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NOC Nyx Stolen Using Exploit

Here is the video:

Ok so what is happening here?
Well I managed to have a chat with the person who captured this video, Jayarr Altol, of Psychotic Tendencies.
Jayarr Altol > …

On Thera and Lore

Thera system, the Mos Eisley of EVE, has arrived and it didn’t take long for capsuleers to find it and share it with their peers. The first Capsuleer, Peter Moonlight of …

Matt ‘Greyscale’ Woodward Leaves CCP

In a shocking revelation, CCP Games developer Matt Woodward, known as “CCP Greyscale” in EvE circles, has left Reykjavik and is no longer an employee of CCP. This …

EN24 Podcast Pilot Episode Ft. Bobmon, Mail Lite and Slevin Kelevra

Good evening readers of Eve News 24!
A while ago, I had the thought that maybe the writers of EN24 should host a podcast to discuss the recent news within the game and also …

Opinion Piece: Knock Knock

Reasons why CCP should open the door.
A cute video from back in the age of Incarna.

We have been looking at that door for a long time now. Occasionally jiggling the handle in …