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ReWatch: EVE Online 2015 Fanfest Streams / Videos.

Hey guys, in case you missed the original streams we got something for you. Several EVE Online players did record the Fanfest keynotes and they have been popping around youtube …

* LIVE * FANFEST 2015 Closing Ceremony.

Well, the Fanfest is coming to an end – stick with us if you can’t watch the whole thing live, we’ll be livebloging:
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There has been a lot of chatter regarding what route will CCP Games take to revamp the structure game in EVE, tag along with our live blog which is about to start …

* LIVE BLOG * FANFEST 2015 – FINAL DAY – Design Board

Hey guys, EN24 will be live blogging the last day of the 2015 Fanfest, so lets get to it!
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LIVE! Fanfest 2015 – Final Day.

The Final day of the 2015 Fanfest is upon us, you can watch the stream down below:

Saturday 21st March
10:45 Stream goes live
11:00 UI Modernization Panel
12:00 Art & …