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Pandemic Horde’s 2 Weeks in Space

April 18, 2015

It has been 2 weeks since Pandemic Horde was formed. An update detailing their adventures can be found here. Pandemic Horde were formed in the aftermath of Brave Newbies coup where Lychton Kondur was removed as executor of Brave Collective. This was after the exodus of Test Alliance from the HERO Coalition that was formed over a year ago.

There are obvious similarities between Brave Collective and Pandemic Horde so what sets them apart? An obvious difference is that Pandemic Horde falls under the Pandemic Legion banner, despite not being involved in many of their activities. They both share the mentality of fun/hour, helping newbros learn, and getting people involved as quickly as possible as evidenced by free skillbooks. Something that Pandemic Horde does not provide is free training implants as offered by Brave’s Dojo.

Already, Pandemic Horde has 1,684 ships killed and if they are to continue like this they will outpace Brave Collective’s first month in space. Pandemic Horde is unlikely┬áto reach the number of ships lost by Brave in their first month, a staggering 14,950. Of course Pandemic Horde has significantly less members and despite this has managed to reach top 4th alliance, in kills, this month while Brave Collective only reached 5th in May of 2013.

EN24 contacted Gobbins, one of the masterminds of Pandemic Horde for more information.

EN24: Why should one join Pandemic Horde as opposed to another newbro corp?

Gobbins: Pandemic horde is the best choice for new players oriented towards pvp and fleet fights. We deliberately chose to occupy a relatively isk-poor region that is however central to a large amount of pvp content. That means people can get in fleets and fight without having to roam for 45 minutes before they can find a target. We also have a mentor program where new guys can directly ask to be coached by members of PL and waffles, some of the top rated alliances for eve pvp. Lastly by not belonging to a power bloc we can minimize politics, maximize targets, and avoid the mad push that some of the alternatives have for their new members to train the latest “F1 fotm” doctrine. We believe our members will learn more by losing 100 talwars than by losing a single tengu.

EN24: Where do you see Pandemic Horde in the next few months to a year?

Gobbins: The strength of newbro corps lies in numbers and critical mass. Our immediate goal is keep an expanding and active memberbase until we can comfortably field 100-150 man gangs of frigs and cruisers. At our current rate we should be able to achieve this goal by the middle of the summer.

EN24: What do you feel is the single most important thing that can be done for a newbro to make them feel at home?

Gobbins: The single most important thing that can be done for a newbro to make them feel at home is to make sure they are in good hands, and that their time isn’t wasted. When people feel they are in good hands they take pride in the corp they are representing. Also the most important asset in eve is time. There are a lot of ways in which a well intentioned but incompetent leadership can damage newer players by wasting a lot of their time. We try to minimize that.

It will be very interesting to see how this organization grows in the future. Where do you think they’ll go? What will they do? Let us know in the comments.