On September 15th of 2016, a large charity event occurred in HED-GP; Reps on Tylor.
It was attended by multiple fleets, including two well known NPSI groups: SPECTRE Fleet and Bombers Bar.
Towards the end of the event, as the various fleets were beginning to leave, SPECTRE Fleet found itself at …

New Eden Miners Unionize and Strike; CODE, NC, and VMC Hired To Enforce Strike Lines

Trouble is brewing among the miners and industrialists of New Eden as upcoming changes to fleet boosting technology threaten to force their Rorqual boosting ships off of their tethers and into the chaos and danger of the battlefield. Now, faced with the choice between moving their …

Video: Lets Look back on last years Alliance Tournament

With the Alliance Tournament XIV coming up, let’s take a moment to look back at last year’s

The Mining Barge Aftermath, and the Future of Mining In Eve

On September 13th, CCP released the latest major update to Eve online, and as miners go, there were some mixed reviews.  Now a week later, the miners and industrialists have had a chance to play with the dynamics of the updated mining barges, leading some to speculate on the future of mining in …

Mass A Death And MoA’s Messy, Public Breakup

Reddit is buzzing this week with the news that long-time Mordu’s Angels (MoA) alliance member, Mass A Death (MASAD), has broken from the Mordu’s Angels alliance under a cloud of accusations and corporate drama.
In his September 19th Reddit post, MASAD director KAYI Brixius said the …

Catch: Bloody Fighting Over the JZV-O6 Constellation

1P-WGB system, Catch region. On the 21st of September at 19:00 EVE Standard Time, The Volition Cult [VOLT] and its allies met League of Unaligned Master Pilots [LUMPY] and Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] in series of battles over the fate of the JZV-O6 constellation.
The fierce fighting ensued …

Losing a Super Through the Eyes of a New Pilot

This is an interview with SimpleJack McProfit who recently lost his Hel Super Carrier class ship.
Q: How did you, as a such new EVE player, find your way into null sec?
A: I carebeared in high sec for a while and was mining veldspar for hours every day not knowing anything else, then I heard about …

Fountain: Red Menace Coalition and The-Culture Clash in G95F-H

G95F-H system, Fountain Region. On the 20th of September at 19:30 EVE Standard Time, Red Menace Coalition (RMC) and The-Culture [-T C-] locked horns in the system over a valuable moon.
RMC forces have deployed to the Fountain region with the apparent aim of expanding their territory, helped by …

VLOG: CSM Summit 1 Travel

This is the first Vlog I’ve ever made and I will admit that recording felt a bit awkward, but I’m very pleased with the result! Also check out Jin’taan’s review of the summit

CSM XI – Autumn Summit Review / Week 18 & 19 Summary

Disclaimer: Written by Jin’taan, representative of CSM 11!
So, the summit. The focal point of what the CSM does, wherein a selection (or in this case, the CSM as a whole) is flown up to CCP’s headquarters in Iceland to work in person with the various teams that the CSM have been working …

Fountain: Region Sees Further Fighting over Moons

4HS-CR system, Fountain region. On the 16th of September at 21:50 EVE Standard Time, a The-Culture [-T C-] dreadnought force was dispatched by a Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] fleet in the system.
The battle was prompted by Fountain Core having reinforced a The-Culture tower in the I-CUVX system the …

Fountain: RP2-OQ System Sees Major Fighting

RP2-OQ system, Fountain region. On the 16th of September at 18:20 EVE Standard Time, The-Culture [-T C-] and Northern Coalition. [NC] fleets engaged LowSechnaya Sholupen [-LSH-], Project.Mayhem. [16-13], Snuffed Out [B B C] and Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] forces in the system over a …

The Who’s, What’s, Where’s and Why’s of Test’s Deployment to Delve.

Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] recently spent a month in the Delve region, the new Goonswarm Federation [CONDI] homeland, under an often-shifting directive to cause havoc and mayhem. While some of it was successful, some of it was not. Hopefully after this retrospective we’ll clear up some of …

The Scope: Amarrian Coronation preparations continue and CSM Summit commences

Lina Ambre reports on the commencement of the YC118 Council of Stellar Management summit in Yulai as the fourteen delegates of the council continue talks with the Inner

EVE Down Under Worlds Collide – Micro Gang Australian PVP Tournament

In the very near future, the annual Eve Down Under (Australia’s Version of FanFest) will be coming back to all of us.
To get people excited, Pandemic Legion member Techstrategyremake, proudly supported by Eve-Bet, set up an Australian tournament. 16 teams of 3 came together in the system of …

Dev Blog: Introducing Purity of the Throne

Greetings Spacefriends,

What an exciting time to be a capsuleer in New Eden!  After the fall of the beloved Empress Jamyl I to the ruthless Drifter forces and the subsequent Succession Trials, which saw the two finalist teams battle it out live on stage at EVE Fanfest to determine the …

Watch This: JonnyPew – New Event Site Drops Ship SKINs!

The september patch will bring new PVE content to carebears and isk prospectors alike, our good friend JonnyPew took upon himself the task of venturing into the singularity server and give us a taste of what’s to come during tomorrow’s

PSA: EVE Online: September Release Patch notes – YC118.8

We’re happy to announce that the 118.8 release for September will be deployed tomorrow, Tuesday September 13th, during regular daily downtime.
We aim to deploy this release during regularly scheduled downtime. The 118.1 release brings the long awaited Mining Barge overhaul and the start of …

Devpost: EXEFILE Login To Be Discontinued On September 20th

As part of the preparations for the launch of Clone States in November, and as part of our continuous efforts to improve account security for EVE Online, we are currently in the process of working on changes to the EVE Online client that will result in the removal of the ability to log into EVE via …

Video: Eve Online’s Alliance Tournament XIV: The $250,000 Major

Mawderator explaining everything you need to know about the upcoming Alliance Tournament.

CSM XI Autumn Summit PvE Townhall

Yesterday evening the CSM 11 hosted a PVE townhall!

Video: EVE Online August 2016 Nullsec Recap

Check out this August 2016 Nullsec recap video made by Hendrick

Devblog: Clone States – Post Announcement Follow-up

Wow, what a day! After our Clone States announcement, we watched as EVE players, future EVE players and media engaged in a massive discussion about what this feature would mean for New Eden. Needless to say, it feels great to see our community embrace the concept in such force. In less than 24 …

World War Bee: The Documentary Trailer

This is a promotional trailer I made for a project that I’m involved with to produce a doc regarding the events surrounding World War Bee in EVE Online in late 2015 and 2016. Produced by Lenny Kravitz2 and C4w3, the doc will be promoted at upcoming EVE Live Events at G-Fleet, EVE Vegas, and …

JonnyPew: Six New Frigate Redesigns Coming Soon!

Our good friend Jonny Pew teases us on the upcoming frigate model redesigns, CCP Games seems to know no rest in the eve of the november