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SOV holders leaders sign letter to CCP Games

September 29, 2014

In an unprecedented and historic move tonight the big SOV holding alliance in 0.0 came together and jointly agreed the outline of what they hope CCP will implement in regards to SOV changes and wider nullsec changes. CCP have alluded to changes in upcoming expansions to EvE online. The SOV leadership hope, by doing this, to divert a Dominion style expansion that, in all honesty, was not good for 0.0. The fact that these leaders, who scheme all day and all night on how to get a one up on each other could come together and agree to this is a huge sign to CCP that the player base feels that change is needed in null sec and that maybe CCP needs a guiding hand.

In an open letter to CCP they outlined three areas in which they believed 0.0 could be changed for the better.

Nullsec leaders holding conquerable space have come together to put forth an open letter to CCP expressing their dissatisfaction with the Dominion sovereignty system and stating their support for occupancy-based sovereignty mechanics. The letter further states a need for more NPC 0.0 space within conquerable regions for the sake of increasing activity in 0.0, especially much-needed small-scale combat, as a lot of conquerable systems are over 25 jumps from NPC space. Lastly, to support the concept of occupancy-based sovereignty, the need for an expansion of systems to support more player density is also expressed.

This statement has been signed by the leaders of the constituent alliances of the CFC, N3 and HERO coalitions, those of non-coalition actors such as PL and Pizza, various current and former CSM delegates and community opinion leaders.

The first was the introduction of a occupancy based sovereignty system, something along the line of ‘use it or lose it’. This would hamper the AFK empires while rewarding groups that actively use their space on a daily basis with perks and an ‘occupancy index’ of some kind.  It would help smaller alliance claim small areas of space for themselves and negate the current relied on coalitions.

The next section calls for NPC areas in every SOV region. This would be great for smaller alliances or nomadic PVP seekers who could base from these area’s and create content for themselves without having to worry about the 25+ jumps back to a friendly station. It also opens the door for ninja plexers to station close to unused or undefended space to make ISK. These areas only have to be small but could cause a lot of content in guerilla behind the line fights.

The last point made was the plea that each system should be able to support more than a handful of players. At the moment a handful of players can easily run all sites in a system within a few hours to half a day. This then causes people to log off to do other things. If, when the above ‘use it or lose it’ occupancy rule comes in the amount of sites available should increase to support a higher density of players as long as they are undocked and interacting with parts of the system.

If the above changes came into effect I could see the large alliances settling in a small amount of systems with high density farming, leaving the crappy systems unused and therefore susceptible to capture by smaller alliances who then use and upgrade the space, making it harder for others to attack it.

The leaders that signed the statement are as follows;

The Mittani, Goonswarm Federation
Vince Draken, Northern Coalition.
Gorga, Nulli Secunda
Grath Telkin, Pandemic Legion
Lychton Krondur, Brave Collective
SkierX, Test Alliance Please Ignore
Tarkinius, Fidelas Constans
Carneros, The Bastion
Sister Bliss, The Initiative.
Wibla, Tactical Narcotics Team
The Troika, RAZOR Alliance
Da Winci, Circle-Of-Two
Mo’Chuisle, Executive Outcomes
Loquitur, Fatal Ascension
Rina Kondur, I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
Basil Vulpine, Get Off My Lawn
Ex River, SpaceMonkey’s Alliance
Ltd SpacePig, The Kadeshi
Sort Dragon, DARKNESS.
Some CSM members also supported the statment and are as follows;
Sion Kumitomo
Kesper North
Major JSilva
Xander Phoena

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