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Announcement: Burn Jita 3

April 10, 2014

For the third year, Goonswarm and friends will be turning their eyes to Jita. Players will arrive unannounced in and around Jita this April, targeting industrial ships. For the days to come, trade in New Eden’s busiest hub will slow and possibly grind to a halt.

Their motivation for the carnage to come? A show of strength? Market manipulation? Tears? Just for the fun of it all? It is not clear and probably deliberately so.

When asked of their opinion of Burn Jita, players had mixed reactions. Some were indifferent, others heated, some excited and some had never even heard of it. Most just shrugged and stated that there were other places to shop.

It’s effect on trading? Certainly trade in Jita will slow. Prices may rise of transport and popular gank ships. In 2012, 25 Freighters were killed during the Event, in 2013, 115. This year?

Smart traders may have already stockpiled in preparation for a potential price rise. A check on price history for the last 3 months shows all freighter prices on the rise. Last year, CCP Explorer posted an table showing the top 20 weapons/ ammunition used over the three days of Burn Jita 2:


Over 2000 players will cram into Jita. Tidi will kick in. Will the gates close when the server overloads? Hate it or love it, Burn Jita is coming.