Submission RedHand: Solo Kronos vs two 16-man gangs

Submission: The following video has been made by RedHand. Enjoy!
A fight in which my (brand new) solo Kronos took on one 16-man gang, only to be rudely interrupted by a second …

Propaganda Thursday: Spaceship Samurai

Spaceship Samurai has published an amazing video about the capture of the Fade region.

Video: Kronos vs The world

Zarvox Toral showing off his amazing skills in a Kronos! Enjoy!
Omen Navy:
Rattlesnake: …

EVE Fanfest 2016 – LAB-M: EVE and the Economics of War

In this talk we investigate PLEX price dynamics, alliance structure, and the history of war in Eve and its effect on market prices, and how these relate to the real world. LAB-M …

The Scope – World War Bee rages on as conflict erupts over first constructed citadels

Alton Haveri reports on the ongoing conflict in the north as the Moneybadger Coalition plan their next move against the Imperium stronghold in Fade.
Meanwhile, the Upwell …