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DevBlog: EVE Online Roadmap Update (Winter 2015-Spring 2016)

Hi everyone
Today, we are adding a lot of information about upcoming changes to Eve Online on our EVE Updates website. We want to get you more of this information earlier, and in …

Dev Post: [December] Missile Disruptors and Tweaks to Missile Guidance Mods

Hey folks!
If you’ve followed our development over the past few years you’ll know that the idea of tracking disruptors for missiles has been bouncing around for a long …

Blue Tiger Skins Now Available In The New Eden Store!


We are happy to announce that the full range of Blue Tiger SKINs for Minmatar hulls is now available in the New Eden Store!
With today’s release, these 40 SKINs …

Vanguard Release – Summary of Changes

Today, September 29th, 2015, CCP brings to capsuleers their latest release Vanguard. This release includes several interesting changes, including a buff for battlecruisers, but …

Patch Notes for Vanguard

Patch Notes for Vanguard 1.0
To be released on September 29th,