Video: PASTA Syndicate presents “Inside Job”

PASTA seem to be having a lot of fun in delve. They were nice enough to make a very cool video of their successful fishing fleets.
They described it as following:
The next chapter …

Video: A fan made Fanfest Teaser

I found this to be a amazing video showing why you should go to Fanfest! Im going to Fanfest and I hope to meet you all there!
Leave a message in the comment section below with …

Video: A single day in Sniggwaffe

Sniggwaffe also known as WAFFLES is a well known PVP corp in the EVE community.
Sniggwaffe does a lot of different type of warfare like: Lowsec piracy & ransoming, sniper …

Video: A Murder of Crows

The following video has been made by Black Legion. In this video you will see some Sundays fun with Brave Newbies. Including footage of a great CFC bomb run and a smartbombing …

Videos: Tracking Camera UI improvements

This video is about the new Tracking Camera UI Improvements thats will be released with the upcomming rubicon patch.

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