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CVA Loses two Aeons to Shadow Cartel

This Afternoon Curatores Veritatis Alliance lost two Aeons to the hands of Shadow Cartel.
To find out what happened to these two CVA Aeons, I started to ask around in some …

EVENT: Santa Spirit event tonight! Compete for presents!

EvEnt system: Ghesis II – Inherent Implants Biotech Production
I hope to see you all there
NEWS FLASH: CCP is donating 20 Plex, and 10 pirate faction Rookie ship …

Sunday Movie Night: Clear Skies 3

With Sunday Movie Day, we want to take a look back in the past and (re)watch our most favorite eve-related video ever, CLEAR SKIES 3!

Song: Sindel Pellion – Hallelujah

And yet another great perody by Sindel Pellion!

A New Front Opens: Solar Fleet vs Legion of xXDEATHXx

A new front has opened between Russian alliances with Solar Fleet deploying to Legion of xXDEATHXx space in an attempt to take over.
Solar Fleet previously attempted to headshot …