Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #52

The past week has supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden. From ambient videos, fake trailers and some hilarious or tense PvP moments, these are EVE News 24’s picks for the past week:
#1 The Fall Of J233255 by Dartias Krawss
An amazing video. Though longer than I usually feature …

The Discourse: CSM Voting Begins – Independents Vie for Seats

CSM campaign season is at full swing and candidates are busy day and night talking with press and promoting their plans for a better New Eden. The Discourse is not an exception! Elinari Rhodan and Cyrillian Voth have invited CSM 12 candidates Jin’taan, Steve Ronuken and Roedyn to the …

PSA: EVE Online March Release Patch notes

It’s patch note day! Here are the patch notes for the YC119.3 / March 14 release.

Patch notes for 119.3
Published on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Features & Changes


The release theme for 119.3 has been published: Unfathomable Depths


Fighters have their …

Overview: EVE Online March Release Theme (“Unfathomable Depths”)

The EVE Online March release is almost upon us, schedule to be released this next tuesday. As it is customary from CCP Games, a new soundtrack theme has been released, take a listen:

From the collection of “login screen” theme music for the massively multiplayer game EVE Online.
The …

Inside the Querious Fight Club Rules and Stipulations

The Querious Fight Club is a group of alliances that live in the Querious region. Currently, they include Imperium Divine, The Exiled Gaming, Drop The Hammer, Vastly Outnumbered, Almost Awesomedot, The Eclipsedot, Nyx Legion, Cold Steel Alliance, Volition Cult, Axiom Vocation Alliance, Catastrophic …

Overview: EVEMail – A web-based EVE Mailing App.

Today David Davaham announced the release of a stable version of EVEmail, a slick, faster and easy to use web-based eve mailing app:

Hello Everybody,
Today I introduce to you the first stable version of EVEMail. This version achieves everything that I set out for EVEmail to achieve when I sat down …

Battle Report Round Up #34

The past week has supplied quite a few videos and articles immortalizing conflicts around New Eden. This is a round up of a few of those battles:
26/2 Providence Bloc versus Mercenary Coalition and Vanguard Coalition versus Circle-Of-Two
9-F0B2 in Providence saw Providence Bloc Nightmare …

Always Showing Ship Bracket Text is now a thing….

CCP Logibro surprised many with the pro-tip on the EVE-O forums on how to turn on the ship bracket text even if the ship isn’t locked:
Hey guys
So recently a number of people have been asking about how another player was able to show the ship bracket text for all ships on grid in space, not …

The Darkwater Prophet: Ostingele Falls

The Darkwater Prophet bring news of war and conquest from the dark waters in New Eden’s low security space. Written by the folks at Black Shark Cult, we invite you to read more of their exploit at their official blog.
Late last week, the Black Shark Cult leadership conclave decided to launch an …

Jonny Pew: New Probe & D-Scan UI Changes

As we approach the next release, more and more players uncover the goodies CCP Games has been working hard, many of which are already live on the Singularity (Sisi) server.
Today our good friend Jonny Pew brings the latest changes to the probing interface and the directional scan user interface …

Low Sec Rumble: Capital Brawl in Dal

Dal system, Heimatar region. On the 6th of March at 11:35 EVE Standard Time, a battle unfolded over a neutral citadel leading to Siege Green. [SSGRN] and Did he say Jump [JMP-N] clashing.
The war between Siege Green. and Lost Obsession [FATE] against Did he say Jump over the moons and planetary …

Watch This: Caldari Chimera & Cormorant Destroyer hulls Showcase

A while ago CCP Games showcased the upcoming Caldari Carrier hulls in sketches and renders. Today we get a first look of the redesigned ship in the form of an official showcase video:

While we already featured the new Cormorant model via Jonny Pew’s excellent review, we couldn’t miss …

Dev Update: Total Net Worth Counter live on Sisi

Last week CCP Games announced the inclusion of a new feature which will surely help to grow the egos of capsuleers all around the world. The feature is, of course, a total net worth counter.
As CCP Turtlepower explains, the total net worth counters sum up everything in your character assets, market …

Headstart: Uncommon Ways to Make a Living in EVE

Any person who’s even given it just a couple of hours of their time can tell that there is a lot of different activities in EVE Online. The main ones like ratting, mining, mission running, and exploration are well documented. I’m not here to write about them, however. Instead, I’ll be taking …

Open Letter to CCP Regarding the Role of Local

For the majority of Eve players, “Local” is perhaps the most important chat channel in the game. Simply by glancing at local chat you can get the exact number of people in system and a general idea of which groups comprise the people in system. Local provides a certain level of security …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #51

The past week has supplied more than enough videos from around New Eden. From ambient videos, fake trailers and some hilarious or tense PvP moments, these are EVE News 24’s picks for the past week:
#1 inner minus hel by Nikel Ivanovich
There is nothing more beautiful than a super capital …

The Gaunt: PewPew Episode 3

The Gaunt returns in a new episode, continuing his series of solo PvP commentary first seen in the Watch These compilation. In the following video, The Gaunt showcases several ships used in individual PvP including a Gila and Stabber cruisers as well as a Taranis

Jonny Pew: Check out the New Cormorant Ship Model!

CCP Games is back at it redesigning ships that nobody asked for, but we will all be very grateful when the new designs hit Tranquility.
Today our good friend Jonny Pew bring us a quick review of the new Cormorant ship design, check it

PSA: The CSM 2017 Election voting is now OPEN!

Hi guys, yes it is that time of the year again! The voting phase of the Council of Stellar Management XII is now open!
You can go out there and vote by clicking the link below:


How to Vote
Here is a quick primer by CCP Games on how to vote

It’s once again …

Catch: Major Battle in 1P-WGB

1P-WGB system, Catch region. In the early hours of the 4th of March, a large capital battle unfolded in the system over a Pandemic Legion [-10.0] citadel.
The battle was fought over a Pandemic Legion Astrahus citadel. The structure was deployed by the alliance to provoke a fight from local …

CCP Terminates Japanese Distribution Partnership with NEXON

Nexon Co., Ltd has for over the last five years worked with CCP Games to jointly distribute EVE Online for the Japanese market. This partnership will soon come to an end following a post published by CCP Falcon on the 2nd of March in the Japanese section of the EVE Online forum.
Nexon Co., Ltd was …

Imperium Fortizar in Fountain Destroyed

On the 2nd of March at approximately 01:47 Eve time, the Imperium’s Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] lost a Fortizar in Fountain under the combined fire power of The Culture, and entities comprising of what is collectively known as “Pan Fam” and “GOTG.” The attacking forces were mostly …

Catch: Battle of GE-8JV

GE-8JV system, Catch region. In the early hours of the 1st of March, a large scale battle unfolded in the system between no less than five fleets.
The battle was fought over a Brave Collective [BRAVE] Fortizar citadel. The structure had been anchored in the system following the alliance’s move to …

PSA: EVE Online – How to Vote in the CSM Election

It’s once again time for the EVE Community votes to determine who will be selected to represent them on the Council of Stellar Management. Whether you’re a veteran voter, or brand new to how it all works, take a look here as CCP Logibro guides you through how to cast your vote for your …

New Chat System and T3 Cruiser Balance coming to EVE?

Today many players were greeted with unexpected updates on the official EVE Online announcement mini-site. This board is usually the place where CCP Games makes specific announcements about upcoming features. Today two pieces were found by a keen-eyed Redditor, we are not sure if these pieces were …