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Somer Blink’s Bonus gets closed down

October 29, 2013

Finally today CCP decided to close down one of the most recently discussed subjects. This subject is also known as the RMT operation of Somer Blink.

Somer Blink is a well known space gambling site used by people to gain fast isk. People generally lose a lot of isk and so Somer Blink decided to play into their customers needs by selling plex. If a customer were to buy a plex via Somer then they’d receive free Blink Credits. This looks very generous but after some people started to look closely they noticed a way to RMT (Real Money Trade) a lot of isk.

CCP Games didn’t do anything about this until the golden magnate debacle happened. After this CCP couldn’t help but look at the communities responses and a much returning subject was the Somer Blink RMT.

Because there was no proof of this actually happening, CCP had to look at another method to close down this RMT hole so they started looking at their official plex resellers. CCP decided to mail all their resellers saying: ETC + bonus items may not be directly or indirectly traded by the buyer for isk. This will result in the closing down of this RMT possibility.

Katarina Reid from Shattered Crystal posted on the forums about the mail he received:

Link to forum post

Please share your thoughts about this change to the EULA in the comment section below!

– Bobmon