EN24: The Way Forward – Critical Analysis and Discussion

I’ve been writing critique pieces about Eve since 2011. No other MMO has the same type of depth whether in terms of gameplay or history or relationships. In other to stay accurately informed, one needs to be observant of a variety of factors from opposing sides. Most people are content simply …

Project Nova: Invite-only Alpha Registration Open!

EVE Vegas 2018’s Opening Ceremony second hour was dominated by a 4 pack of Mercs playing a Pre-Alpha Project Nova. While the EVE Vegas Schedule has a two hour block for Project Nova, an email sent out on October 3rd gave us earlier details, or at least to DUST 514 players. If you missed it, …

EVE VEGAS 2018 – Ready for the Opening Ceremony

It’s October, get your snacks ready, it’s time for EVE Vegas 2018! This year, its got roundtables, charity raffles, charity auctions, presentations, along with the legendary EVE Vegas party at Drai’s, and a new twist on a Friday night event this year, Topgolf with the Developers!

Fleet Abyssal Deadspace – CCP Games “Triples” Down

Team Size Matters has opened up Duality to present pilots with an early look into Fleet Abyssal Deadspace gameplay. While there will be instruction on how to connect to Duality at the bottom of the post, is more fleet PVE what EVE Online needs, right now? Diving into this early look at fleet …

Under A Layer of DUST – Maybe 514 Layers?

The DUST had settled, in 2016 we saw the last Dropship fire its mercs planetside to wrestle control of the mission objectives one last time. Although there were a lot of players, CCP was having trouble maintaining interest in keeping DUST 514 going. The nostalgia was right, but player felt there …

Bomber Bar Whelps 5 Goon Rorquals

A successful Bomber Bar operation leaves five rorquals contributing building materials in a different manner, as salvage.

(-0.1) R-BGSU – Fountain


Bran Mannanan (Rorqual)
The Bastion

lEclipse (77)
Bright Side of Death

(-0.5) L-1SW8 – …

Markeedragon & Miners Defend 5 Stations

Saturday, October 6th The Forge system of Uchoshi saw a fairly large conflict, at least for HighSec. Markeedragon, and his Borca Alliance have been wardec’ed and today they oversaw the defense of 5 Upwell structures. 

MarkeeDragon – Twitch
Athanor Station Defense followed by Faction …

October Release – Live

OCTOBER 9th, Tuesday: The October Release went live during the 15 minute DownTime. Heads up before you undock your travel-raptor you may want to reship.
Quick List of Changes

ECM substantial changed, jammed targets may lock the source of the jam at all times. ECM sources affected by this …

PSA: Patch Notes For October 2018 Release 1.0

Released on Tuesday, October 9th 2018
Features & Changes:

Target Jamming mechanics have undergone significant changes, for full details see this Dev Blog.

Jammed targets may lock the source of the jam at all times

Affected ECM sources:

ECM Target Jammers

Interceptor – Fear the Bubbles, Again!

The October Release, scheduled for Tuesday the 9th, is slated to bring a whole bunch of what CCP Games is terming “light balance changes.” Some of the included changes are due to high demand from the community such as tweaks to the Damavik slot layout, and the new module Zero-Point Mass …

Dev Post: Update on HICs and Wormholes

Hello again!
Our announcement for a set of big balance changes coming this October sparked some strong feedback about our attitude towards wormholes and specifically the HIC as a tool for reliably collapsing wormholes. We want to respond to that discussion as well as we can and also put forward a …

Seraph IX Basarab: The Myth of Co2 Betrayal

There has been a growing amount of inane worthless rambling on the supposed “betrayal by Co2” during World War Bee. Most of it is warped by the typical war propaganda that comes with such conflicts. It’s not the first time Goons have used the victim narrative in order to inspire its members …

Dev Blog: October Balance

If you'd like to discuss this dev blog, please feel free to do so over in the comments thread on the EVE Online Forums!
Here in Reykjavík we just finished the first summit with CSM 13, and it was a doozy!
We went through a lot of big topics with them and one of the biggest is always ship and …

PSA: Patch Notes For September 11 Release

Patch Notes For September 2018 Release 1.0
Released on Tuesday, September 11th 2018
Features & Changes:

Wwise Audio middleware has been upgraded to 2017.2.5.6619.


Complete visual overhaul of the Osprey Caldari cruiser, with new unique models for the Osprey Navy Issue and …

Black Desert Online Creators Pearl Abyss to Acquire CCP Games, Makers of EVE Online

SEOUL – September 6, 2018 – Today, Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss announced that it will acquire CCP Games, the creators of popular spaceship MMORPG EVE Online. The deal outlines that CCP Games will continue to operate independently as a developer with studios in Reykjavik, …

BREAKING NEWS – Fraternity Anchoring Keepstar

Sept 2nd: In a relatively sleeping Tenerifis system of 46DP-O Fraternity has anchored a Keepstar. While Keepstars are not an overly rare sight, the timing of this one’s anchoring cycle makes it special. This multi hundred billion Upwell structure’s timer opens at approximately 8 AM US …

Incoming Nerf to Eve Scamming

Little things, in small packages – A few days ago CCP Fozzie took to the Eve Forums to post about September’s release including Upwell Cargo Deposit. However, on the same day CCP karkur also posted about the same release, “little things”. Why is CCP Fozzie’s post …

Dev Blog: SECURITY UPDATE – Q3 2018

If you’d like to discuss this dev blog, you can feel free to do so in this comments thread on the EVE Online forums.
Hello intrepid capsuleers, and welcome to another update from Team Security on the fight against botting, RMT and other nefarious activities.
As always, we’re very aware that …

Dev Post: Little things in the September release

Hi all,
Next time we update Singularity, we’ll have a number of new little things/quality of life changes that we’d like your help with testing and feedback.
Many of those changes were suggested and requested by you guys, in our “little things” thread and various other channels.
Please feel …

Kirith Kodachi: For Faction Warfare, It Was Too Little Too Late

Earlier this week, two of the largest and most active alliances in the Caldari Militia have announced their withdrawal from faction warfare:



In response, prominent Gallente Militia leader Julianus Soter wrote a piece bemoaning Cal Mil’s failure to step up to the latest …

CONCORD Was Blind!

Day 2 of GM Week – a Scavenger Hunt begin the day with a GM spotted in Gallente Rookie systems. CCP Customer Support provided clues and fitting information to find the hidden GMs during the day’s event. The event ran for about 5 hours dropping in all four race’s rookie systems. …

GM Week – CONCORD See Nothing

Aug 20th, the opening day of GM Week – Saw CONCORD continue to turn a blind eye toward Botters, but GM’s, testing their new freedoms, thought capsuleers would be happy to dull out justice.
[18:56:00] Odo Korachi > This evening the Directive Enforcement Department will be running several …


On behalf of CCP Customer Support I want to welcome you all to GM Week!
It‘s been way too long since we, the Game Masters, showed our faces in New Eden and we want to crawl out of our little boxes for a while and join you all on Tranquility for a week of activities, as well as shed some light on …

Remove Jump Freighters, Introduce Force Freighters

Do you remember when you first started playing Eve? You didn’t really quite grasp what the game was fully about and you felt like simply warping from station to a planet was a major endeavor. The sight of watching your ship enter the warp tunnel immersed you right into the feeling of childhood …

PSA: Patch Notes For August 21 Release

Patch Notes For August 2018 Release 1.0
Released on Tuesday, August 21st 2018
Features & Changes:

Turret firing graphic effect optimization.
The Navitas and Thalia have recieved complete redesigns.
The Badger, Crane, Bustard and Tayra have received complete redesigns.

New Player …