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Dev Post: [Citadels] Capital Q&A

November 13, 2015

Nice! here is the first round of Questions and Answers laid out by CCP Larrikin regarding the upcoming capital changes, have a look!

Questions & Answers

***** EWAR Immunity *****
Q) What exactly does the EWAR debuff mean? #1 #2 #3
A) We are removing the binary nature of EWar Immunity. Instead, we’re replacing it with EWar Resistance.
For Example, Your Super-Carrier has 50% EWar Resistance.
Your base lock range is 100km. A 50% sensor dampner would normaly take that down to 50km. However, with 50% EWar immunity, it will only take it down to 75km.

Q) WIll a large subcap EWAR fleet be able to reduce the effectiveness of a group of capitals to zero? #1
A) To the same degree that its possible to reduce the effectiveness of a group of sub-capitals to zero, yes. Although it will be harder.

Q) Will immunity be one statline or vary according to the ewar being used? #1
A) Current plans are –
Stasis Web Resistance
Energy Warfare Resistance
EWar Resistance (ECM/Damp/Tracking Disrupting).

Q) Will the EWAR resistance include Energy Warfare resistance? #1
A) There will be a separate value for Energy Warfare Resistance.

Q) With the removal of ewar immunity, will remote assistance be possible? #1
A) I assume you mean for Triage and Siege? No.

***** New Capital Modules *****
Q) When you introduce capital sized modules, what happens to the modules we have fitted to our capitals that will no longer be allowed? #1 #2 #3
A) There is no plan to disallow existing modules from Capitals.
For example, if you are running a ‘Large Capacitor Booster II’ on your Dread, and we introduce a ‘Capital Capacitor Booster I’, you can still continue to run your large if you chose too.
In regards to Capital Neutralizers, these will have different functionality to existing Neutralizers. There will be gameplay for both, and you may want to fit Heavy Neuts instead of Capital Neuts dependent on the situation.

Q) What will be the volume of these modules? Will this mean that you can only carry a small amount in your Capital? #1
A) We havn’t decided. We are aware of issues regarding moving Long Range and Short Range guns when moving a Dreadnought, + all the capital modules we’re adding.

Q) What kinds of speeds are to be expected from the capital prop mods? #1
A) Somewhere around 500m/s.

Q) If we are putting plates on these already slow ships, should we expect align times of 1 minute or will base agility be looked at? #1
A) We will look at base agility. However, a Plate fit Carrier or Titan will have a slower align time.

Q) Can we expect changes to be made to the fitting and effects of Officer points and scrams due to them becoming capital focused modules? #1
A) We will be looking at their fitting. The effects are unlikely to change.

Q) Are we releasing Capital Target Spectrum Breakers? #1 #2
A) Not at this stage.

***** Siege/Dreadnoughts *****
Q) 1-2k dps from a seiged dread dps is too low/Why would you use subcap siege dread over battleships? #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11
A) Sieged dreads have several advantages.
Superior range (50km from High Angle guns)
Resistance to EWar
Higher base HP
Provides refitting services to fleet
Dependant on your battleship fit, potentially cheaper to replace after loss when including insurance.
A jumpdrive
We want players to have interesting choices. Dreads shouldn’t always be the best choice.

Q) Are we considering changing Siege Duration? #1
A) Not at this stage.

Q) In a carrier vs. dread fight, will the dread be able to kill the carrier fighters? The “high angle” guns don’t seem suited for this purpose. #1
A) Dreads would want support from subcapitals to kill fighter squadrons. High Angle guns are not suited to killing fighters (or frigates).

***** Triage/Force Auxiliaries *****
Q) Focusing the logi into a small number of ships while removing EWAR immunity seems bad #1
A) We’re not removing EWar Immunity. We’re changing it. Its possible Triage Force Auxiliaries will have 100% EWar Resistance.
This is something we’re very interested in hearing your feedback on though. We’ll be discussing this with the Capital Focus Group.

Q) Are we considering changing Triage Duration? #1
A) Not at this stage no.

Q) Will we allow pilots to exchange their Carrier for Force Auxs? #1
A) Yes, but we havn’t determined the mechanic for this yet. One possibility that has been raised is that on patch day, any carrier with a triage module fitted will be turned in to a force aux. But this is still very much something we want to get your input on before we nail down the final plan.

Q) Will they be in the price range of carriers or dreads or will they be more expensive? #1
A) In the price range of Carriers & Dreads.

Q) What range of local tank are you looking at for a FA #1
A) Simmilar to current Triage Carriers, but this is subject to change.

Q) [Will capital remote repair modules only work in triage mode?/i] #1
A) Capital Remote Repair modules will only be effective when your in Triage. We haven’t decided what mechanic we will use to do this yet.

Q) Is the Force Auxiliary a Capital or Super-capital? What building restrictions will it have? #1
A) Its a Capital, and can be built anywhere you can build Carriers or Dreadnoughts.

***** Miscellaneous *****
Q) What’s happening to the Rorqual? #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
A) We have plans for the Rorqual, but we’re still looking into their technical feasibility. We will release details about the Rorqual soon.

Q) Can a capital MWD be shut off by a normal scram, or maybe just capital ones? #1
A) The current design has a Capital MWD can be shut off by a normal Scram.

Q) Will capitals being allowed into Highsec to shoot the XL Citadels? #1 #2 #3
A) No 🙂

Q) Will capital hulls get racial bonuses of any kind? #1
A) Yes 🙂

Q) Will carriers be completely barred from capital remote rep usage, or will it remain as a less powerful choice through adjustments/removal of base stats and bonuses? #1 #2
A) The current design has them completely removed. The specifics havn’t been determined.

Q) [i]Do you have a timeline for releasing the relevant skills and blueprints? #1
A) Not yet no 🙁

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