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Dev Blog: New Apparel For Mystery Code Holders!

Today CCP Falcon posted under the Eve Online News Section of the Eve Website that holders of the Eve Collectors Edition were to get New Apparel Items for their characters. In his dev post CCP Falcon writes:
We are happy to announce that we have released six new time exclusive clothing items into …

Greedy Goblin: Mining report of 2014

CCP Quant shared the mining data of 2014 on Reddit. His post also included downloadable CSV. I downloaded and analyzed it, postponing the January ratting data a bit back.
At first, let’s look at the total mining volumes without ice, mercoxit and gas. Since the “trillion m3″ is a …

No Holes Barred Takes On Arctic Light

Two reputable wormhole alliances collided today, resulting in heavy ISK losses for Arctic Light [ARCLI] at the hands of No Holes Barred [NoHo]. Some of the wealthiest corporations in EVE are found exploring unknown space through wormholes, and when they run into each other they don’t fight …

CSM Post: CSM Winter Summit 2015

CSM Winter Summit 2015, or as CCP Guard called it, the Council of Selfie Management.
Before the summit, CCP released the CSM review which contains the impressions by members of the CSM of their term so far.
Most of us arrived on the weekend of 17th January from our home countries all over the …

Wyvern Killed on station!

Late last night a Wyvern owned by Pony Tail of Martyr’s Vengence was destroyed by the local group in Arton, namely Anti-Anti Piwats Incorporated.
The death of a single supercarrier no longer holds much interest for the jaundiced & jaded pilots of EVE. They want news of another BL. super …

Leaks: Nulli Secunda Alliance Meeting!

Another day, Another leak! This time we managed to get our hands on Nulli Secunda’s Alliance meeting that was held on the 31st of January, Enjoy!

1. S2N redeploying to fight russians
2. Offensive war
3. S2N is strong and we have a lot of active FC’s, which is amazing
4. S2N US …

LEAKS: Black Legion. pulling out of Geminate war.

News has just reached EN24 that Black Legion. will be pulling out of Konora and out of the Geminate war by the end of this week.
Alliance Call To Arms (CTA’s) have been posted in regards to moving ops and information came out that, the operation which was known within Black Legion. as …

Target Caller: Svipul, eh? S’il vous plait!

So, I’ve mentioned before how excited I am about the tactical destroyers. I also appreciate cheeky devs. And I’m a huge fan of Minmatar ships (Jaguar, Rapier, Sleipnir, SFI, Sabre). So, naturally, I hate the Svipul.
Naw, I’m just messing with you. Of course I’m excited. And naturally …

Hydrostatic: Panel on Back-story

Hydrostatic Podcast will assemble for the second time. They are a panel of EVE back-story experts who hope to discuss the expansions that are hitting every 6 weeks and how they fit in with the current story of the game. This time the panel will stream live on Twitch and take questions from …

The Small Things: Jove Energy Weapons, 10b Stratios Destroyed, Black Frog Slashes Prices and MORE!

Welcome to the second article in a new series on EN24 where we will be looking at the ‘small things’ that might not make a full EN24 article but are either funny or interesting enough to share anyway! We here at EN24 will be running one of these articles once a week after scouring the intel …

CSM Drama between CCP Leeloo and CSM DJ FunkyBacon

**EDITORS NOTE: This article, while trying to remain factual, also includes the personal opinions of the author and does not reflect on the views held by EN24. **
In a bizarre turn of events yesterday a member of the CSM decided to air his views on the current state of the organisation in his …

Battle for the 54-MF6 I-Hub

This war in the Geminate region has stirred up a hornets nest with different organisations declaring for different sides. SOLAR FLEET are the aggressors, along with a loose coalition of allies comprised of Black Legion., Triumvirate. and Confederation of xXPizzaXx while the local residents such as …

200+ Billion Destroyed in Wormhole Clash

Big fights are no exception to Eve, as alliances clash and die for control of sovereignty and the future of their organizations. Yet, beyond the supercap fights of nullsec, and capital escalations of lowsec, exists wormhole space, a place where groups will spend weeks seeding a target’s home …

Low Sec PvP: Is it dead?

Recently we received a submission regarding a fight in Ubtes between E.B.O.L.A (E8OLA) and friends against Mafia Redux (MFRX) and Feign Disorder (FEIGN). Following this submittal both sides have been subsequently contacted to expand on their own version of events.
The cause for the engagement …

CSM X – Candidacy Period Now Open

With Eve Fanfest now quickly approaching the election process for this years CSM candidates has now opened.
In a Dev Post published by CCP Leeloo this morning she explains
Greetings pilots!
CCP Leeloo here with more information regarding the upcoming CSM X elections.
For those of you new capsuleers …

Party Favors

I remember well my confusion and then excitement at the arrival of Festival Launchers. I had just undocked at Jita 4/4 when a neutral pilot locked me up. Concerned, but not terribly so, I looked to see who had me locked. I assumed I was being scanned but since I had crap-all in my cargo holds, I …

G.CLUB Wyvern Down In Immensea

With the US tz members of both Goonswarm Federation and the CFC deployed to and around Immensea to try and find good fights, N3 has recently and steadily been moving more and more people to the front lines in preparation for what looks like a major conflict. What started as small clashes between …

BRAVE Celebrating 2nd Birthday with History Roam

In the last few days, Brave has announced plans to conduct a 2nd anniversary roam through all of their old home systems over the last two years, charting their rise from a small group of clueless newbies drinking too much alcohol and trying to blow other people up to the largest (by numbers) …

Watch This: It’s morphin’ time – Svipul Mode Transformations

In the EVE Online Tiamat release, the second Tech 3 Tactical Destroyer will be introduced to New Eden. The Svipul is the second of four all new Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers with the ability to switch between defense, propulsion, and sharpshooter modes. This video demonstrates those mode …

VIDEO: Cruising Lands – The Return of Skyflyer

It’s Been a long time coming but Skyflyer is officially back! Featuring in this Video are the following Ships:
1) 100mn Blaster Tengu
2) Rattlesnake
3) Nestor
4) Bhaalgorn
5) Vindicator
The below video was sponsored by EVE-bet.com!