Jin’talks – AT Storylines: The Top Contenders

Jin’Taan (CVA/CSM) in partnership with EvE-NT just released his latest “Jin’Talks” podcast covering this year’s Alliance Tournament and teams. We hope you

Eve Dublin

Hello all,
I’m here to tell you about the best Eve meet in Ireland!

It’s on October 20-21 2017 in the Club Na Múinteoirí (“The Teachers Club” for you non native speakers).
It is a large venue with a decently sized room and our own private bar.
Tickets cost 20 euro and you …

Dev Blog: Moon mining revamped – There’s Ore in Them Thar Moons!

Hello again industrious capsuleers. It’s time for another Refinery and moon mining dev blog from your friendly neighborhood Team Five 0.

Today’s blog will discuss the way moon composition, moon material distribution and moon surveying will be changing this year as part of the Upwell …


Recently I was invited to the ‘Manny Bothans is Primary‘ Podcast (hosted by the PodSide Network)to discuss one of our recent articles. It was a thoroughly enjoyable broadcast and we have reposted the recording here for our readers. If you have not checked Manny Bothans out I would …

Who are the ‘Thieves Guild’?

Emergent gameplay is one of the greatest strengths of a free range universe like ours. Today I’m going to tell you about a career that few have even considered, and fewer still practice as a way of life: Thievery! I know what you’re thinking, gentle reader. Thieves have always existed, in …

Kirith Kodachi: Time to Revisit My Strategic Cruiser

The revamp to Strategic Cruisers has come and gone and today I finally checked my hanger to see what happened to my sole Proteus.

As you can see, it was a cloaky combat cruiser with multiple long range tackling mods and a decent offensive capability, basically a sneaky heavy tackler.
Now it has …

Watch This: Jonny Pew – The Agency Event Overview

Our good friend Jonny Pew brings us a first person account on the latest EVE Online live event: The Agency.
From the press release:
The Agency will reward you with PLEX, boosters and SKINs as soon as you have earned enough points. The rewards will be delivered to your redeeming system. Your …

PSA: The Agency – Welcome to the next EVE Online live event!

Welcome to The Agency, the new live event for EVE Online!

Start: Tuesday, 18 July, at 11:30 UTC
End: Tuesday, 1 August, at 11:00 UTC
Potential rewards: PLEX, Booster, SKINs … and fun!

The Agency offers you new challenges of varying difficulties in the world of New Eden. While none of …

Amarr Militia Captures Saikamon, Ending Historic Minmatar Warzone Control: Capsuleer Responses

Weeks of intense fighting, grinding, and pushing by the Amarr Militia culminated today in a full-on offensive of the system of Saikamon in The Bleak Lands, and ended in the capture of that system for the Amarr Empire. This ends a historic run by the Minmatar of 50 days of full warzone control, a …

Eve University Newbros Evict Wardeccers From Wormhole, Destroy Azbel and Moros

Eve University [E-UNI] destroyed an Azbel belonging to Red Eyes Blue Bear Supremacy [REBBS], an alt corp of Global Warmers Corp [GWCO] in the wormhole system of J220338, and thoroughly evicted their wardeccers from their Industrial stronghold. The bulk of the fleet consisted of new players, freshly …

3 Billion Isk Cynabal Memed in Delve

A Cynabal worth 3.7 billion ISK and flown by Cpt KorpuSkull of KOB4EG [KB4] out of Dream Fleet was destroyed this evening in Delve by a small ‘kitchen-sink’ gang. The gang was mostly comprised of members of Serious About Space Things. [SAST.], who were taking new member Liquid Lace on a …

Diplomatic Tensions on the Rise in the South

Last week we published an article by Seraph , Triumvirate Leaks Damaging Relations With Drone Region Federation, detailing increasing tensions between Vanguard Coalition and its allies The Drone Region Federation (DRF) and Phoenix Federation alliance FCON. This article was met with initial …

Dude where is my Fortizar???

Just about everyone who has been playing Eve for a long time can recount funny stories of game bugs. One of mine occurred on Saturday 07/15/2017 at approximately 18:30 eve-time. Phoenix Federation was gearing up for a possible fight with Goonswarm who had several citadels onlining when the entire …

Spotlight: The Rising Phoenix of Industry

Eve has a reputation as being a harsher kind of MMO where whining is rightfully ridiculed and even CCP members are known to tell players to “HTFU.” However sometimes this kind of attitude is used to give people an excuse to be unnecessarily obnoxious. This manifests itself mostly in people with …

Cavemen. pull off Fortizar heist

When a Fortizar owned by Syndicate-based alliance Slightly Sexual <S3XY> began unanchoring last week, a convoluted series of distraction schemes and counter-schemes spanning several days culminated in the structure being swiped by local alliance Cavemen. <CAVE> in highsec Solitude on …

Kirith Kodachi: Captain’s Quarters – Potential Never To Be Realized

Way back in 2012 I posted an imaginary backlog overview for Team Avatar about the future direction of the Captain’s Quarters had the Summer of Rage had not occurred and scuttled CCP’s plans for walking in stations:
Story #22317 – Sharing Space
Description – As a user I …


CCP released a devblog announcing the retirement of the Captain’s Quarters and the In-Client Twitch Support.

2017-07-12 14:05
By CCP Falcon

Next May, New Eden will celebrate its fifteenth birthday and the march will begin toward the third decade of EVE Online.
As part of the focus …

The Discourse – Project Discovery Exoplanets Goes Live

Project Discovery Exoplanets is live and ready to accept all daring scientists. ARC Studio has released their latest broadcast of “The Discourse” covering the subject.

Meanwhile Eyon Vondawn of Spaceships Involved records an easy to understand tutorial on how to identify the new …

PSA: Issue with Project Discovery Evaluation Set

Hello pilots,

MMOS are currently investigating an issue with Project Discovery.

It appears that during the evaluation phase (after the tutorial) data sets that are presented for analysis are too difficult for that stage. This has led to many players being given extremely low overall …

Watch This (Gold Edition) – TEST Server Please Ignore

We came across this video today that was released in the last 24 hours by Temppu Gaming of TEST Alliance that in my opinion is one of the best combat footage with Super-Carriers and Titans that I have seen in quite a while. Hat’s off to the TEST Propaganda Department on this one and I hope …

Twitch Logs: Highlights of CCP Town Hall

Today’s roundtable by CCP was broadcast on Twitch, and you can watch the video of that here, but the best questions and answers of the day came from CCP Rise in the chat stream after the broadcast itself. We have gathered these questions together and formatted them for easier reading. Minor …

Join the Eve News 24 Team

EN24 is doing an open call for writers, storytellers, and reporters interested in making internet spaceship news an integral part of their Eve Online experience.
We are seeking writers and staff from all regions and segments of New Eden (i.e. ‘Null-Sec’, ‘High-Sec’, …

DEV – CCP Live Q & A with CCP Seagull, Mimic, & Rise

Below is a re-broadcast of the Live Q & A session with CCP Seagull, Mimic, and Rise that just wrapped up about an hour ago. Below is the live chat that at the time of publication is still ongoing with CCP staff. Enjoy!

Watch live video from CCP on

Dev Blog: Rebalancing Strategic Cruisers

Hello again adaptable capsuleers!

Today we are happy to bring you another dev blog covering the imminent revamp of the Strategic Cruiser (also known as T3 Cruiser) class coming on July 11th.

When we last released a dev blog on this topic a little over a month ago, we covered the high level …