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Pure Blind Heats Up as NCDOT arrives.

May 21, 2020

It’s been a while for me writing for EN24; hopefully, I’ll still have it in me.

Things in Pure Blind are sure to get into a boiling point as Northern Coalition moves into the region to back up Pandemic Horde’s efforts to put up with the latest Goon Swarm Federation shenanigans. As the saying goes, when there’s blood in the water, the sharks will come.

One of the first skirmishes happened tonight in the X-70 solar system.

A Pandemic Horde (HORDE/REKTD) Astrahaus was slated to come out of its first reinforcement timer. Seeing that Goons and friends formed up for the timer, the Horde guys invited NCDOT to the party; the invitation was naturally, duly accepted.

Goons & Co. had formed a light armor fleet consisting of Sacrilege / Legion ships that were backed up by Guardian and Triglavian logistics. They were met by the combined fleet of Horde’s carriers / Muninns, UFC’s Abbadons, and NCDAWT’s Feroxes.

Both northern fleets warped right on top of the GSF led fleet, as they tried to flee, disaster struck as half of their fleet found itself to be bubbled, without and FC to guide them.

The massacre that followed was best summed up by NCDOT’s FC Brothuhbob:

“For 11 minutes straight, Goons feed without managing to broadcast a single target.

Northern forces lost a grand total of 7 dictors as nearly 20 members of “Goon Comman” jerk off in command channel while their fleet gets eviscerated in real-time. 38B killed to 800mil lost.”

As mentioned a 90% effectivity was chalked up in the killboard towards NCDOT/Horde/Allies favor.

[Battle Report ]