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CFC announces Burn Jita 3

April 22, 2014

Finally the details of burn Jita 3 has been announced by its organizers.

Burn Jita 3 is scheduled to happen from the 25th till the 28th of April. This announcement was made on the GSF forums with the following post:

The Fuck Goddamnit Yes It’s Happening Call Your Fucking Mother I HOPE YOU PREPPED YOUR SEC STATUS

The entire fucking CFC (this is a headliner event – one that will have serious repercussions on your perception by the entire EVE community)
Downtime Apr 25 to downtime Apr 28 (extension may happen, may not, deal with it get dicks)
Jita jita jita jita jita(and pod ganking in Perimeter)
Jita 7-2 – this is where all ganking fleets will originate
DPS Ships:
T1 Catalysts and Thrashers will be our bread and butter (provided), followed by Taloses, Brutix, Tornadoes
Support Ships:
Bumpers (Mach/Typhoon), freighters, scanners (t1 frig is OK), loot scavengers equipped with MTUs for the inevitably large number of guns that will drop
None so far – will speak to Atrum re: tags and ship reimbursement
Warr Akini, Powers Sa, Hemimaori, Distracted, Korporaal Paling, Chinicata Shihari (Sunday only), Zaand Schtvaal, KillaPino, other Ministry FCs, and whoever we can scare up from the regular FC crowd (DBRB will be running anti-wardec fleets, what a hero)
Targets (in order of priority):
Jump Freighters > Freighters > Orcas > expensive Battleships > else (DO NOT POD IF YOU WANT TO GANK REAL SHIT OVER THE WEEKEND)

Preparing for Burn Jita 2014

Read the preperation thread – it’s been up for nearly two weeks.

Otherwise, here’s the short-list:

*Fix your sec status – AFKtar or rat or whore on rats in anoms every 5min or whatever. We don’t advise goonrushing tags – cost to get from -10 to 0 is something like 300-350m as of this post’s writing.

*Get your medclone set to Jita 7-2. You will get podded

*Train for an alphaclone catalyst or thrasher (skillplan in prep thread) at least

*Get instadock and instaundock bookmarks on Jita 7-2 – important because if you warp to 0 to 7-2, you will land at      500m+ and get podded.

*Get a freighter overview – I am lazy about releasing mine

*Stock ships you will want/need to gank with, but Miniluv will provide t1/meta0 catalysts and thrashers for free. All hail space communism

*Get cheap implants – surgical strike 1%-3% and whatever turret you’ll be using 1-3% are fine choices.

Fits and (GSF) Reimbursement

GSF Reimbursment Spreadsheet

Basic ganking fits can be found in the preperation thread – Atrum will be posting a Reimbursement thread shortly whereby you may post for, but intended reimbursement amounts are listed in the linked spreadsheet above. In short, here are the reimbursement numbers (GSF ONLY):

T2 Brutix: 60m
T2 Talos: 75m
T1 Artillery Tornado: 75m
T2 Catalyst or Thrasher: 10m
Smartbombing battleship: ha ha ha you guys were fucking terrible last year no reimbursement get a podding thrasher and do it for cheap (fyi a smartbombing cruiser can volley pods)

Atrum will no doubt want you to post for reimbursement as he asked you to do last year – but he will make his own post shortly (I will edit this OP once that happens).

Call for FCs

In the first year of Burn Jita, several Goons and Goon-friends rose to minor stardom leading ganking and anti-wardec fleets. Well, except for Michael Bolton III, who we found out very quickly was a giant shitlord. I mean, wow. Shut the fuck up, man.

Anyway, the Ministry has a good base of gank-educated FCs to work from, but we always want more cat-herders (literally herding cats), whether it be for ganking or killing wardecs (and there will be many, many stupid targets – DBRB wiped the fucking floor with wardecs both years iirc). If you have any questions or want to volunteer, :getin: and talk to me.

Answers to Questions and Shit

Q: Can I bring other ships or personal ships?
A: You are always welcome to bring whatever, except for on the kickoff gank, which will be a rookie ship only gank (and which was hilarious last year). If there is no reimbursement in place for it, however, you will not get reimbursed.

Q: How do I get sec increase?

A: Kill a bountied rat (anomaly, belt, whatever) or ‘be on the killmail’ of one at least once every 5min. AFKtaring will do fine.

Q: Will there be many coordinated fleets?

A: We expect to have one anti-wardec fleet led by some scrublord “real” FC at least, then between 1-3 gank fleets running at any one time, plus uncoordinated podgankers and the like.

Q: How can I help without ganking? (For FCON/Li3/other can’t-gank shitlords)

A: Bring haulers to scoop dropped mods and such. Mobile Tractor Units will nicely scoop friendly dead wrecks, which you can pick up and roll out with to the nearest station. Or, bump freighters so they’re immobilized while we get our fleet (or just for harassment)! See bumping fits.

Q: How does my neutral alt get in fleet?

A: Have neutral alt linked in fleet, ask for fleet invite in Mumble/wherever, bam.

Q: How do I participate if I’m already below -5?

A: Grab a bunch of podding thrashers and go podding shit (Jita gate on Perimeter a great place, especially in EUTZ). Make sure you have an instawarp from your station so you don’t get grabbed by faction po.

Q: How do I get free gankship?

A: Be in fleet – a Minister will have access to the free Catalyst/Thrasher (t1) stash and will be handing some out. We do advise you to bring your own materials if you really really want. Allies will also receive free ships, because fuck you we like our allies except FA/SMA/FCON/Li3, basically everyone but Fweddit.

Killboards will be bloody and I can’t wait myself to see the results GSF & CFC pull off this year! Good luck to the hunters and Choose wisely to the freighter pilots!