NCDOT Alliance Meeting

Vince Draken, leader of Northern Coalition held an alliance meeting at 19:00 eve time today.
A small TD;LR:
– Vince thanked a couple of people for taking over his job while he was doing RL stuff
– Activity went down over Christmas. this was expected but activity needs to be …

Battle Report: BL & CFC vs. TEMP & NCdot in 7-PO3P

PBLRD IHUB came out of RF and BL formed ~100 Maels and some Triage (only like 10 Logi). CFC had Domis, and CO2 had a smaller Phoon fleet. We bridged in 2-3 jumps out and burned to 7-P. EMP cyno’d in Slowcats on the IHUB and their Domis bridged into UAN next door (can’t reach 7-P from …

Seraph IX Basarab: Identity within the CFC

A recent Eve News24 article published a discussion from the CFC media outlet in which a Goonswarm siege FC by the name of Lyris Nairn had shown concern over Razor’s “attempt to distance themselves” from the CFC. By this he meant the language used in Razor’s recent update …

No Jump Tonight

It appears that the CFC have become bored of the current state of the war where N3 will drop slowcats and supercarriers to win defensive timers. In response to this The Mitanni has decided to deploy supercarriers and titans of their own to the war.
CFC posted a move operation today to move …

Meets: Veto Corp Presents EVE London!

Veto Corp Presents EVE London!
Same Bar as always, Same City, Same day of the week.
The location :
Goodman’s Field Wetherspoons
Saturday, February 1st 2014
From 10am to last orders. (And usually beyond)
>> Map Map Map

Gonditsa Dread Brawl

Friday, January 3rd, at 0700 a massive fight between the combined forces of Psychotic Tendencies, IRED, and Death By Design fought Usurper and their batphones of Shadow Cartel and The Cursed Few (TCF).
The story behind this fight was Usurper had an R64 POS reinforced by Psychotic Tendencies. …

Leaks: RAZOR Dendability: 2014 The Year of the Goats

Good afternoon Goats:
I’ve been having a bit of burn out with EVE lately IRL but being a moderate forum lurker and a regular comment thread warrior on TMC, I can’t be completely free of my ‘EVE life’. Recently, I’ve started waving the banner of Razor Dependability. …


The 8th Council of Stellar Management (CSM8) and CCP had their first scheduled summit in late August, 2013. A wide variety of topics were discussed during the summit in Reykjavik, and the table of contents is listed below. The full meeting minutes can be found here

List of Sessions:

Basic …

PL threatening to break OTEC

For those who know what OTEC, you can skip this next section of text, and get right to the story.
For those that don’t however. OTEC was an agreement between the following Goonswarm Federation, Ev0ke, Test Alliance Please Ignore, Pandemic Legion, and Northern Coalition. to control the prices …

Fiddler’s Edge: Wolves of the Southern Wilds

And now, what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?They were, those people, a kind of solution.
      – C.P. Cavafy – Waiting for the Barbarians

The word ‘barbarian’ was coined, to the best of our knowledge, by the Mycenaean …

Seraph IX Basarab: The Trenches of War

Since last October the war between one half of 0.0 ( CFC and DTF) vs the other half (N3 + PL) has had its peaks and declines in activity. While the events of the past few months have been covered in detail elsewhere, the purpose of this article is to shine light on some of the notable factors and …

Battle Reports: F4R2-Q, 6 hours of carnage

Today’s engagement was set in motion a few days back as most of N3 Coalition celebrated the Holidays with friends and family while not being active in EVE. RUS Coalition took advantage of the N3 absence and were able to take some 20 systems and 1 station system. The single station system …

Stainwagon/CFC v. N3 New Year shenanigans

The N3 and Stainwagon/CFC enjoyed a series of fierce brawls around the Stainwagon station system in evening hours of December 31st with Stainwagon achieving their ultimate objectives despite heavy losses. (Though it should be noted that N3 suffered equal losses in the quick series of battles …

Video: EVE-Online Influence Map 2013

nGR RDNx from Eve Down Under threw together this a timelapse of New Edens sov for the last year. This timelapse contains all 365 days of 2013’s Eve online experience. Hope you enjoy!

Do you have any still unknown stories that happened this year? Please share them with us in the comment …

Seraph IX Basarab: Negotiating from a Weaker Position

A number of writers have touched upon matters of diplomacy. Nonnak Severin wrote an entertaining piece a few weeks ago titled “On Diplomacy and Negotiation” while Inquisitor_Kitchner wrote a piece about a year earlier titled “Crash Course: Effective Negotiating.” Both were …

The Garage: 2110 DPS Vindicator

There are many different kinds of fits in EVE Online. All around New Eden, Capsuleers find what works best for them in a sea of near endless possibilities. You can either be prepared or die, so what works? Welcome to The Garage. A new series featuring Zaqq.
Today’s video highlights the …

Jester’s Trek: Nerf-proof

In the three years I’ve been writing this blog, I can only remember a small handful of posts I’ve written about stuff that I’m training on Ripard or how he’s doing as a character. This just ain’t that kind of blog. Still, I passed an interesting milestone while out on …

Fly Free – Solo Cruiser PvP

in the video you see T1 Scythe, or Scimitar, taking down battlecruisers and strategic cruisers, etc… Totally unexpected things.
I think many pilots never seen things like that. And I’d love for more pilots who only know this or that one aspect of the game (big warfare fleets etc) to see …

Greedy Goblin: EVE needs a special new player experience

Reading Sugar about new players and Jester about luring people to New Eden made me think a lot about EVE New Player experience and lead to the simple, but not at all straight-forward result: the standard MMO new player experience design is completely useless for EVE Online.
What is this …

Aussie U-IVGH Madness

Today deep in the Aussie TZ, a Fraternity. FC decided to start shooting some TCU’s that where onlining in U-IVGH. He Pinged for Supers with a support wing of Dreads and Slowcats. To protect his fleet even more, he called for a muninn fleet to protect his fleet from Hics / DICs or anything …


The whole EN24 team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The EVE community hasn’t been sitting still either, doing corp Secret Santa projects, gifts etc to celebrate Christmas.
Below we will see some examples of Gifts:
Yesterday the CEO of Burning …


A PL titan just got tackled at the goon staging system.
The PL titan got tackled after an attempt to perform a drive-by in the Goon staging system. After scoring a CO2 Carrier kill he aligned out but a CFC dic got a hold of him and pointed the titan.
Live Stream:
Watch live video from Nick_Fuzzeh …


Late tonight just before downtime, a highsec Nidhogger owned by Academion (Goonfleet/Bandofbrothers) accepted a duel against a pilot. The pilot immediately reshipped to bump him off station and called in support.
Downtime was fast approaching, the Nidhogger was bumped more then 300kms off the …

Battle Report: OE-9UF

With the war in the south…..the way it is currently….here is an interesting battle report sent to me by Mordus Angels (MOA) from the other side of EVE. MOA is a Pure Blind NPC null-sec alliance who state they are anti-CFC. The story received is as follows:
MOA has been harassing CFC …

Leaks: TEST SOTA – Vale of the Silent Night

TEST announced their deployment to Vale of the Silent. They will side (again) with EMP to harass the CFC’s renting space. Their objective will be to make CFC chose between a war in the south or save their isk-making space. Below you can listen to the meeting yourself!

Feel free to discuss this …