One Man Crew – Honorable Mentions

*So, this is a day late, sorry. Stayed in Sweden for a bit longer after Dreamhack ended, and was too tired to do anything yesterday*
**Also, this is just the video of fights that didn’t make it into the main video. Below this video is a Q&A with Aldap&Mizhir**

One Man Crew …

Alliance Tournament XII – Teams revealed

Here we are at last! The Tournament Team has detailed the rules and format, teams have signed up to meet and do glorious battle in beautiful space as well as have access to a tournament practice server, there shall be pretty faces with witty voices saying clever things, and fantastic prizes for …

Danny Centauri: Moon mining changes in Crius.

As part of the POS module overhaul coming in Crius CCP Greyscale is taking a look at security status restrictions of specific modules to make it easier to understand if you should be able to anchor a specific module in your current system.
One surprising side effect of this is that moon mining will …

What’s on this weekend?

Due to popular request. Here is a list of confirmed public events for this weekend.
Redemption Roam Public Roam: MATE Roam
Redemption Road are a community-service corporation who run popular public roams every weekend.
When: Friday 20th June
Time: 10:30 EVE time
Where: Stacmon/ Ostingele
What: …

All Fountain Moon Minerals Mapped and Public

I will keep this rather short. I have personally probed every single moon in the Fountain region. The one that has been nicknamed the ‘Crown Jewel’ of moon goo income. So rather than hold onto the information, I have decided to give all the details out for free. Every last moon mineral …

FA Finances Questioned

As of late the CFC alliance Fatal Ascension has been suffering from internal strife centred on their finances and the running of the alliance. Recently, data on finance has been obscured from public view, while taxes on moons and ratting were raised.
This Reddit thread confronted the world with …

Shadows Cartel’s Schism

Some corporations in Shadow Cartel have recently broken apart due to them seeing Low Security space as turning into Null-Security space with friendlies, reds, and worst of all, politics. This is not something that happened quickly, and the decision to finally split apart for some of the corps, …

Pushing the Envelope: The Bumping Orthrus.

In the Kronos Patch recently released the Mordus Legion ships came out. They were designed by the developers in order to:
“We also decided that we wanted them to be very fast skirmishers (partly emerging from the original idea of them having Minmatar influence”
It appears that the Orthrus, the …

Dev Blog: Starbase changes for Crius.

Hello space ladies and gentlemen.

While you are all enjoying the new content available in Kronos, we would like to draw your attention to what’s coming up in Crius, our next release. This blog is specifically about tweaks and changes related to player-owned starbases, and while some …

Dirk Macgirk: A Stagnation of Our Own Making

I’ve been sitting back pondering the current state of nullsec and thinking about putting some words to screen. Not from the perspective of what changes CCP can make to improve it, but rather what our actions as players have seemingly led to. Luckily, Snot Shot released an article on EN24 and …

Mabrick: EVE Valkyrie vs. Star Citizen

At E3 this week, CCP released a new game play video for EVE Valkyrie. I’ll embed the video so you can watch it.

There is nothing new in this video, at least from an overall game play perspective. There are a lot of graphical enhancements though. Overall the graphics are a lot crisper and …

OMA: Newa

This week’s edition comes from Dredastttarm. It’s a longer video, about 30 minutes or so, but I enjoyed it from start to end. It’s all solo/duo pvp in lowsec, with little to no links/boosters. I hope you all enjoy.

Video Description:
Just wanted to release this video, I’ve …

NCDot down RUS Titan in TG-Z23

Early yesterday, a Titan belonging to STFU. (a member of the Stainwagon coalition, a collection of Russian and Eastern European alliances centered around Stain) was destroyed. The Titan jumped to a station cyno, instead of his intended POS cyno, which was then unlit. Earlier, Travis Musgrat – …

Guide: Getting the Crius Expansion Beta.

A large part of Crius has been applied to Singularity – the Eve Beta Tester server. Many players specially newer ones miss out on the experience of seeing new EVE online features before they get released, I hope this guide helps.
By installing the Beta client, you get to actually see what we …

PSA: EVE Bet’s World Cup Madness.

Hey riverini here, you might not know it but I am a mad football fan and the world cup is upon us. One of the advertisers I feel more proud of having supporting EN24 and our writers is EVE-bet, the cool thing about EVE Bet is how they allow outside events play a role in your in game fortunes, …

On the weekend…

Looking for something to do this weekend in EVE? Here are some suggestions.
Redemption Roam Public Roam
Redemption Road are a community-service corporation who run popular public roams every weekend.
When: Friday 13th June
Time: 10:30 EVE time
Where: Stacmon/ Ostingele
What: “Damp …

Nyx down in Ignoitton

A short time ago a Nyx piloted by Astrid Stone was taken down in Ignoitton. A look at the killmail shows 21 Fighter Bombers in his drone bay. Post patch, due to volume changes, only 17 fighter bombs can fit in a nyx.

Zkillboard link
Did he log in and suddenly find he could not warp or jump? There …

Another Triumvirate Ragnarok down!

Just a moment ago, a Triumvirate Ragnarok died at the hands of Pandemic Legion.
The Ragnarok was found by a scout when he cynod into a system that PL regularly watches. The titan pilot is a member of Triumvirate so it would make sense for him to move north to their staging system, FDZ-. PL started …

Snot’s Shots: The Null Sec “Cold War”, Really?

So, I was chatting with the crew of the Podside Podcast the other night and after the show I had a few questions that I wanted to throw out to the EVE Null Sec community, if you have a moment to respond:
The Set up: The way it has been explained to me is that the CFC only exists because of the …

CSM 9 Town Hall #1

CSM 9 has decided to continue the tradition of organising regular Town Hall meetings. These meetings give the players a chance to ask questions to your CSM representatives.
The first Town Hall of CSM 9’s term will be held on Sunday June 22nd 2014 from 19.00 UTC.
As always,. The Town Hall …

Provi Bloc Destroys Nulli Secunda In Yong

Last night in Yong what started out as a defensive fleet lead by Corebloodbrothers to reinforce a Dead Terrorists POS in their staging system became a 50 minute long brawl between Provi Bloc and Nulli Secunda.
The night started off with calls to action to form a fleet with word of a POS dropped in …

Dev Post: Little things from Team Super Friends

so far we have two new very nice little things for you
Flag exempt from fleet warp
Good for scouts and people in Titans (I guess).. you can now flag yourself exempt from fleet warp. Nice little icon is added next to your name, so the rest of the people in fleet know why you don’t follow …

Bridging the Gap: War Mechanics

War is a way of life and of course – death. For EVE Online, war is weaved into the very ships we fly. Armed to the teeth and never built for destruction. We are the pinnacle of what it means to go to war.
Not long ago the war declaration mechanic saw an …


I am so sorry, I didn’t realize that video had already been posted, so here is a different video that’s not a repost, because I feel bad that I accidentally reposted something. Again, sorry.
This video comes from Mr Duffo, and there are no links or boosters, so stop that’s …

Narwhals Ate My Carrier

Sixteen carriers down. Sixty billion isk destroyed. The culmination of great scouting, planning and teamwork.

Here’s how it went down. Thank you to Narwhals Ate My Duck for the following Battle Report.
It was one of those evenings, where everyone was yearning for some pew pew, when we …