GM Lelouch Provides Excellent Insight Into CCP GM Policies

With the array of different mediums we use to communicate both with CCP, and with each other, regarding Eve, it can be really easy to miss things. Yesterday, while looking for information on something else on Reddit, I came upon the following thread in which user /u/CeleryStickBeating described an …

Good Features: Colorblindness Correction Palette

A few weeks ago, CCP introduced a tool to help colorblind Capsuleers function better in New Eden. While the feature is still in beta, users are finding the system to be effective at correcting even minor color adjustment issues and problems, resulting in easier perception of the user interface.
The …

Northern Coalition. Clashes with Goonswarm Federation and Allies in Efa

A major battle took place today in the region of Khanid, in the lowsec system Efa today, as Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] and their allies squared off against Northern Coalition. [NC].
The battle took place over a Plaer-Owned Starbase (POS) reinforcement timer. Members of the Querious Fight Club …

Imperium forces crushed at FCON citadel

Yesterday, saw a large battle between the forces of The Imperium and its allies, versus the Phoenix Federation and their coalition. Well over 50 billion ISK was lost by forces on both sides, with The Imperium losing both the ISK war and the fight for the Fortizar.  The Imperium lost after it …

Watch This: EVE Online – Development Update (July 2017)

EVE Online’s Executive Producer gives an update on current EVE Online development and the upcoming priority shifts to how we develop for ship and module balancing and structures. Also, some updates on the July release with Tech 3 Cruiser rebalancing, the Agency, Project Discovery – …

PSA: Patch notes for July 2017 release

Patch notes for July 2017 release
Released on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Features & Changes


Required input materials to build Pirate Battleships has been increased.


The drop rates of T3 datacores and ancient relics from Sleeper exploration sites have been …

The Gaunt: PewPew Episode 6

After a break ‘The Gaunt’ returns with Episode 5, continuing his series of solo PvP commentary first seen in the Watch These compilation.
Todays episode of solo pvp includes a nice fight with the mighty sleipnir!

El Musico:
00:00 OVERWERK – Anthology (Daft Punk …

Triumvirate Leaks Damaging Relations With Drone Region Federation

Over the past few days, I have posted a series of leaks on Kugutsumen’s Foreplay section exposing internal dialogue among Triumvirate’s leadership/directorship regarding the future of the alliance. A previous campaign against the Guardians of the Galaxy coalition in the north left …

This Is The Thing.

This is an opinion piece and only reflects my own views and not the views of EN24 or it’s affiliates.

It’s been a rough couple of months, and I haven’t really weighed in on the anger and discontent at CCP’s recent shenanigans regarding our beloved game. I feel it, this …

EN24: Your Platform

Somewhere between child-like space exploration whimsy and the appeal of cutthroat gameplay are thousands of different individuals trying to reach their goals in New Eden. Many of these goals involve recruiting members, making connections and finding people who may have similar goals in mind. What …

CCP Confirms: Outside of Tech3 Cruisers, No Balance Changes Until After Alliance Tournament

CCP today confirmed today that it will hold off on it’s proposed balance passes until after the upcoming Alliance Tournament in August, with the exception of next weeks incoming T3C changes. Developer CCP Fozzie released the following statement on the Eve Online forums.

Hey tournament folks! …


2017-07-03 16:54
By CCP Falcon

We’re incredibly happy to announce our first two player speakers for EVE Vegas 2017!
This year, EVE Vegas will be hosted at The Linq Hotel & Casino, and is now officially the biggest EVE Vegas in New Eden’s history.
To start the lineup, …

Watch This: TEST Alliance Please Ignore Weekly Highlights – Episode 5

By OnSpotTV
Published on Jul 3, 2017
As per popular demand, the host has been changed ! Thank you all for the feedback and fly safe !
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Alliance Tournament XV: Schedule and Brackets

Hello Capsuleers

We are pleased to announce the official brackets and schedule for Alliance Tournament XV are now available on the Community Website. The first match of each day of the tournament are at the following times:

July 29-30: 14:00 UTC

August 5-6: 14:00 UTC

August 12-13: …

PSA: Important Information – One week to the Strategic Cruiser Rebalance!

As previously announced in this dev blog, Strategic Cruisers (also known as Tech 3 Cruisers) will be undergoing a significant transition over downtime on July 11th with the July release.

The Strategic Cruiser class is being rebalanced to emphasize their unique role as a flexible and customizable …


Eve News 24 is proud to promote Eve Bloggers. We are happy to present a article on “Flying Logistics” by BearThatCares.

Logistics in EVE Online is the art of ‘healing’ your fellow pilots, and is one of the easiest and most important roles for players to get into. In just a …

Dates for Fanfest 2018 Announced

The following statement was released by CCP earlier today:
Come join us in Reykjavik, Iceland for the fourteenth EVE Fanfest, as we celebrate the Fifteenth Anniversary of EVE Online.
With roundtables, presentations, the first ever EVE Online Parade, and a community like no other, EVE …

Dev Blog: Exoplanets: The Next Phase Of Project Discovery

With the arrival of EVE Online’s 11 July release, pilots will be called upon by the CONCORD Assembly to assist with stellar mapping of the cluster beyond the reaches of known space. Here on Earth, you’ll be taking part in the next phase of Project Discovery, which brings citizen …


This was posted CCP earlier today.

2017-06-28 16:49
By CCP Falcon
In order to carry out some essential testing, we’ll need to extend daily downtime tomorrow, Thursday, June 29th.
Downtime will run for a total of 30 minutes from 11:00-11:30 UTC while we carry out some essential work on the …

CCP Confiscating Isk for Ghost Training and Concord Ship Hull Distribution Abuse

Today the first players started seeing their ISK from their wallets confiscated by GM’s in relation to recently announced exploits by CCP.
‘Ghost training’ was a method in which unsubscribed players could continue Omega training at their regular pace while unsubbed, simply by not …

Showcase: Check out the new Rupture hull model.

As announced in the dev blog last week, there is going to be a new Rupture base hull model coming to an EVE Online near you. Several players have made videos showcasing the new models already up in Sisi. Have a look and let us know in the comments watcha think.

Three new ships are joining the …

Daily Event: The Agency, Live on Sisi

The new daily event titled, The Agency, is up on the test server now for players to play with. CCP Sledgehammer released the following statement in regards:
Sisi is back up now with the goals adjusted for easier testing. We really want some feedback on these, so please leave it here

Rewards for …

Alliance Tournament XV: Flagships Announced

CCP Logibro posted the following today on the Eve Online Forums:
Hello Pilots
Below is the list of teams and their chosen flagships for Alliance Tournament XV. Teams not listed here failed to submit a flagship by the due date.
As we have seen in the past, the Bhaalgorn class battleship is a heavy …

Watch this: Bobba C Poole Addresses Manifesto.

The leader of Manifesto., Bobba C Poole, has issued an address to his alliance, intended to accompany the state of the alliance meeting which they hold privately. In it he covers the events that the alliance has been involved in since around the time they pushed into Wicked Creek of last year and …

CCP Claims Skill Queue Issue Reimbursement Complete, Issues Remain

CCP Falcon released the following statement this afternoon declaring the reimbursement for the unplanned pausing of skill queues during last weeks ghost training fix complete.
We are happy to announce that reimbursement has been completed for all those who lost skillpoints due to the inadvertent …