Cloud Ring: Major Battle over an Astrahus in 9-4RP2

9-4RP2 system, Cloud Ring region. On the 12th of February at 20:27 EVE Standard Time, a battle unfolded in the system between The Initiative. [INIT.] and Brave Collective [BRAVE].
The two alliances clashed over an Astrahus citadel owned by The Initiative.. The structure had been reinforced by Brave …

Open Call: Join the EN24 Team!

We are making our first writers call since the past November, yes finally!
Quick recap
Since November, in the wake of the EULA change, many EVE Online third party content providers who benefited from funding via gambling site promotion found themselves short on much-needed operational cash. We …

101: EVE Online Flight Academy – Clone States

Until recently, whenever your subscription or trial lapsed you found yourself locked out of the game experience, besides relying on the out-of-game infrastructure provided by your Alliance (Skype / Discord / TS / Vent). While the new Alpha / Omega clone scheme solves this shortcoming; the truth is …

Dev Blog: Sleeping beauty – How one of the oldest bugs in EVE got hunted down and resolved

Sometimes a story of a bug is so intriguing you have to write it down – so if you are technically minded or just curious about the realities of development on EVE Online. Join me for a deep-dive into the technical depths of the EVE Online code base, as I recount how one of the oldest …

Venal: Pandemic Legion and Out of Sight. Clash in a Botched Trap in K3JR-J

K3JR-J system, Venal region. On the 12th of February at 18:50 EVE standard Time, a battle unfolded in the system as Pandemic Legion [-10.0] forces unsuccessfully tried to bait Out of Sight. [OOS] super capitals.
The battle was prompted by Pandemic Legion, who attempted to lure Out of Sight. into a …

Providence: Providence Bloc Destroys Fidelas Constans Capitals in D-GTMI

D-GTMI system, Providence region. On the 11th of February at 22:09 EVE Standard Time, a battle unfolded in the system between Providence Bloc forces and Fidelas Constans [FCON].
2 corporations in Fidelas Constans had decided to try and drop on Providence Bloc capitals and assembled a small force of …

Seraph IX Basarab: A Look at Renting in Eve Online

I did intend to write a stand-alone piece on renting because the interaction is fascinating to me, but the recent article on the topic elsewhere was begging to be addressed. I may have even been convinced not to engage, but the piece in question referred to EN24 specifically. This piece carries …

Watch This: o7 – The EVE Online Show – Episode 22

The o7 show airs monthly from CCP HQ in Iceland and shines a light on the actions of players and developers alike.
On this episode we got to sample some brand new EVE graphics, got a hands-on demo of the new scanning system, checked out some unusual player created ship fits…and looked at all …

The Scope: DED Releases Details On Guardian Angels Infrastructure

Lina Ambre reports on the release of details pertaining to the location of Guardian Angels narcotics smuggling infrastructure, as intelligence gathered by the Federal Intelligence Office is handed over to the Directive Enforcement Department for dissemination to independent capsuleers.

The …

Low Sec Rumble: Skirmish in Auga

Auga system, Heimatar region. On the 11th of February at 16:25 EVE Standard Time, a battle unfolded in the system between forces belonging to Did he say Jump [JMP-N] and Siege Green. [SSGRN].
The conflict was sparked by Siege Green.. The alliance had scouted a Did he say Jump Proteus strategic …

Watch This: EVE Online – Development Update (Feb ’17)

EVE Online’s Executive Producer gives an update on current EVE Online development and the upcoming Guardian’s Gala event. Also, a shoutout to the CSM for the great work coming out of the recent summit!

Dev Blog: The future of probe and directional scanning UI

The probe and directional scanning UI and UX in EVE Online is a core element for a number of gameplay areas including exploration, hunting, and wormhole life to name a few. There have been many feedback threads on scanning across the internet that we’ve been keeping an eye on for some time …

The Discourse: Myrskaa City Quarantined Under Nano-Dome

The Caldari State grapples with the unexpected expansion of a quarantine zone following the mysterious crash of a frigate outside the city limits of Myrskaa on Oijanen II. We speak with the clone soldier Aeon Amadi of Icarus Conflict Solutions about the situation on the ground, and Sidra …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #48

The past week has supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden. From ambient videos, fake trailers and some hilarious or tense PvP moments, these are EVE News 24’s picks for the past week:
#1 EVE Online – Birth Of A Nyx by Everything EVE
A cinematic view of a Nyx, freshly …

Low Sec Rumble: Skirmishing in Okkamon

Okkamon system, Black Rise region. On the 8th of February at 21:55 EVE Standard Time, a skirmish occurred between Project.Mayhem. [16-13] and Holy Cookie [HCOOK] and their allies.
The battle was fought over a Fortizar citadel belonging to Holy Cookie. The structure had been reinforced by …

Patch Notes for the EVE Online YC119.2 Release

Here are the patch notes for the upcoming EVE Online update to be released on February 14.

Patch notes for YC119.2 Release 1.0
Published on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Features & Changes


The release theme for YC 119.2 has been published:

Towards The …

PSA: Fanfest 2017 – Call For Player Presenters!

It’s that time of the year again, and Fanfest is upon is.

The annual pilgrimage of capsuleers from across the globe to the frozen land of ice and fire is only two months away, and the clock is ticking as we count down to three solid days of all things EVE Online.

Once again, at Fanfest …

Check out EVE Valkyrie’s fourth expansion: Wormholes

Hello pilots ,
It gives me great pleasure to introduce the first of our 2017 game updates for EVE: Valkyrie – Wormholes which will be arriving Feb 15.

Fresh from winter holidays, the team here at Newcastle have been busy creating a range of incredible new features and improvements. We always …

Battle Report Round Up #33

The past week has supplied quite a few videos and articles immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of a few of those battles:
28/1 League of Unaligned Master Pilots versus Drone Regions Federation
SF-XJS in Tenal saw League of Unaligned Master Pilots [LUMPY] defend a citadel …

Pimp My Ride: NES Kador SKIN clearance sale

The Amarr Kador SKINs are currently on sale with a discount of 20%. The sale ends on February 14th, after which those SKINs will be removed from the New Eden Store for the time

Low Sec Rumble: Another Capital Brawl Erupts in Huola

Huola system, The Bleak Lands region. On the 4th of February at 3:14 EVE Standard Time, the Huola system erupted in further violence as Siege Green. [SSGRN] and its allies confronted Did he say Jump [JMP-N].
The battle was fought over a planetary customs office belonging to Did he say Jump. The …

Dev Blog: Guardian’s Gala

Johann Landier is a member of Southern Comfort, TEST Alliance, and covers New Eden Politics, Events, and conflict throughout all of New Eden. Do you have a story that needs telling then come by EN24’s Dischord channel here.
Below is a reprint of the Dev Blog/Event Announcement from …

PSA: #MYEVESTORY Video Contest Results!

During December 2016, we released a series of videos that charted the stories and experiences of several of our high-profile pilots, and afterward… we announced a competition!

If you missed the original videos, you can see them on YouTube here:

Asher Kagen – I Want Revenge

Jayne …

CCP Alert: Next release 119.2 on Feb. 14th

Johann Landier is a member of Southern Comfort, TEST Alliance, and covers New Eden Politics, Events, and conflict throughout all of New Eden. Do you have a story that needs telling then come by EN24’s Dischord channel here.

CCP has announced what will be included in the 119.2 release of Eve …

Cobalt Edge: Super Capital Massacre in YVSL-2

YVSL-2 system, Cobalt Edge region. On the 5th of February at 13:16 EVE Standard Time a confusing battle unfolded which resulted in the destruction of 8 super carriers.
The battle was instigated by Inner Hell [-INHE] and its allies. The wormhole corporation had raided the drone regions for some …