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Solo Clip: Vagabond by Mr Hyde

Went on a long roam without links/implants and got some footage in my 100mn AB Vagabond. Hope you

The Scope – Empress Jamyl Sarum attacked in Safizon

Alton Haveri reports live as the avatar class titan TES Seraph, piloted by Amarr Empress Jamyl I is destroyed in Safizon, en route to the ceremonial commissioning of the new …

Watch These – Eve Online Weekly Video Round Up #9

So it’s that time of the week where I have spent hours upon hours of trawling through YouTube to bring you the BEST (well, in my opinion anyway) videos that the Eve Community …

Video: Mr Hyde – Chill Summer Frags

Mr Hyde uploaded a new video; a compilation of small fun fights in a variety of ships including: Nighthawk, Rokh, Rattlesnake, Gila, Kronos, and Brutix!

Honorable Third Party Returns to Providence

I’ve played throughout different areas of Eve from lowsec to highsec, from wh space and back to 0.0, but one thing that has always been consistent is my interest in cloaky …