TEST Alliance Northern Deployment ‘Called Off’ After Five Days of Humiliating Losses

A week ago today, the news brokeĀ on INN. Test Alliance fleet commander ProGodLegend proclaimed that starting Saturday 12th January, Test Alliance would be officially deploying to …

BREAKING NEWS: 3 NC. Titans down in 667 Billion ISK Loss

In the early hours of Nov 4th, Darwinism baited NCdot with a small sub-cap fleet, a carrier, and Dreadnoughts. NCdot responded by dropping six supers, and as they escalated, so …

Era of ‘We Cannot Do Lowsec’ Over as Imperium Ordered to Prepare for WAR

Imperium pilots across New Eden have been ordered to prepare for war.
A broadcast by The Mittani to all members of the Imperium warned members that the coalition will be …

Leaks: Spaceship Samurai SOTA

1) The past few weeks was great
2) We need time to develop on our own and so we will move
3) Diffrent phases, First phase is Tama
4) Make money through Caldari Malitia
5) …