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Nulli Titan Reimbursed, Soul Taker Pilot Banned!

It emerged last night that the Erebus of Ved Speed, member of Nulli Secunda, killed last week by Shadow Cartel after being bumped out of his POS shields by Soul Takers has been …

Stations and Outposts, V3 Style!

CCP has started to polish up their current game quite a bit in the last years. All ship hulls are already in V3 mode and it made quite a difference to the overall game experience. …

*LIVE* CCP’s Rubicon Live Stream

Below you can watch CCP’s live stream where they will talk about Rubicon’s new features.

Feel free to discuss these new features below in the comment …

Somer Blink’s Bonus gets closed down

Finally today CCP decided to close down one of the most recently discussed subjects. This subject is also known as the RMT operation of Somer Blink.
Somer Blink is a well known …

EveOnline: Tyrannis HD

EveOnline: Tyrannis HD from RaySajuuk on