Dev Post: [Lifeblood] New Repair Cycle at Initial Structure Deployment

Hey folks. As most of you know we are planning to release new Refinery structures in the EVE Online: Lifeblood expansion on October 24th. These structures will be the new home for moon mining and reactions, as well as being bonused for refining.
We have been discussing these new structures and …


We are happy to bring you Gaunts latest broadcast. We hope you enjoy
Hello boys! Today my adventure of chasing the CCP Guard and CCP Rise resulting actually avenging their deaths 😀 xoxox gaunt!!

Lowsec PVP: Is it dead? Part 2

This article follows on from my previous piece and goes into more depth in how the changes made by CCP has affected the gameplay of lowsec. Once again the questions were answered by the same people so please refer to the previous part for information regarding to who they are and what they …

Dev Blog: Introducing Resource Wars

Greetings Capsuleers!

Today we're really excited to share our plans for a new feature called Resource Wars. Coming your way in the upcoming October expansion, EVE Online: Lifeblood, Resource Wars will enable you to continue fighting for your Empire in sites called Mining …

Lowsec PVP: Is it dead? Part 1

Everyone sees the news about the big power blocks and their constant struggle for power; whether it’s down to sovereignty warfare or politics they dominate the media. One group who seem to be consistently ignored is the pilots of low security space. They come in various shapes and sizes …

Snuffed Out’s Niden on joining the Imperium

I had the chance to speak to Snuffed Out diplomat Niden on his alliance’s decision to join the Imperium (this move was originally covered by EN24 here), the coalition headed up by Goonswarm Federation.
Interviewing Niden
Curt: What sort of coalitions/allies has Snuff had before? How does the …

Prices Climb and Morphite Goes on a Tear

A multi weekly show giving a brief overview of the New Eden mineral market and its projections. The show presents the median prices, recent trends in supply and demand as well as advice on future changes in the

News Alert: Pandemic Horde announces it’s going to war!

We have recently received the below information from Gobbins regarding Pandemic Horde and their apparent contract to attack Triumvirate.
– we’re going back to war starting monday EUtz
– deploying to Curse
– everyone is neutral
– we focus our entosis on TRI
– …

The Strength of Narrative

In this article I would like to discuss the importance of having a good story. Good stories can be a way to justify your actions to the world, gain allies, motivate your alliance members or discourage your enemies. Of course currently, plenty of stories are being told for all of these purposes. But …

News Alert: Low Sec Powerhouse Snuffed Out Joins Imperium

In a move that surprised many citizens of New Eden, the powerful low sec pirate alliance Snuffed Out has decided to join the Imperium. Details are still sketchy, but around the same time this evening Imperium News Network published an official announcement and representatives of Snuffed Out posted …


 2017-09-01 17:20

By CCP Falcon

As new technologies for resource acquisition emerge in the form of Upwell Refineries, new moon mining capabilities and refined reaction processes, pirate factions have set their sights on taking a slice of the dwindling resources that remain in New Eden.
With …

Pandemic Legion – Quelling a Rebellion

Recent footage was received by Eve News 24 of the massive battle that recently occurred in Navula between the Imperium and Pandemic Legion, Northern Coalition, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Pandemic Horde. The footage is seen from the view of the massive Pandemic Legion/Norther Coalition Titan Fleet …

A Tale of Two Citadels: Southern War Update

In recent days most eyes in New Eden have turned from the Imperium versus the north to battles below the Providence line. With two Citadels, one lost and one saved at the last moment, fractured alliances and new lines drawn across the south has shown the real war may be a southern one this winter. …

Mineral and Ice Markets Surge as Supplies Dwindle over Summer

A daily show giving a brief overview of the New Eden mineral market and its projections. The show presents the median prices, recent trends in supply and demand as well as advice on future changes in the

The Fortresses of ‘Nul-Sec’ – Part Two

If you missed Part One (Our New Homes in New Edens)  of this series I would suggest that you take a minute and read it. It contains a look at and discussion by veteran experts on the impact of Citadels on Empire Space. Today we continue our journey into the revolutionary changes that citadels has …

News Alert: Big Time FC Elo Knight Back in CO2

Multiple sources have confirmed that Elo Knight, well-known player and ex-leader of the now defunct Black Legion alliance, has decided to return to EVE and rejoin the Circle-Of-Two alliance, members of which are currently in preparation of a large-scale war effort. It is still unknown what the …

Our New Home in New Eden – Part One

‘A Game Changing Mechanic’
In April of 2016 New Eden experienced a massive change in its foundation that is, a year later, still occurring. From the very dawn of New Eden one thing has been at it’s foundation and a core part of every capsuleers adventure.
The Station.

As …


We hope you enjoy this great PvP video from “The Guant”. As always EN24 continues to support New Eden video makers by showcasing them. If you have a video you would like us to feature in our “Watch This” segments then please email [email protected] or in game at Johann …

The death of a game

Many people playing EVE Online, our beloved game, invest a lot of time (and sometimes money) in a digital world. By doing this we are rewarded with a hobby, a sense of (in game) significance, power and the occasional spark of fun. Some call it a way of life, that lets them escape the reality of …

KRYPTED GAMING: Hunting With Combat Probes

In our partnership with Krypted Gaming we are happy to bring you this guide on combat probing by Bob Goodson

What is hunting?
Hunting is the practice of seeking and catching prey, before eliminating it. Now, you might ask: how is this related to the game?
In theory, it is pretty much the same …

Brave Alliance Issues Call to Arms

Brave Newbies Command Prepares Line Pilots for the Worst
In an internal statement issued earlier today Brave Alliance announced that, alongside their TEST allies, they have reset standings with Circle of Two. This would effectively isolate CO2 as they continue the Feythabolis Campaign …

An Ode To Carebears

Hello, my name is Mirai Kautsuo and I’m an opinion piece writer and analyst of EVE industry and politics here at EN24. The thoughts and opinions written here are mine and not meant to represent those of other members of the EN24 staff team or anyone

Kirith Kodachi: Assault Frigates – Squeezed Out of the Meta

The main problem with Assault Frigates is nothing to do with the ship class itself directly, but more a problem with the overall meta and realities of EVE Online.
* * * * *
How many things can you do in a ship? Off the back of my hand, you can:
– do damage
– tank damage
– heal …

News Alert: TEST Statement On Decision To Eject CO2 From Legacy Coalition

The following statement by TEST Head Diplomat Dran Arcana was received by Eve News 24 regarding the decision to forcefully remove Circle of Two from the Legacy Coalition. 

The aftermath of WWB
A year ago our allies in the North consisted of two major players at the end of WWB: Darkness and …

EN24 Official Statement on Seraph IX Basarab

Seraph IX Basarab has been terminated from Eve News 24 effective immediately due to violating our policy on not publishing information that could be considered not in line with EN24 policies. We attempted to work with Seraph by issuing this apology and giving him a chance to accept his mistake. …