WiNGSPANTT: A Fun Interview With A Newbie

Eve Online can be a rather cold, harsh, uneventful place for some. For others, its a rich and boundless universe full of endless possibilities. Meet Chance Ravinne CEO of the newly formed WiNGSPAN Delivery Services. Chance who also goes by the name “WiNGSPANTT” on his YouTube channel …

An Understanding on Power Projection Ideas

Change is Coming
It is no secret that CCP is and has been looking towards the future of sovereignty and power projection. There is of course a road map in place, but there is nothing stopping ideas and agendas on what changes should take place from being discussed now.
In a very broad stroke most …

Discussion- What would you like changed about Eve?

What would you like to see come to or be changed about Eve online?
While there is not a whole lot going on in eve currently with no summer war ( winter for the southern hemisphere) and a lot of speculation about the upcoming expansions, lets take this time to see via vote exactly what we would …

Cloud Ring Moons Probed, Here Are The Results!

Following the successful content creation of my 1st moon mapping project I decided on July 19th, coincidentally my 19th birthday, that I was going to undertake another moon mapping project. As with any great project planning is key and I had to decide where would be best to probe and how to get my …

BL / PASTA vs PL, Sunday night Fever

Tonight, Pandemic legion had a POS coming out which Black Legion had reinforced earlier in the week. To save this POS, the Pandemic Legion FC, Hedliner, formed a Foxcat fleet (Navy Apocs) with Triage support and started to Suitcase (put your subcap into a carrier) to the targeted system. While this …

Open Thread: Wormhole Spawning Mechanics

Recently there has been talk of CCP changing the distance you spawn when jumping through a wormhole from ~10km to up to 40. Needless to say there has been a very large outrage from WH communities about how this will make finding fights much more difficult as it will be harder to “roll a …

Farewell John Bellicose

Brave Newbies have honored one of their capsuleers, John Bellicose, with a beautiful and heartbreaking send off. After a unexplained absence, it was discovered recently, that John had passed away in April.
John Bellicose was one of the most dedicated pilots within Brave Newbies. He was a fleet …

True Stories – an EVE Online comic book

Dark Horse‘s comic book True Stories is an adaptation of actual events that occcurred within the game universe of EVE Online in February 2009, as one of the largest player alliances was destroyed through an act of betrayal.
This beautifully illustrated artifact of gaming history is now available …

Dev Post: Jump Freighter Navigation to get a bit cheaper.

Today CCP Fozzie opened the discussion on the EVE-O forums regarded a conceptualized low slot module which would provide bonuses on fuel conservation to jump freighters. If you are a bit like me, you should be shriek every time you factor in the fuel costs whenever you need to move cargo across the …

Darwinism, admittance is the first step

Darwinism- Self Admittance
This Darwinism is unlike the others in that it was sent in by the individual who had the losses and instead of being one or two losses it was a more broad 13 individual losses.
While each loss in of itself might not be horrible like the other articles, these show a …

Darwinism In Action: 40 Billion Isk Charon Killed!

A Charon worth 40 Billion ISK recently died to the hands of Space Warriors and Love Squad Goonswarm was on their way to assist with the gank but the decision to go ahead was made before they arrived. The pilor of the Freighter likely assumed he was safe as he had 3 Basilisks, a Guardian and a …

What’s on this Weekend?

Here’s a list of confirmed public roams for this weekend.
Redemption Roam Public Roam: MATE Roam- Destruction Derby!!!!!
Redemption Road are a community-service corporation who run popular public roams every weekend.
When: Friday 1st August
Time: 10:30 EVE time
Where: Stacmon/ …

Alliance Tournament XII – Prizes Revealed

It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen.
CCP have just released what the prizes will be for this years winners along with some other changes.
Firstly the alliance tournament cup, which just like the ruler of the iron throne, there can only be one.
The alliance tournament cup functions …

Pandemic Legion Financial Report

Thanks phalanxIII for submitting this piece to us!
Jan 2013 – June 2014
Well it has been an emotional 18 months for Pandemic Legion; we have seen some of our highest highs, and some of our lowest lows.  What’s been our most record breaking year has allowed us to weather what I am pretty sure …

Greedy Goblin: 33B/month without skill, risk or investment

Recently, I
I wrote how no-life multiboxing should be limited by CCP charging subscription not by months but by logged on hours. It wasn’t exactly popular, because the loud minority are those who play the most, so enjoy paying as much for their account as a casual who uses the server 1/10 as …

Why PVPers should follow industry news

Anjedin is a quiet little system in Tash-Murkon, with very little to recommend it to hunters apart

Update from Team Security (graphs within!)

Greetings, honorable spaceship pilots,
I hope everybody is having a great summer so far!
You haven’t heard much from us lately, so I thought it would be prudent to provide you all with an update, and make good on some promises we made earlier this year.
First, we are publishing the slides from …

POS based taxation

I run an industry corporation where strangers are invited.  I do so for profit: both yours and mine, or at least that is the intention. I have set up both Customs Offices and POS, renting access in various ways.
One of the previous ways I paid for fuel was via

Chribba Loses Tengu To Pandemic Legion

Chribba has lost a Tengu to Pandemic Legion. In order to do this Pandemic Legion faked a Super Capital transfer by requesting his assistance in being a 3rd party for a trade. Chribba in this instance used his main character rather than an alt and this resulted in his 5th loss in 10 years. This is …

CFC V Nulli and xXDeathXx 65billion destroyed

In the next chapter of the war in the north -Razor Alliance- and The Bastion took another shot at the duo of Legion_of_xXDEATHXx and Nulli Secunda.
Though this time the self inflicted trouble comes from RZR and their use of an armor proteus fleet against Ishtars. This gives the damage advantage to …

Dev Post: CCP Fozzie on Post Crius Industry Scaling.

There has been lots of discussions on the effect of the recently roll out Crius patch on the industry as general, today we got a reminder and further clarification of what CCP Games have as goals for the New Eden industry on a macro level. Read on.
Ok let’s sit down and have a chat about the …

PL Kills Titan In CFC Space!

Recently Pandemic Legion killed a Erebus class titan in one of the CFC’s home regions: Fountain. While a titan loss would typically be news worthy itself, what makes this kill significant is the fact that PL did it in CFC space. Because of the BOTLORD agreement PL could not bring a capital …

Dev Blog: EVE Online has a new Executive Producer!

Greetings capsuleers!

CCP Seagull here. Today I am humbled and excited to tell you that I am taking on the job of Executive Producer for EVE Online. This means that my responsibilities have extended from navigating CCP’s development efforts to encompass the whole EVE project – …

Double the Darwinism

Double the Darwinism
Todays darwinism is a double feature, comprised of somewhat similar kills and stories.
As anyone in nullsec or lowsec will tell you, highsec is incredibly safe and needs to be made less safe, but what they don’t tell you is the same system that avenges people ( i say …

Kirith Kodachi: Development 101

One of the most important things in any complex application is enabling the user to find things that are relevant and important to them. Its development 101.
I was playing with the industrial changes and explored the teams interface. I figured out the difference between teams already at work and …