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The o7 Show: Episode 14

February 26, 2016

o7: The EVE Online Show airs live from CCP HQ in Iceland and shines a light on the actions of players and developers alike.

On this show of o7 we interviewed the scientific might behind Project Discovery, got a glimpse at what a variety of developers around the company are working on and took a speedy tour around the Reykjavik office. We also had a live demo of the work being done on the new Doomsday weapons and Fighter Squadrons…and much much more!

0:26 CCP Guard takes a hyperlapse tour of the Reykjavik office
3:14 CCP Guard talks to Emma Lundberg and Attila Szantner about their work on Project Discovery
13:29 Microinterviews around the CCP office, with CCP Paradox, CCP Edelweiss, CCP Optimal, CCP Ruffige and CCP Curtis
18:49 Concept artist CCP Pointybits does a timelapse of a Bantam
20:18 CCP Mimic and CCP Guard talk about the upcoming CSM vote and the recent Winter Summit
21:48 o7 report from Hendrick Talladar
24:01 CCP Guard and CCP Mimic announce upcoming public roams, player meets and other events
28:07 The Chaos Sisters describe the “March of the Newbros” initiative, helping new players throughout the month of March
31:13 Prosper Market report about Skill Trading, from Locke Fox
33:46 CCP Lebowski and CCP Larrikin do a live demo of the upcoming Capital mechanic changes, including the new doomsdays and Fighter Squadron management