PSA: Issue with Project Discovery Evaluation Set

Hello pilots,

MMOS are currently investigating an issue with Project Discovery.

It appears that during the evaluation phase (after the tutorial) data sets that are …

DEV – CCP Live Q & A with CCP Seagull, Mimic, & Rise

Below is a re-broadcast of the Live Q & A session with CCP Seagull, Mimic, and Rise that just wrapped up about an hour ago. Below is the live chat that at the time of …

Dev Blog: Rebalancing Strategic Cruisers

Hello again adaptable capsuleers!

Today we are happy to bring you another dev blog covering the imminent revamp of the Strategic Cruiser (also known as T3 Cruiser) class …

Watch This: EVE Online – Development Update (July 2017)

EVE Online’s Executive Producer gives an update on current EVE Online development and the upcoming priority shifts to how we develop for ship and module balancing and …

PSA: Patch notes for July 2017 release

Patch notes for July 2017 release
Released on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Features & Changes


Required input materials to build Pirate Battleships has been …