Honesty Not Always The best Policy – Keepstar 3D-CQU Death

Submission submitted by Knerf of Burning Napalm

Ignorance Could Have Been Bliss
NCdot and PL leadership were blissfully unaware of a Provi Keepstar being anchored with just over two hours before its safety would have been secured, but Test only a short time before a CTA tells all its members they …

PSA: Skill Queue Reimbursement Early Next Week!

An update is currently in the process of being finalized that will reimburse all skillpoints lost when skill queues were inadvertently paused on June 9th46.
We aim to deploy this early next week, and will notify all pilots via this news feed once the process is complete.
Apologies for the delay in …

Conflict Drivers For Content

Hello, my name is Seraph IX Basarab and I’m an opinion piece writer and analyst of Eve politics and war here at EN24. The thoughts and opinions written here are mine and not meant to represent anyone else’s

Plenty of people are making posts on the current state of the game and these …

Dev Blog: Iconic Ships Reimagined – The Minmatar Rupture

Hello ship posting space friends,

I'm CCP Pointy Bits and in this blog, I’m going to go through the design process behind the new Rupture-class cruiser and talk about our general thoughts on redesigns and graphics renovation in the art department on EVE.

First, we’re going to …

Prediction: Project Nova Will Not See the Light of Day

When DUST 514 was cancelled CCP quickly announced it would replace the First Person Shooter with a new shooter called Project Nova:
Project Nova is the code name for CCP’s free-to-play PC first-person shooter that’s being shown to the press and fans for the first time at Fan-fest in …


Eve News 24 came across this Scope News Alert that might be of interest to some following the Kyonoke Outbreak. Original Post here.

2017-06-17 21:12
By Ret Gloriaxx

RENYN – The Scope has learned that a meeting between the senior leadership of the Federal Intelligence Office’s Special …


2017-06-20 13:07
By CCP Falcon
Greetings Capsuleers of New Eden!As part of our drive to overhaul and refresh the web presence of EVE Online, one of the combined objectives of the Community Team and Web Team here at CCP has been to replace the current EVE Online forums with a more modern, stable …

Dev Blog: CONCORD Hulls & The Future

After what has been an eventful week, we felt that it would be prudent to put together more information to explain both the intentions behind the deployment of the CONCORD hulls that were gifted to Fanfest ticket purchasers on June 14, and how we’ll be awarding these hulls in future.

This …

Watch This: TEST Alliance Please Ignore Weekly Highlights – Episode 3

Please see below for OnSpotTV’s latest edition of TEST Alliance Please Ignores Weekly Highlights (Episode 3)
Also rumor has it that Dreddit is Recruiting.. Eve News 24 is working hard to verify that

Rare ‘Gold’ Magnate destroyed

Not too long ago four capsuleers received high praise and honor for their part as victors in the Imperial Succession Trials that ultimately saw the enthronement and crowning of the Empress of Amarr, Her Majesty Catiz Tash-Murkon.
Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime – The new Empress of Amarr will be Her …

Watch This: The Discourse – Rogue Swarm Alert

ARC Studio has released its latest broadcast covering CONCORD’s recent request for capsuleer help in combating the latest threat to New Eden.

Three more Rogue Swarm Overminds emerge as their servant drones attempt to establish their influence across New Eden. The CONCORD is once …

LIVE STREAM – EVEATHON 2017 Day 2 Now Streaming!

Eve News 24 is proud to simulcast “EVEATHON 2017.”
EVEathon 2017 will be benefiting The AbleGamers Foundation, an established non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the wonderful world of videogames to those with disabilities.  Moreover, AbleGamers has been instrumental in the …

Take Your Drugs Kids: Rogue Swarm Accelerators

New Eden’s latest NPC event, Rogue Swarm Alert, has been ongoing in New Eden over the last few days, with Capsuleers taking advantage of the new beacons in space to create content and collect dank loot. As always, creating these conflict points in random areas has driven pilots to battle over …

Kirith Kodachi: Anger

CCP has been having a lot of missteps this past couple months and then they really stepped into it when they decided to give out ships for accounts that got fanfest tickets: a Pacifier frigate and for early ticket sales, an Enforcer cruiser. But not just to the account that purchased the ticket, oh …

Battle Report: Clash over FCON Fortizar in 5H-SM2

The following piece is a battle account written by the Phoenix Federation Network side.
13.06.2017 . 5H-SM2, Wicked Creek, FCON Fortizar “Finally”
18:00 EVE Time: It’s quiet and calm in 5H-SM2 while the Phoenix Federation citadel, “Finally”, is reaching its vulnerability timer. …

Statement on enforcement action for Ghost Training Abusers~CCP Falcon

CCP Falcon released a statement on actions that will be taken against abusers of the ‘Ghost Training’ Exploit. His statement was posted on Reddit earlier today. This follows CCP declaring ‘Ghost Training’ an exploit which they announced earlier today:

Hey guys,
I’ve …

Eve2; Would You Even Want It?

A while ago I wrote in response to the blog banter question concerning the great reset. If CCP’s servers were to suddenly reset, and everyone in Eve started anew, would you come back to the game? In what circumstance would that even work?
At the time I was of the opinion that this was not …

Watch This: Bombers Bar – Bomberganda Mini-Series: Bomb them…

New Video by TheIncredibleHuKK
Published on Jun 14, 2017
Watch the latest Broadcast from the BB Secretary of Defense…
Music: F.O.O.L –


2017-06-15 13:50
By CCP Falcon

After thorough investigation and discussion with the Council of Stellar Management, the decision has been made to declare “Ghost Training” an exploit.
“Ghost Training” is defined as the use of alpha account status to accrue skillpoints at a more rapid rate …

First Enforcer Down in SV5-8N

The Concord ships given out to this years Fanfest attendees have been dropped into the inventories of pilots everywhere, and the race to kill the first one has been won by Northern Coalition in the system of SV5-8N in Catch. EN24 reached out to Capsuleer Muldreck of The Northerners [N8RTH], who …

CCP Releases Skin Series to Signify Minmatar Warzone Supremacy

CCP last week teased the release of a new series of skins, Firewall Breach, into the New Eden store, along with the following description:

For the Matari, July 10 is a day of celebration that marks the end of the rebellion against the Amarr Empire, the severing of the shackles that held trillions …