The Mysterious Workings of Provibloc – Redux

Now that I got you hooked on Provi and the native spacebears, I want to give you some more insight into the guiding principles, the beautiful theory and the ugly realities of being a ProviDweller. Since the recent tourist-visits from some of the larger 0.0-entities, Providence – together with …

One Man Army: Navy Cruisers Anyone?

This week’s video comes from Nulli Secunda’s RollStone. This video is dedicated to Navy Cruisers.

Video Description
Dedicated for Navy Cruisers.
Starring / Editing : RollStone

Submit all questions, suggestions, or Video submissions to “Firefox4312 Yatolila” in-game, or …

Dev Post: Blockade Runner Rebalance

Hey everyone! Here’s the details of the Blockade Runner rebalance that we announced in the Fanfest keynote.
These ships were working fairly well, so while we’re giving them a pretty significant set of improvements across the board we’re keeping their basic role and purpose …

Dev Post: Deep Space Transport Rebalance

Hello again! Now we turn to Deep Space Transports.
These ships have been largely overshadowed by Orcas and high capacity T1 haulers for heavy duty hauling, and of course they cannot compete with the amazing evasion abilities of Blockade Runners.
So our plan for revamping them is to give them a …

Dev Post: Medium Micro Jump Drives

Hey everyone! We’ve happy to announce that in the Kronos release we will be introducing a new medium version of the Micro Jump Drive!
This module will begin restricted to Battlecruisers, Command Ships and Deep Space Transports. We will consider expanding it to some other classes in the future …

Video: SCUM. PvP Mash Up

These are a few fleets that i managed to catch on recording
The first video of titan being destroyed belongs to hydr0gen youtube page
Hope you enjoyed this short video will have some more fleet engagements and hopefully some solo and small gang footage for you at a later date.
Again thanks
Ant / …

Dev Blog: Coming in Kronos – Introducing what’s in the Kronos release

Our next big update to EVE Online will come with the Kronos release on June 3rd. The pirate factions are taking advantage of increased tensions between the waning empires and the growing strength of the capsuleers, who will in turn benefit from the new technology and ships produced by New …

Kronos Features now on SiSi.

The testing on Singularity has started with the first of the mass tests for the upcoming summer expansion, Kronos. Not all of the features have quite yet made it to the test server however there is plenty to get your hands on and more than enough eye candy to keep everyone happy.
Features currently …

Triumvirate vs FCON, CS-ZGD Showdown

Here’s What Happened.
Triumvirate attacked an FCON owned POS and dropped a SBU in f-9f6q. Having done that they flew over to CS-ZGD to see if the residents wanted to come out and play, up for the challenge FCON grabbed their gloves went in for the fight!
After a good brawl, FCON retreated to …

Bombing is just a means of communication!

In the following video you will see a well executed bombing carried out by PL/WAFFLES Their target was a Provibloc fleet trying to dock up. I always find it awesome to see some ships exploding so I hope you guys enjoy the video as much as I did!!


Dev Post: Dreadnought Signature change!

Hey everyone.
I can honestly say that I am not overly worried that carriers being able to reduce a portion of citadel missile damage through the use of gang links and/or halo implants will break the balance involved with these ships. The Phoenix is going to be doing a lot more damage in virtually …

Battle Report: The Battle of Daras

Daras was the scene of a large fight between Pandemic Legion (PL), Northern Coalition (NC) and Black Legion (BL) against the CFC. Local spiked at over 1000 players and tidi kicked in. Two hrs later, 492.26 billion isk in ships lost including 10 supercapitals.

Eve-kill link
It was a solid win to …

Danny Centauri: PLEX price control is serious business!

When CCP Games announced that they had hired a real life economist to look after the EVE economy many moons ago I simply shrugged and said that’s cool with not even a passing thought as to how this would help CCP Games improve its bottom line. In investigating the relationship between the …

EVEOGANDA: Pirate Corporation Infographic

Last week a small version of the following appeared on our forums and I shared it on Twitter. It caused a minor storm needless to say. As is well known, I rarely bother to look at killboards. I don’t play Eve for rankings or silly ePeen dick comparisons. I play to have fun, get into fights, …

CSM 9 election – A review of the vote

This is a wall of text for those interested in my analysis of the CSM 9 vote breakdown.
Unlike many Eve players, my first life country uses a STV very similar to the Eve CSM elections for many of our parliamentary elections.  Here are my thoughts.  Any errors are my own. If you have better …

Bastion in the West: Li3 meet Gents

As you read this article, Li3 and Gents are in the process of transferring corporations and assets to The Bastion [BASTN], the latest sov-null meta-alliance. The Bastion, which will cover sections of CFC sov in both Vale of the Silent and Fountain with outliers in Tribute, can be seen as an effort …

Dev Blog: Tiptoe through the tooltips

Greetings capsuleers. Team Pirate Unicorns, a relatively new team with a strong focus on the new player experience (NPE), is here to talk about some new foundational contextual UI work that has been released on Tranquility today – new and improved tooltips.

Now, tooltips are a small but …

PSA: Additional Geckos Now Available!

The clock has stopped and the results of the EVE is 11 challenge are now in!

The community has reached four of the eight goals that were set for the award of an additional eight Geckos, these are:

Volume of ore mined – First goal

Volume of ore mined – Second goal

Science …

Poetic Discourse: First Year-to-Year Decline In Subscriber Numbers?

The release of the CSM election data is always interesting, because it gives us a snapshot of EVE Online’s subscriber numbers on Tranquility (the server that hosts non-Chinese players). After nearly every CSM election, CCP has reported on two important values: the number of votes cast, and …

Reader’s Pieces: The mysterious workings of ProviBloc

This article really represents only my view, and mine alone. I just wrote down my thoughts and (self-)observations derived from living in Provi as one of the rock-hugging, rat-harassing, salvager-fitting and nrds-loving fun and friendly crowd we have in our nice little 0.0 garden (mis-interprete …

Dev Post: Meet the Mordu’s Legion Faction.

Say hello to the newest pirate faction in New Eden, Mordu’s Legion.
Mordu’s ships are focused on three main themes: speed, missiles, and warp scram/disruptor range. The primary goal is to have a very capable set of kiting ships that are especially attractive to PVPers. They will get …

Dev Blog: From Two expansions to Ten releases.

Original Title: From 2 expansions to 10 releases – EVE Online’s new release model explained

In its second decade, we are updating how we bring new things to you in EVE Online. Instead of doing two big expansions per year, we are moving to a model where we do about 10 releases per year …

Jester’s Trek: Zen and the art of monetization

For the last few months now, CCP has been looking for a “Monetization Director”, someone to run the monetization strategy for the company. Now, I’ve never worked in the games industry and I’m likely never going to work in the games industry. I don’t know anything about it. But I do know how to sell …

Botting vs no-life: the core problem of botting and RMT

Nosy gamer reported a funny exchange during Fanfest: “One player wondered why not just go after the people running level 5 missions and other high value content who don’t buy anything and just transfer the ISK to other characters. One of the PL guys shot back that he’s run 30 …

Dev Blog: Delivering the Industry New Eden deserves

Greeting entrepreneurial capsuleers!

Let’s talk about Industry!

It began with a blog

Just before Fanfest we opened the floodgates on our ambitious plans for everything relating to Industry, starting with 6 blogs that would fundamentally change everything you could expect from Industry …