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Alliance Tournament XIII Scandal Concluded

October 7, 2015

If you missed our previous reports concerning the collusion between The Camel Empire [THNGY] and Warlords of the Deep [2LGIT], the news broke when DHB WildCat released a statement announcing that his team had colluded with The Camel Empire in Alliance Tournament XIII. They had split the prizes equally between all pilots on the two teams following a pact to rig the outcome of the matches fought against each other. Since then Kadesh Priestess, captain of the Warlords of the Deep’s team responded with a post defending her teams actions in the alliance tournament.

After Eve News 24 broke the news CCP announced that they would hold a thorough investigation into the allegations, and froze the Alliance Tournament prizes. It has appeared the allegations were true and certain members of the two teams have been found guilty of collusion. CCP today released the following statement:

Hello Players

After assessing all evidence available to us, we have determined that Warlords of the Deep and The Camel Empire colluded to fix the result of Series 117b (the second match of the BO3 Quarter Finals between the two teams). As such, all Prize ships, medals (both inventory items and character sheet) as well as the Alliance Tournament Cup will be confiscated from both teams. PLEX rewards will remain as they achieved a position in the top 16 before the match they colluded in.

Additionally, the team captain for Warlords of the Deep (Kadesh Priestess) is permanently banned from participating all CCP Tournaments (including the upcoming Amarr Championship), while the captain of The Camel Empire (Bob Shaftoes) is banned for a period of one year from the conclusion of the tournament (until 2016-08-30). This includes any character they control, or any alliance they may be executor or captain for even if they do not wish to fly in the tournament.

A number of players from outside the teams purchased prize ships. The ISK from these purchases was previously placed in escrow, and will now be returned in full. Anyone that this affects will have previously received information regarding this matter when the ships were originally frozen.

The two alliances themselves and all other players on those teams will have no further actions taken against them as we do not have specific evidence that they were involved. However, the two teams will need to select new captains or executors as per above if they wish to compete again.

All remaining teams will be move up two positions in rankings and prizes (other than PLEX) will be redistributed on this basis. While we can’t know for sure that the tournament would have resulted in the same way if the two teams had not been competing, we believe this is the fairest way to handle the situation after the conclusion of the tournament.

As such, the new top 4 are as follows:

  1. Pandemic Legion
  2. Exodus.
  3. The Tuskers Co. & Nulli Secunda

Note that as there is no clean way to determine which of the two teams would be placed 3rd or 4th, we have decided to instead split the prizes of the two positions evenly between each team (5 ships each). However, both teams will receive 12 inventory medals each.

Finally, we are looking to make the rules more stringent in the future with regards to working with other teams. Details of these will be announced in the future, but in many cases, if we think it seems suspicious, we’ll be inclined to remove your team from the tournament.

If any players have further questions, please feel free to ask.

With the conclusion of the investigation, Kadesh Priestess has received a permanent ban from all future CCP tournaments. While she remains executor of Warlords of the Deep they also will not be able to enter any future alliance tournaments. Bob Shaftoes, captain of the Camel Empire team, received a one year ban from CCP competitions.

Do you feel that CCP’s punishment is enough? Should all members of the teams been banned, regardless of their level of innocence? Or did CCP do the right thing, by only banning the captains?