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Rage Rolling with No Holes Barred

April 22, 2014

For those of you less savvy to the wormhole world, Rage Rolling is a popular wormhole PvP operation designed to use the mechanics of limited mass to chain collapse wormholes and find targets. A fleet is formed up in the home alliance’s wormhole, chilling at POSes, or running PvE at home whilst a rolling team collapses the static repeatedly. Scouts are sent through each new wormhole to check for potential targets.

I joined No Holes Barred for an evening of said Rage Rolling. Due to alliance rules they would not divulge details of their form-up or fleet compositions. The operation started at 20:00 eve time, a rolling crew formed up on their static (C6-C6) and rolling began. Soon after 20:05 the call goes up, as a sitting crew was spotted at a POS aligning out ready to begin a night of site farming. As the scout watches one of the Moroses drifts out of the POS. A fleet is deployed on the POS to tackle the Moros. The ship is held in structure hoping to bring more ships to the fight and Brave Collective do not disappoint.

After, NOHO returned home and the Rage Rolling resumed. An hour later the the scouts report a siting crew in a C6 Magnetar. The residents of this particular Magnetar known as Red Coat Conspiracy failed to promptly check the new signature and continued with preparations. Once the crew was committed to the site, NOHO took action.

How many kills were missed due to alert players checking for new signature spawns? Residents of the wormholes are accustomed to quickly scanning down new signatures to check for new exit wormholes known as K162’s. This could be a thing of the past if the potential change of delaying signature appearance for K162s go ahead, providing Rage Rollers with the upper hand.

The potential change would be to delay the appearance of the signature beacon when K162 dungeons spawn. This would prevent the dungeon from appearing on probe scans or the Sensor Overlay for up to a few minutes.

A welcomed change? or are wormholes already risky enough for PvE oriented players.