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Video: EVE Online January 2016 Nullsec Recap

Check out this January 2016 Nullsec recap video made by Hendrick

Video: Force Auxiliaries

The Force Auxiliaries have made their appearance!
Amarr “Apostle”
Caldari “Minokawa”
Minmatar “Lif”
Gallente “Ninazu”
Force …

The Scope – Upwell Consortium announces first Citadel builds

Lina Ambre reports for The Scope, detailing the Upwell Consortium’s announcement of the first build of five Astrahus class citadels, which includes a prize draw apparently …

EVE Online: Jump Clones

CCP Puck discusses Jump Clones and how to use them to your advantage in Eve Online.
0:14 Skills required to install Jump Clones
0:30 Installing a Jump Clone
0:50 Keeping track of …

Propaganda: Pandemic Horde & Concordiat Winter 2015/16

Below is a video from Pandemic Horde, an excellent place for new people to learn the game alongside experienced and new players