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Events: 700 plex up for grabs

April 14, 2014

Plex currently are at a historical high.  Great for those spend cash and sell plex on market; less great for those that buy plex in game.

Some suspect that CCP manipulate plex prices.  In my opinion (humble or othwerise), they do.

To add a floor to plex prices, new uses of plex created.  Most recently, ships skins were added, but so was multi character training. CCP knows how many plex have been converted to skins, but I suspect its a few.

CCP add plex to the markets via sales and now special events.

CCP have an event to award 700 Plex across 16 pilots (link).  These Plex have been confiscated from banned accounts.

To get your share of the Plex, you need to find the target (following @EVE_LiveEvents to do so), and do one of the following:

  • Top Damage, or
  • Final Blow on either ship or pod, or
  • Contract the relevant corpse back to Hikemi Korrado, or
  • Top damage by ship class, from frigate to battleship.


Events will be across scattered timezones:
April 13 – 17:00 UTC
April 14 – 11:30 UTC
April 15 – 18:00 UTC
April 16 – 14:00 UTC
April 17 – 20:00 UTC
April 19 – 02:00 UTC
April 19 – 22:00 UTC

Many claim that Pandemic Legion won the first day (in lowsec).  Second day is in highsec. Stanadard ‘crimewatch’ rules will hold.  Organise for your highsec remote repairers to be in fleet.


Some Q&A;

On the first event,

The targets, flown by CCP staff, are rumoured flying Wyverns, even in highsec. Rumor has it that CCP historically omni tank.   This is not a safe event.  Offgrid boosters will be brought.  Defensive logistics, neuts, ECM all make sense (but also make you more likely to be a target).  Bring friends; your competitors will be.

During the first event, CCP announced the name of the target, the relevant constellation and the total bounty (40 Plex).  Apparently all prizes went to Pandemic Legion.

This event, in isolation, will not make a long term difference to the plex market.  There are already

many plex traded in Jita, 700 is a symbolic drop, possibly enough to pop a bubble, but not to make a long term difference.

Those concerned with flying safely need not apply; for this event, fly dangerous.