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Dev Blog: Guiding Light, The Mission Objective Guidance system

Hello Capsuleers! This is CCP SoniClover on behalf of Team Banana Stand, telling you about one of our new features in Phoebe: Mission Objective Guidance. Mission Objective …

Dev Post: Higgs Anchor Rigs

Hey everyone. We announced this new rig at EVE Vegas but I haven’t made an official feedback thread yet, so here it is.
Short version is: we’re adding a rig that …

In-Development: Features of EVE Online’s Phoebe Release

A new era begins 4 November 2014 with the arrival of Phoebe, a content release poised to add more depth to large-scale alliance warfare.
Nullsec travel changes
Unlimited skill …

Dev Blog: Longer Queues Expected – Skill Training Above and Beyond 24 Hours

Greetings ever-evolving and ever-learning capsuleers!

As many of your already know from CCP Seagull’s Phoebe release blog, we will be making a major change to …

EVE: Online – Phoebe (2014) Release Theme

From the historical collection of “login screen” music for the massively multiplayer game EVE