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Dev Post: Atmospheric Effects coming to an Asteroid field near you!

Hi everybody,
The new atmospheric environments for asteroid fields are live on Singularity.
The effect is comprised of 3 components: God rays, fog and particle rocks.
The particle rocks are non-minable and available for Medium shader quality and above. There is a difference between DX9 and DX11 …

Snuff Box & Only For Fun – First Titan Kill of 2015!

The new year hasn’t been with us for long and already the first titan of the year is on the killboards and the kill goes to Snuff Box of Snuffed Out alliance along with Only For Fun alliance. EmoKidWithKantana was kind enough to link me to this rundown on what happened.

So we have been …

Leaks: Nulli Secunda Alliance Update

Today, Nulli Secunda posted the following alliance update for their members to read!
So here we go with our alliance update for the end of the Year 2014. It was a busy start of the year for us, a calm and lazy summer, and with Phoebe a really interesting time at the end.
I dont need to tell anyone …

Battle Report: Warp to Zero for The Dominix Massacre – WY-9LL

The following post is part of the “The West – Where Bad Things Happen To Good People” thread on the Warp To Zero forums. It was written by WTZ member Hidetoshi
On Tuesday Dec 29th a Get Off My Lawn (LAWN) Erebus titan pilot, named Markus Kaiderius, decided to prove the universe he …

Open Thread: A year in Review.

Hey guys, riverini here – News has been slow lately, we will be reporting about the WL- massacre soon(tm) btw.
A year in Review.
Every year we look back at the past 52 weeks that preceded the last week this year and we think about the good, the bad and the ugly things that have happened to …

Importance of Carebear Conservation

Carebears. In EVE Online Carebears occupy a special place within the meta-game. There morals of trust in your fellow players, abstaining from PVP combat, honestly, compassion and doing the right thing are shining lights of decency in a game where theft, scamming, destruction and conspiracy are …

Goonswarm Supers Down in Carrou

The holiday season is still in full swing, and activities across Eve have dropped precipitously during this time. In the east, the Russian advance over the gradually abandoned swathes of Northern Associates territory has almost ground to halt, while in the south and the west, the fighting has died …

Sov News & Updates For 12/27/14

We begin tonight’s report with news from the west. A Red Federation vs Blue Republic (RvB) Cynabal/Dramiel fleet made its way to Delve to die at the hands of The Kadeshi and DARKNESS (DARKESHI) in 6Q-R50. The RvB fleet lost a total of 10.67 billion with 133 ships destroyed, and DARKESHI lost …

Dead Terrorists: Internal Terrorism?

With the Christmas Holidays there is generally a lull in the wars and fighting across New Eden. However, that doesn’t prevent internal drama from occurring within alliances and this year is no exception. Not only did we have a Nyx killed by it’s own corporation in Goonswarm Federation …

Sov News & Updates For 12/26/14

We start the day after Christmas in the north.
Black Legion is going back to Venal. During the night it seems that a BL Tengu Fleet was spotted in Tribute and Vale of the Silent. Continuing to actively seek more targets of opportunity Black Legion, Galaxy Rangers, and Confederation of xXPIZZAXx …

Sov News & Updates For 12/25/14

During the night and into the morning HERO Coalition destroyed two more Pandemic Legion POSes in HED-GP and reinforced the last PL POS in this system without any fight.

HERO managed to get another PL system in 1P-WGB Catch; its the forth system in three days to return to HERO. PL currently only …

Sov News & Updates For 12/24/14

We start off by visiting HED-GP where Pandemic Legion had some POSes (player-owned starbase) fights. A full battle report is available by clicking here.

As we can see HERO Coalition (Hopefully Effective Rookie Organization) had a Tengu/Eagle fleet lead by Blue Ice (29 Tengus, 56 Eagles, 16 …

A Christmas Tale

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
I was drinking my whiskey and really quite soused;
Clothing lay strewn without any care,
And it looked like an orgy had recently been there;
I stumbled about in search of my bed;
While waves of delirium surged through my …

Kirith Kodachi: Identity Crisis

CCP Rise did a dev post where he outlined the changes for balancing the Tech II recon cruiser classes:

We had a few big goals with Recons:
Give Combat Recons something to make them stand out as a unique and interesting set of shipsClose the gap somewhat between Recons and T3 Cruisers, though this …

Dev Blog: Rebalancing Modules in EVE Online, Round Two

Hello Capsuleers!

This is CCP Terminus bringing you another devblog, this time covering our continuing Module Tiericide project. For reference to what the Module Tiericide project is all about and what that will mean to your modules please refer to CCP Fozzies previous devblog here: Rebalancing …

CCP wants your opinion on structures

Last Thursday CCP released their annual survey regarding structures and player interaction with them in EVE Online. This survey has a large impact on future structure development direction and game play prioritization.
Read more here.
CCP Arrow
Fellow capsuleers.
Team Game of Drones is doing …

Coat Hangar Op Gone Awry: Clash in RNF-YH

While the Fountain invasion has quieted down, and the east still smolders under the weight of the Russian resurgence, in Catch, the fight between HERO and Pandemic Legion forces have stepped up considerably. Pandemic Legion, who have taken five systems in the region already, and forced others into …

Email Feedback: Recon Rebalance, an Alternative View.

Disclaimer: The following article was submitted by Dracvlad, who was posting comments to the previous Recon Rebalance post that I made and suggested I speak to people who had an issue with the changes and why.
As he was one of the most vocal on that comment section I asked him to mail me with his …

New Eden Combat League Series Seven Begins 6th January 2015

Greetings capsuleers and all manners of internet-based peoples!
DJ Auger and Eve Radio are proud to announce that the seventh series of the New Eden Combat League (formerly the Eve Radio Combat League) is about to begin! On January 6th, the NECL opens with UNRESTRICTED Rookie Ships at 0100 GMT (1/5 …

Hard Knocks Inc. Take Down Capital WH Fleet with Bombers

On the morning of the 21st December 2014 a group from the Hard Knocks Inc. corporation (who by the way live in a class 5 and do not run PVE anomalies in it), Lazerhawks and Exit Strategy. managed to snag a group of capital ships who were, along with a couple of webbing Loki T3’s and a …