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Pandemic Legion Drop BL Erebus.

April 21, 2014

Last night during US-TZ a Black legion Erebus fell in lowsec to the hands of Pandemic Legion.

Pandemic Legion had started to follow certain members of Black Legion in an attempt to catch them with their trousers down. It is unknown if this was one of their targets but we know at least that a PL scout managed to find this gem.

After rallying a fleet with hictors on standby, the PL scout began his search for the next possible cyno midpoint. A short while later the cyno alt was found the and the scout went in pursuit. The cyno was indeed up but the Erebus had already warped off, The scout opened his scanner and found the rough warp direction of the titan.

Without attracting too much attention, PL sneaked in a scan ship + Hictor and began waiting, suddenly they noticed the Erebus back on D-scan and quickly the probes were unleashed. In a short amount of time the Erebus was probed down and the scan ship quickly warped the Hic to zero. The Erebus didn’t jump out in time and so the PL Hictor got a tackle, lit his cyno and the PL Super fleet jumped in and secured the kill.