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CCP freeze Warlords and Camels Alliance Tournament prizes

September 16, 2015

Last night, CCP officially responded to the accusation that Warlords of the Deep were colluding with Camel Empire in Alliance Tournament XIII. CCP Logibro posted the following response in the EVE Online Tournament Discussions thread of the EVE Online forums.


Due to the ongoing investigation into the Warlords of the Deep and The Camel Empire teams in Alliance Tournament XIII, all prizes distributed to either team have been frozen and moved for safekeeping. This is intended to protect any further prospective buyers of these items in case we find that rules have been broken in the tournament and we need to remove prizes. Prize items will be returned to their original locations depending on the outcome of the investigation. Anyone affected by this should have received a mail from myself.

Prizes distributed to other teams are not affected by this action.

If you have been impacted by this and have further questions, please file a support ticket under Community.

If you missed the full story, on Monday, DHB WildCat, of Warlords of the Deep, released a statement announcing that Warlords of the Deep had colluded in Alliance Tournament XIII and had subsequently split the prizes equally between all pilots on the two teams. Since then, Kadesh Priestess, of Warlords of the Deep responded with a post defending her teams actions in the alliance tournament, before CCP finally announced their position towards collusion in the alliance tournament.

Pending the results of the investigation that CCP are obviously taking seriously, do you think that seizing the prizes will be punishment enough?