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Dev Blog: X Marks The Spot – The New Star Map Is Out Of Beta

Two blogs in two days. I’m on fire!

I have good news! The star map beta has been running now for several months (since the Rhea release back in December) and we are now …

Dev Blog: Mosaic Updates from Team Five-0

Hi pilots, this is CCP Sharq and CCP Fozzie from Team Five 0.

We’ve been working hard on a number of improvements for the Mosaic release that’s headed your way on …

Patch Notes For Mosaic


Cider Upgrade for Mac Clients
New anchor and unanchor effects for deployable structures
V3 Asset Updates for all Player Owned Starbase (POS) …

Dev Blog: Two-Factor Authentication… finally!

Greetings Capsuleers!

I’m CCP Ghostrider and I’m here to tell you all about the two-factor authentication that we will be releasing to Account Management an April …

The Scope – DED Release Drifter Autopsy Findings

Lina Ambre reports live from Directive Enforcement Department Headquarters as CONCORD releases the results of a capsuleer-performed autopsy on a Drifter