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Dev Blog: Politics by Other Means: Sovereignty Phase Two

Hello again conquering capsuleers! This is CCP Fozzie bringing you a dev blog covering our plans for an upcoming rework of Nullsec Sovereignty.
I know that a lot of you have been …

Bob’s Corner: My Votes for CSM X

Today, the voting started for CSM 10 and I wanted to show you guys the list of names, I will be supporting myself. Here we go:
1. Bobmon
2. Sion Kumitomo
3. Sort Dragon
4. Manfred …

Live stream: 1ronBank’s Crazy GIVEAWAYS!! *LIVE*

Want to win some isk, a JF or even a NYX? Watch 1ronBank’s Live stream! GOOD LUCK!
Watch live video from 1ronBank on

Submission: Stainwagon – Happy Lunar New Year! [Roam]

Disclaimer: The following submission was done by Elazar Keon, Ex Stainwagon CEO. He created the video and wrote the battle report below. Please note that the statements below …

PL fishing crew kills NPC Avatar in Nakah

Today, Pandemic Legion‘s fishing crew successfully killed another Avatar in the low sec system of Nakah.
The story behind this kill is that a scout had noticed an Avatar …