One Man Army: Hardcore

This week’s edition is another Predator 666 video. The entire video is just a single fight, but a good one at that. He does let himself get killed despite being able to leave though.

Video Description
Релейте …

Jester’s Trek: The seven percent solution

Ready for some weekend philosophy? I’m going to throw a really nasty one at you. Even our old friend Dinsdale might have to sit down and think about how he responds to it.
The New Player Experience panel at Fanfest this year was presented by CCP Rise, who did a great job with the material. If …

Fanfest 2014 Youtube Playlist available

All videos have now been copied over to the CCP youtube channel!

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Introducing CSM Member: corebloodbrothers

A quick introduction of the new CSM member, corebloodbrothers
My name is corebloodbrothers and for those of you who don’t keep track of EVE politics, I was just elected as a member of the ninth Council of Stellar Management (CSM), in order to represent you, the players of EVE Online. I am also …


The call for player commentators for Alliance Tournament XII is still going strong! If you are interested in joining the Tournament Team in Iceland as a player commentator, read the below information and contact us before the 19th of May, 2014!
As a commentator you’ll be on the set discussing …

Rolled Out goes Knocking

Brand new corporation Rolled Out starts in style with a classic brawl in their home wormhole. Rolled Out are a new US/Au TZ wormhole PvP corporation founded as a group breaking off from Sky Fighters. “We wanted to do something a little different. We had gotten too big and couldn’t get …

Dirk MacGirk: FanFest, Kronos and Player Expectations

PLEX. Something happened. ECB Intervention. Prices have moderated. Sorry, just had to get that out of the way early. No further mention of PLEX ahead. This is not a deep thoughts kind of article. No seriously, beer for PLEX? At that exchange rate? Ah

Greedy Goblin: Burn Jita results…

Data is unbiased and fair. It tells what happened instead of what you wish to have happened, therefore you can only plan further actions on it. I received all the killboard data from Apr 25-27 from the solar systems Jita, Perimeter, New Caldari, Sobaseki and Ikuchi, the systems where the most GSF …

Jester’s Trek: Blocking and tackling

Let’s get to the thing that was announced at Fanfest but which was announced “between the lines.” It was such a subtle announcement, in fact, that you probably missed it.
In American business, we have a phrase: “This is basic blocking and tackling.” It’s a …

Tuppence and Tinfoil: Crackin’ Skulls and Making Games.

Just a very short one to address a peeve of mine guys.
It seems to me that every time we see CCP release the small but great updates such as the recent D-scan changes or other UI tweaks there is a outcry of similar complaints which follow somewhere along the lines of “Why did CCP focus on …

A message regarding vandalism of the EVE Universe Monument

CCP Falcon finally brought the messege out that many EVE players were waiting for to hear in the following forum post:
Hey guys,
It’s with a heavy heart that I have to speak in relation to the damage that was done to the EVE Universe Monument just four days after it was unveiled.
Firstly, …

Who’s behind that name? Interview with Xenuria.

Fanfest weekend was barely over when the newly revealed EVE monument became target of an act of vandalism. Rather than randomly defacing the plaque with character names, the perpetrator chose one specific name to scratch out: Xenuria.
Of course there are many players in EVE who hold grudges and …

Dev Post: [Kronos] Phoenix and Citadel Missiles

As mentioned in the recent fanfest, CCP Fozzie wish to give a proper boost to the Phoenix dreadnaught, today he just posted on the official EVE-O forums a follow up on this same matter – make sure to come by the official EVE-O forums to give him the proper

Predicted winners and losers from the Kronos changes…

With Kronos due on the 3rd of June there isn’t much time to prepare for the massive shake up that’s about to hit industry in EVE Online. As a miner, manufacturer or research POS owner should you be concerned about the changes coming? Yes without a doubt. Is your ISK cash cow about to dry up? …

Get your POS gunners … later

Manning POS guns is a powerful defence, provided that you have the pilots trained and online.
The problem is that a single pilot is only able to control up to 5 at any time, and that’s currently after roughly 52 days training. Having experience as a defender of a POS siege; its clear to me …

Suggested Read: A Capitalist’s World

So as time goes on and I get more familiar with both the site and my readers I hope to be releasing some suggested EVE reads, views, and listens. These are all generally stories or videos that I have found really interesting and hope you, the reader, will as well.
My suggested read for this week is …

Relentless: God is An Astronaut

Relentless is back, and probably going to stay since finals are over, and I have the time to do it now. But this week’s reboot video is from Rollstone. I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I did.

This video was hard to choose on whether to use it in relentless which is meant for …


From what we can gather so far it looks as if the CCP_Bro we know is no more and Ólafur Steinarsson is moving on to bigger and better things. On his twitter account, now under the handle of Osteinarsson he states: “Time for new adventures 🙂 Will miss it [CCP] though!”
We at EN24 …

EVE Manufacturing: Say hello to the Gecko heavy drone

A lighter version of the Dragonfly fighter the Gecko heavy drone is an awesome little gift from CCP for the 11th anniversary which is currently selling at 30mil per unit.

EVE 11 Celebration: There is No “I” in Team.

Some of you may have noticed that you’ve been gifted 3 “Gecko” drones in celebration of Eve Onlines 11th birthday, awesome right? But it doesn’t end there; with the collective teamwork of everyone on Tranquility all of us New Eden residents have to potential to earn 8 more …

Awesomesauce: Permaband – Killing is Just a Means

Now Here is were you all waited for!! The Killing is just a means music video!!

Vocals – CCP Hunter & CCP Guard
Lyrics by Einar S. Hreiðarsson & Sveinn J. Kjarval
Guitar – Bragi Bragason
Bass – Ari Eldon
Violin – Gréta Salóme Stefánsdóttir
Producer, video …

Tweetfleet: Worm Hole NPC Kills API Tweak.

This one should be quick, CCP FoxFour made one short comment on the forum which should come to the attention of any wormhole dweller:
Hey guys,
as a heads up as soon as I can find the time I will be removing WH systems map/kills endpoint. This is data that exists in the API but not the client and …

Happy 11th anniversary, Eve Online

So the day has come that the world Of Eve Online turned ELEVEN YEARS OLD!!
So to all players and CCP Employees:

The Message from CCP:
It’s been a long road to get this far, with many ups and downs, thousands of battles fought, millions of Jita traders scammed, and an epic decade of history …

Dev Post: Starbase tweaks

As mentioned during the various Fanfest panels and round tables, I’m going to list here the various changes planned to Starbases for Summer that are being discussed on the Building Better Worlds Blog

Kirith Kodachi: We Are Legion

One of the big announcements from EVE Fanfest was that DUST514 was being ported and rebuilt and rebranded as Project Legion of the PC.
So time for a bit of history with Bill and because this is my blog, you have to read it. Or, I suppose you could leave, but your loss if you do.
Back when I was in …