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Sunday Movie Day: Clear Skies 2

With Sunday Movie Day, we want to take a look back in the past and (re)watch our most favorite eve-related video ever, CLEAR SKIES 2!

Video: Lets take a look at all the new skins!

Check out these new ship skins including the Marauder, A Redesigned Blackbird hull, Incursus and the Eagle / Onyx!

Blackbird hull

Incursus hull

Eagle and Onyx …

Stainwagon vs N3 – Chimeras, Rattlesnakes and Dreads! Oh My!

Today, we, the Stainwagon, were in for a real treat! At 12:42 EVE Time, NC.’s i-Hub came out from reinforce in G2-INZ — not the usual USTZ timer one might expect in …

Video: Stainwagon vs. Nulli Secunda — Double Sunday Special

The following video was submitted by Elazar Keon, ex Stainwagon leader

First fight:
Stainwagon just destroyed an S2N CSAA that was building ~something~ and was on its way home …

Bored during patch day? Watch this!

Bored while updating your Eve Online client? Well, here is something for you to watch! Catalyst criez uploaded an awesome video collection of his solo pvp adventures. Ships used …