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Era of ‘We Cannot Do Lowsec’ Over as Imperium Ordered to Prepare for WAR

November 15, 2015

Imperium pilots across New Eden have been ordered to prepare for war.

A broadcast by The Mittani to all members of the Imperium warned members that the coalition will be responding with “extreme violence and rapidity”.

The Mittani said: “We need to be ready for offensive action as soon as this upcoming Thursday.”

Adding that the campaign “will have two phases, one a sov purge and next a moon purge: unlike our recent ‘testing the waters’ actions, that means heavy use of capital fleets during the moon purge segment.”

“This is not a chevauchee/ihub purge or a wargame. Stations will be captured and moons will be taken with extreme prejudice.”

“As part of this, we will be going into lowsec to fuck the people who thought that we will never follow them there. The era of ‘we cannot do lowsec’ is over.”

It is expected that forces will be based out of their current staging system in Pure Blind, 3V8-LJ.