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Kirith Kodachi: Logical Design Decisions

2014 was a year of vindication for me in that a lot of the opinions I had towards game mechanics and design were similar to directions CCP took with various decisions. For …

Kirith Kodachi: A Year Review of EVE’s Logged in Player Numbers

Let’s take a look at our favourite status monitor site EVE-Offline and see what the concurrent players numbers look like for 2014.

< /br>
Overall, 2014 has to be …

Kirith Kodachi: Game Changer

EVE is in a sort of renaissance right now in terms of game mechanics.
You don’t have to go too far in the memory banks to remember there was a time where new modules were …

Kirith Kodachi: Identity Crisis

CCP Rise did a dev post where he outlined the changes for balancing the Tech II recon cruiser classes:

We had a few big goals with Recons:
Give Combat Recons something to make …

Kirith Kodachi: Team Un-Building

My reaction when the dev blog about industrial rentable teams in the Cruis industry revamp was released was tepid at best:

Overall, I’m disappointed. When I saw teams were …