout holograms on Permaband premium Skin

Science & Industry:

  • The skill requirements used for manufacturing the Quad 800mm Repeating Cannon II have been adjusted to bring them in line with other projectile weapons

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where the Pointer Window would stop highlighting when CTRL was held continuously
  • Fixed an issue where reprocessing would appear to succeed after moving the items to a different location
  • Fixed an issue where the Agency window’s default position would be in the bottom right corner
  • Removed the unnecessary “Find in Contracts” button from the show-info window of some monument objects

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