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Dev Post: Change to the CSPA charge default.

Afternoon Space Friends,
Another quick post here to let you know of a change Five-0 have ready for testing on Singularity.
When Scylla is released, the default CSPA charge for …

Dev Blog: Drifting In And Out Of Destruction

Greetings Capsuleers,

This is CCP Affinity on behalf of Team Space Glitter and we would like to show you some week one stats on The Drifters that we released with …

Dev Blog: Balance Changes Coming In Scylla

Howdy Ishtar lovers

Although us balance-oriented folks have been very busy working on things like the NPE and Sov (!?), we took some time aside to put together a high-impact …

Dev Blog: UI Modernization – Icon Strategy

Fellow capsuleers,

EVE developers have been quite busy in the past few weeks working on gameplay features, which is good because that‘s what they are supposed to do! …

Dev Blog: Opportunities Abound – The New Player Experience

Seasoned Veterans of New Eden – Hello

CCP Rise here for EVE’s Team Pirate Unicorns to give you a heads up about some changes to the new player experience (NPE for …