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[Podcast] CSM 9 Candidate Interview (Feat. Proclus Diadochu)

March 4, 2014

Dear EN24 Readers,

The Legacy Of A Capsuleer Podcast presents our series of CSM 9 Candidate Interviews. In this episode we have an interview with Proclus Diadochu, who is a wormhole candidate and he would like to run for CSM 9 this year.

I hope you all enjoy the interview and hopefully this will give you a better idea of who Proclus Diadochu is and whether or not you are voting for him.

Mp3 Download Link:

Go check out his Jita Park Campaign forum topic at:

You can find the Legacy Of A Capsuleer Podcast website at:

Greetings & Fly Safe Everyone,

– Tyrant Scorn