Submission: What I have learned playing eve online

Hello my name is Arreon Slickshot, member of Unholy Knights of Cthulhu, T.E.S.T. supporter and Eve Fanatic. Over the past year playing Eve online I have learned things that this …

INGAME EVENT: Pew4Reps Fleet – May 29th

The following post was written by FullMetalTS1. For more information about this event please check out his forum post
Alright people, i’m back and im having another …

Propaganda Thursday: Spaceship Samurai

Spaceship Samurai has published an amazing video about the capture of the Fade region.

Video: Kronos vs The world

Zarvox Toral showing off his amazing skills in a Kronos! Enjoy!
Omen Navy:
Rattlesnake: …

Submission: John Bellicose Memorial Day *TODAY*

Brave is inviting all of EVE to take part in John Bellicose Memorial Day.
On April 29, it will have been two years since Brave lost one of our best, brightest and most beloved …