Pandemic Legion Financial Report

Thanks phalanxIII for submitting this piece to us!
Jan 2013 – June 2014
Well it has been an emotional 18 months for Pandemic Legion; we have seen some of our highest highs, and …

Why PVPers should follow industry news

Anjedin is a quiet little system in Tash-Murkon, with very little to recommend it to hunters

Drama Lama Time for Spaceship Samurai

It appears that the drama lama has struck Spaceship Samurai.

In a mail that was sent out to the alliance, Spaceship Samurai’s Alliance leader announced that he would be …

Seraph IX Basarab: Compare and Contrast CFC vs N3(PL?) Coalitions

If you compare the history of 0.0 politics with that of our own world you will find many common features and patterns. For example, the current dualistic nature of …

Against ALL Authorities Avatar Down

This morning an Against All Authorities (AAA) Avatar died to the hands of Pandemic legion.
Pandemic Legion didn’t want to comment on how this Avatar died so I decided to …