The State of CO2 – Interview with Da Winci

NOTE: Opinions in this article do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of EveNews24.
Some alliances always seem to court the spotlight; whether it’s articles in the Eve news …

Bob’s Corner: Evesterdam CSM 11 Presentation

At Evesterdam, I gave a presentation about CSM 11.

VLOG: CSM Summit 1 Travel

This is the first Vlog I’ve ever made and I will admit that recording felt a bit awkward, but I’m very pleased with the result! Also check out Jin’taan’s …

CSM XI – Autumn Summit Review / Week 18 & 19 Summary

Disclaimer: Written by Jin’taan, representative of CSM 11!
So, the summit. The focal point of what the CSM does, wherein a selection (or in this case, the CSM as a whole) is …

CSM XI Autumn Summit PvE Townhall

Yesterday evening the CSM 11 hosted a PVE townhall!