First Keepstar dies in Nalvula

The anchoring of a Keepstar in Nalvula by Project.Mayhem saw the system become a hotbed of activity, as pilots from all across New Eden flocked into the system to take part in …

My Eve: The Other Null Sec

Editor’s Note: This article is a submission to EN24 from a guest author and does not necessarily reflect EN24’s opinions or positions.
Bren Genzan is a veteran pilot …

Submission: Dronelands Update

One of my in-game names is Dirk Stetille, and I was until recently a senior member and leading FC of a Malpais alliance called Badfellas Inc. Badfellas are a subsidiary of …

Video: The Zkill Guide To The Nighthawk

A Nighthawk guide made by rhiload!

Video: Sacrilege – Solo PvP

The following video was made by Cosmo Blink,