This was posted CCP earlier today.

2017-06-28 16:49
By CCP Falcon
In order to carry out some essential testing, we’ll need to extend daily downtime tomorrow, Thursday, June …

DEV POST – Skill Queue Issue – Reimbursement Complete!

2017-06-26 16:06
By CCP Falcon

We are happy to announce that reimbursement has been completed for all those who lost skillpoints due to the inadvertent pausing of skill queues …

PSA: Skill Queue Reimbursement Early Next Week!

An update is currently in the process of being finalized that will reimburse all skillpoints lost when skill queues were inadvertently paused on June 9th46.
We aim to deploy this …

ZKill – Provi-Bloc Keepstar Down

Dev Blog: Iconic Ships Reimagined – The Minmatar Rupture

Hello ship posting space friends,

I'm CCP Pointy Bits and in this blog, I’m going to go through the design process behind the new Rupture-class cruiser and talk …