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SOV holders leaders sign letter to CCP Games

In an unprecedented and historic move tonight the big SOV holding alliance in 0.0 came together and jointly agreed the outline of what they hope CCP will implement in regards to …

In-Development: Features of EVE Online’s Oceanus Release

Another wave of exciting new additions arrives 30 September in Oceanus, the latest in EVE Online’s rapid rollout of continuous updates.
French Localization
More Burner …

CCP Financial Report: Shutting down San Francisco Office, Layoffs, and Losses

Today CCP Games released a review of its finances over the last six months to the public. The numbers pretty much speak for themselves showing CCP operating at a net loss for …

A message regarding vandalism of the EVE Universe Monument

CCP Falcon finally brought the messege out that many EVE players were waiting for to hear in the following forum post:
Hey guys,
It’s with a heavy heart that I have to speak …

Awesomesauce: Permaband – Killing is Just a Means

Now Here is were you all waited for!! The Killing is just a means music video!!

Vocals – CCP Hunter & CCP Guard
Lyrics by Einar S. Hreiðarsson & Sveinn J. …