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AAR: 217 Bill In Losses as Capitals Duel over a Fortizar in Siside

March 7, 2018

Disclaimer: The author is a member of one of the alliances involved.

It’s a nice feeling when you set an alarm for something that doesn’t entirely dissapoint. The objective was to back up Northern Coaltion. and Pandemic Horde who were supporting Seige Green in defense of a lowsec fortizar in Matari Lowsec space against a determined assault by Goonswarm Federation. They committed Ferox, macharials, and support ships as well as Snuffed Out who brought the bulk of the attacking capitals which included carriers and 3 Titans on grid. Our initial warp into the fight was cut short by a rapid series of FC headshots which may or may not confirm that spying is alive and well or that somebody is simply taking notes on the other side as to who FC’s in the AUTZ. Backups stepped up to replace the anchor and broadcasts continued. The second round saw Seige Green committing Dreadnoughts and Carriers in a close-quarters fight with the Snuff Titans in which the Titans had the better of it. After this the objective had clearly been lost, though we continued to snipe as many of the attackers as feasible before being the last of the defenders to depart grid.

At least we got to shoot something this time, even if it was brick wall. I still can’t help but observe that FPS crashes are becoming distressingly all too common with as little as 700 players on grid.

While some comments were made on the ride home that this was a fortizar that no one in the coalition particularly cared about, personally I agree that Mordus Angels FC Canfar said it best

“We care about anyone standing up to Goons or Snuff”


[ Full battle report ]