Dev Post: CCP Fozzie on Post Crius Industry Scaling.

There has been lots of discussions on the effect of the recently roll out Crius patch on the industry as general, today we got a reminder and further clarification of what CCP Games have as goals for the New Eden industry on a macro level. Read on.
Ok let’s sit down and have a chat about the …

PL Kills Titan In CFC Space!

Recently Pandemic Legion killed a Erebus class titan in one of the CFC’s home regions: Fountain. While a titan loss would typically be news worthy itself, what makes this kill significant is the fact that PL did it in CFC space. Because of the BOTLORD agreement PL could not bring a capital …

Dev Blog: EVE Online has a new Executive Producer!

Greetings capsuleers!

CCP Seagull here. Today I am humbled and excited to tell you that I am taking on the job of Executive Producer for EVE Online. This means that my responsibilities have extended from navigating CCP’s development efforts to encompass the whole EVE project – …

Double the Darwinism

Double the Darwinism
Todays darwinism is a double feature, comprised of somewhat similar kills and stories.
As anyone in nullsec or lowsec will tell you, highsec is incredibly safe and needs to be made less safe, but what they don’t tell you is the same system that avenges people ( i say …

Kirith Kodachi: Development 101

One of the most important things in any complex application is enabling the user to find things that are relevant and important to them. Its development 101.
I was playing with the industrial changes and explored the teams interface. I figured out the difference between teams already at work and …

What’s on this Weekend?

Here’s a list of confirmed public roams for this weekend.
Redemption Roam Public Roam: MATE Roam- RLM Caracal Fleet
Redemption Road are a community-service corporation who run popular public roams every weekend.
When: Friday 25th July
Time: 10:30 EVE time
Where: Stacmon/ Ostingele
What: Rapid …

Imagining Officer Distress Beacons

Officer beacons
You may recall my earlier article about an officer LP store and after plenty of feedback a new idea was proposed over teamspeak by a friend that I rather like and have seen it work to a good extent in other games. This idea retains certain aspects from the previous article, for …

Greedy Goblin: Niche game vs WoW clone

We always here the terms “niche game” and “WoW clone”, without understanding what do they mean. They are often cursewords or badges of honor, instead of descriptions. So let’s see first what WoW is: “WoW is an interactive media that the subscriber can fully …

Check ’em: The best EVE-O Crius Launch Day Deals!

We got a new EVE Online release and a new opportunity to take advantage of CCP Games’ deals for the Crius launch day. Check out what’s rocking:
PLEX is 10% off

Our first item on our list is of course, PLEX. It is trading at around 800mil in Jita, so right now it is a good internet …

EVE Online Crius Patch Notes.

Here are the patch notes for the EVE Online Crius release, I would like to make a few highlights:

– All minerals, ice products gained by reprocessing ores and ices have been increased by 38.1% to compensate for the reprocessing changes
– Alchemy material amounts have been increased by …

PSA: EVE Online Crius Known Issues.

With each new expansion, there is the need to iron out bugs and unlucky accident that might come along with the good stuff. As usual the folks at CCP Games are keeping up with the known issues for the Crius release:
Crius, EVE Online’s second release under the new six week release cadence, …

Officer modules in LP stores

Officer modules in LP stores
Imagine the ability to trade LP (loyalty points) and a chunk of isk to get an officer module. Not only would this increase players heading to nullsec and promote conflict, it would also serve as a good isk sink and let players have direct access to getting modules that …

Crius Expansion: How to access your Planetary Colonies

I had an ‘eek’ moment when I tried to access my PI on Sisi (the test server), and my previous shortcuts could not bring up my planets.  With Crius arriving some of you at least will likewise panic.
Fortunately, the new method is not far

Kirith Kodachi: PLEX Prices

Recently PLEX prices on the market have climbed through the roof and have gone over 800 million ISK per unit. The lowest sell prices in Jita today are at the 810 million point with the highest buy order at 803 million ISK. When faced with the decreased amount of player activity observed recently it …

In favour of industry focused releases

A couple of years ago, I left my previous MMO of choice because of a single statement “We want crafters to be out in the world adventuring instead of camping out in front of an auctioneer.”
I liked being the crafter standing in front of the auctioneer. Of course in Eve we sit around in …

Greedy Goblin: If more people log in, more X happens

Nosy Gamer had a brilliant idea: he placed the average concurrent user (ACU) data and several kill data to the same chart. Unfortunately, he only did qualitative analysis and only for kills. So I collected the monthly ACU, kill, jump and NPC kill data to analyse properly from 2013 Jan to 2014 …

Gone in sixty… Minutes.

Gone in 60 seconds minutes… or why you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy other than in EVE Online…
Saint Lucifer’s Nyx was lost in just over 60 minutes, while not the shortest amount of time to lose a Nyx, it was lost in an interesting set of events.
Saint …

What’s on this weekend?

Want a little pew-pew this weekend? Check these out.
Redemption Roam Public Roam: MATE Roam- Super AB neuting gang
Redemption Road are a community-service corporation who run popular public roams every weekend.
When: Friday 18th July
Time: 10:30 EVE time
Where: Stacmon/ Ostingele
What: Succubus, …

Jonny Pew: Exploring the Back Back-Roads of New Eden

Johnny Pew brings us another exceptionally produced video. In this one we’ll take a long trip throughout the backroads of New Eden, exploring wormholes and other interesting dark corners of the EVE Online universe.

using low-sec K-K wormholes
~1% chance for low to high
~9% chance for low to …

CFC brawl with Nulli and xXDEATHXx *Updated*

As the ongoing campaign in the north heats up Nulli Secunda brings the pain, except this time it’s self inflicted.
S2N and X.I.Xforces brawled with CFC forces CONDI , BASTN and -RZR-
Nulli and Legion of xXDeathXx using a combination of Ishtars, Vexor Navy Issues and Guardians along with fast …

Darwinism in action

several days ago a Bhaalgorn in Amarr picked a fight with another Bhaalgorn, while not something uncommon to happen in a trade hub the pilot and the fit are what makes the story.
Firstly the character that lost the Bhaalgorn is over 7 years old (all of which in a npc corp)

Looking into the …

[DRAMA]: HONOR leadership fracturing

Spaceship Samurai, former member of N3 and a founding member of HERO, played an important role in HERO’s conquest and settlement of Catch from the now defunct Stainwagon. Recent times have no been as kind to HONOR as the last few months had been. Their most famous FC, Securitas Protector, …

Black Legion Betrayal?

In EVE, not only do you have to watch your enemies, but occasionally you also have to watch your friends. It has been heard that Black Legion. did a sudden turn against Shadow Cartel – resulting in this:

Apparently, Black Legion contacted Shadow Cartel to ‘create some …

NCdot loses four Nyxes in Stain

In a hotdrop gone wrong, NCDot has lost four nyxes to the combined might of Stain residents. Having had their eye on a carrier for the last few days BURN EDEN, a corp in NCDot that has been scouring Stain for capital kills, thought they’d finally got what they wanted when the carrier …

Watch List-Sindel Pellion

Once again Sindel Pellion has come out with another great song, this time set around logi pilots using their “watchlist.”

The lyrics can be found below:
Logi can’t you see my broadcast?
A girl like me is gonna die fast.
It’s dangerous, I won’t last.
There’s …