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Our archive encompass up to 2010 when we EN24 was first founded, as such you might notice some weird formatting / artifacting issues within the articles.
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Querious: Rorqual Massacre in B-7DFU
April 16, 2017 Battle Report Round Up #19
March 13, 2016 Battle Report Round Up #17
January 31, 2016 PFR announce evacuation of Scalding Pass in latest SOTA
January 16, 2016 DARKNESS. Strikes Deal with ”Rekking Legion” to Evacuate Querious
December 6, 2015 Pandemic Legion and DARKNESS. Down a Titan in F2OY-X
October 29, 2015 Pandemic Legion Moves to Delve
July 10, 2015 The War in Querious Continues: GotG Coalition Suffers Defeat in 8-YNBE
June 18, 2015 Phoebe Freeport Republic’s Third Crusade a Failure
May 9, 2015 PFR to invade Querious
April 20, 2015