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Bored during patch day? Watch this!

Bored while updating your Eve Online client? Well, here is something for you to watch! Catalyst criez uploaded an awesome video collection of his solo pvp adventures. Ships used …

Video: Shadow Cartel – DBOYS Video

Deadly Badger, Member of Shadow cartel has created an awesome video showing some of his recent Eve experience. In this video you will see a mixture of small gang stuff with a …

Video: SCUM. PvP Mash Up

These are a few fleets that i managed to catch on recording
The first video of titan being destroyed belongs to hydr0gen youtube page
Hope you enjoyed this short video will have …

Fanfest 2014 Youtube Playlist available

All videos have now been copied over to the CCP youtube channel!

Feel free to discuss these videos in the comment section

Video: PASTA Syndicate presents “Inside Job”

PASTA seem to be having a lot of fun in delve. They were nice enough to make a very cool video of their successful fishing fleets.
They described it as following:
The next chapter …