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Submission: [NOHO] Operation: Momma Bear (EVE Online)

An AHARM spacebro and fearless NOHO FC (Xtrah) is leaving us to join the military and so we invited some friends to ‘blob’ k-space. The fleet consisted of about 100 …

In-Development: Features of EVE Online’s Proteus Release

2015 has barely arrived, and a release is already here for the pilots of EVE Online. New mining areas, high-level exploration sites, and more star map features top the list, with …

Propaganda: Snowglobe…? – Brave Newbies vs PL in HED-GP

Get Into the holiday spirit and welp some

Zest – Eve Online Pure Solo PvP

What is the core of your Eve experience?
Every player in this vast world of New Eden, experiences the game in his/her own way. No two are alike.
One nullsec gate camper will sit …

NOC Nyx Stolen Using Exploit

Here is the video:

Ok so what is happening here?
Well I managed to have a chat with the person who captured this video, Jayarr Altol, of Psychotic Tendencies.
Jayarr Altol > …