Streamfleet v Eve 2 Announcement

The following is an announcement issued to us regarding an event taking place tomorrow evening.
Twitch v EVE 2 6th April 2018 21:00eve
This year we go …

EVE Online – The EVE Fanfest 2018 Megablog!

Ladies and Gentlemen. Fellow capsuleers.
That time of the year is once again swiftly approaching.
As we work feverishly here at CCP Headquarters to finish up preparation work for …

Fanfest 2018 Alliance Attendance Contest – Results!

Fanfest 2018 is just a week away and the results of the Alliance Attendance contest are in!
More than 60 alliances are represented at this year’s event, and over a quarter of …

Dev Blog: Chat Bubbles to be disabled on 04/05

After significant testing of the new chat bubble system with the objective of measuring how it improved communication between new players, we have decided to disable them with a …

PSA: Patch Notes For March 2018 Release

Patch Notes For March 2018 Release 1.0
Released on Tuesday, March 20th 2018
Features & Changes
For explanation and discussion on ship balance changes in this patch, …