Dev Blog: A new SKIN, and a tribute to a fallen wingman

Approximately four weeks ago on November 14th, CCP received the devastating news of the passing of a member of our staff.

CCP Blaze, one of our Senior Software Engineers …

PSA: Patch notes for EVE Online – Arms Race release

Patch notes for Arms Race release 1.0
Released on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Features & Changes

Clone States:

Greatly expanded the Alpha Skill Set. Over 20 million …

Dev Vlog: In Development November 2017

This EVE Online in-development video features everything coming out in December, leading up to the Arms Race release due 5 December.
Features include the new expanded Alpha Clone …

Dev Post: Update on Jump Fuel Changes.

Hey again folks. Thanks for the feedback so far.
After some discussions internally and with the CSM we agree with one of the major points many of you are bringing forward: that …

Dev Post: [December] Jump Drive Fuel Consumption and Jump Fatigue Cap changes

Hello everyone. We have a series of changes planned for our December release to discuss today. These changes follow up on the reductions in isotope volume and moon material …