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Birth of a coalition – HONOR/BRAVE/TEST/NEXUS form H.E.R.O

March 2, 2014

New Eden was filled with chatter as not long ago the birth of EVE’s fifth coalition was announced. Joining N3, Stainwagon, CFC, and Provibloc is the newly formed H.E.R.O (Hopefully Effective Rookie Organization) coalition. Lychton Kondur, CEO of the Brave Collective, announced HERO in the following SOTA:

[quote]BRAVE Collective,

A little over a year ago, we began a journey into New Eden with the idea that as newbies, we could band together and learn how to kill internet spaceships. From the onset, we always put ourselves into positions that no sane group of people would endeavor, and as a result, evolved into one of the largest alliances to play this game. From Hek, to Rahadalon, to Barleguet, we have eagerly searched for and found content against friend and foe alike.

We dipped our toes into the dangerous unknown that is nullsec, by deploying to 9GYL-O to learn about the mechanics and to find new and exotic frenemies to kill. We then sharpened our combat skills by taking on the Usurper menace, in retaliation for their harassment of our minerbros, and to secure valuable moons to begin to fund alliance level operations.

But now, we’ve come to an unexpected issue. We have few people left to really fight, at least in regards to meaningful content. Our orange donut has been slowly shifting to blue, while the regional economy has shown to be anemic in supporting our surging amount of active members. This is in part due to the recent surge involving newest generation of pilots who joined after the most recent war in the South was publicized. This saturation has the potential to stymie our growth, as we are trying to fit into space that is two sizes too small against enemies that are relegated to honor fights and roams of habit.

The Status quo must be changed.

It is my pleasure to announce our next BRAVE Collective deployment within the near future. We are planning this deployment in collaboration with a few other newbie friendly entities. As it stands, Brave Collective is immediately and effectively +1 with Test Alliance Please Ignore, Nexus Alliance, and Spaceship Samurai. As a Hopefully Effective Rookie Organization, the H.E.R.O. Coalition will enable us to fully tap into the raw power of the newbie, in order to raise hell across the next area of space.

Although specific timetables and targets are still OPSEC, I expect all BRAVE Collective members to immediately prepare for war. Get your salvage and loot trash over to a trade hub and boost your ISK stockpiles. All sister corps in your respective campuses, prepare at least one ship for the initial deployment fleet on standby in your hangars. Alliances Leaders and Logistical Commanders will prepare their members to move at a moment’s notice. Jump Clone Service Fleets will begin immediately, so that we may return to Barleguet in event we need to muster a defense of our home. Alliance FCs, Dis, and Bittervets with mechanic knowledge need to be teaching classes and taking out fun roams around the clock. Additional information will be released to Industry, Miners, Market Seeders, and Jackrabbits in the very near future. All Alliance leaders have been issued Points of Contact for Alliance functions, so we can conduct further planning as needed. For every pilot who is currently “in the dark”, please allow trust in leadership over the next few days, while we untangle the issues currently facing the largest mobile undertaking we have performed thusfar. I will be issuing more information to everyone within the next few days.

It’s time for war.


Lychton Kondur


Sperglord, HERO Coalition [/quote]

The coalition plans to be apolitical but shall generate timers and sieze sov space as the opportunity presents itself, but the 14,151 man coalition plans its first deployment to begin in the next few days.

A soundbite of the announcement