Cpt Patrick Archer – 06/05/2017 im not this isnt about hurting hades at all it’s about getting rid of useless blues like drones and igc

Over the last few weeks Eve News 24 has been following and investigating the diplomatic tensions surrounding Triumvirate. <TRI> and it’s allies. Rumors surfaced, through the leaks obtained by and, written about by Seraph IX Basarab, detailing embarrassing command chat logs within Triumvirate/Vanguard’s directorship that seemed to indicate their (Tri’s) desire to set their allies blue and potentially attack DRF/Gemico or FCON. This article was followed up by one by one of mine detailing some of the history, political layout, and specific situations that continued to destabilize the south and spark a war between allied alliances. I also covered the ejection of Manifesto. from Vanguard Coalition. Shortly after the article was published, streamer Manny Bothans hosted several major null-sec players on his show and the situation surrounding Triumvirate was one of the major topics discussed. The panel included UaXDeath (Exec of DRF/Gemico) and Tarkinius (Exec of FCON) and confirmed the bulk of the articles and reached a consensus that Triumvirate. was taking these actions to get ‘content’, and a win, after their failed deployment north against Guardians of the Galaxy. While no one faulted them for looking for content the heavy handed treatment of not only allies but coalition members by Triumvirate./Vanguard High Command, repeated violation of Non-Invasion or Non-Aggression Pacts (NIP/NAP), as well as their (Tri’s) desire to launch an attack against DRF or FCON led most to feel that they were burning bridges and breaking trusts that would likely impede future diplomatic negotiations from ever being reached with Triumvirate.

After our initial articles, Triumvirate. leaders denied any desire or plans to attack the Drone Region Federation/Gemico and that the logs had been faked. However, multiple parties involved and present in the channels have since verified the information. Furthermore, the direct messages between Cpt Patrick Archer and Marrowbone (see below) further confirm the discussion of these plans. The desire to, or even consideration, by Triumvirate. to even consider attacking DRF/Gemico is significant. Triumvirate. holds its current space through agreements with and at the invitation of DRF/Gemico.

Eve News 24 interviewed a former long time member of Vanguard Coalition Leadership and were provided with direct chats between Hell’s Pirates Alliance leader Marrowbone and Cpt Patrick Archer (Vanguard Coalition XO/Acting Coalition Leader during Garst’s absence).  Now it should be noted that Marrowbone came to us after her alliance was ejected from Vanguard Coalition for ‘low participation’. We realize this could bias her as a source and maybe not present a full picture of both sides of the story. However, EN24 was provided with multiple verified logs and independent sources that have confirmed and validated Marrowbone’s information.

Marrowbone said she planned to “stay quiet” until several incidents occurred. Triumvirate. Exec Garst Tyrell posted a secretly recorded conversation between him and Manifesto co-executor Piotr Engels to Reddit in a heavy handed attempt to control the narrative. I won’t rehash that but if you want to read about it you can do it here. While Marrowbone holds no hard feelings towards Garst, she did feel the attempt to use the recording to falsely slant the narrative with Manifesto. and comments made by Triumvirate. leadership about HADES pushed Marrowbone to come forward and make sure that Hell’s Pirates’ side of the story was public, before similar methods were utilized by Triumvirate. leadership. She holds no hard feelings but, since her previous steadfast and deep support for Vanguard, she found her motives moving her alliance were doubted. She felt it was important to make sure accurate facts were public about what happened both with her, her alliance, and the breakdown of trust within Vanguard as a whole. Hell’s Pirates had a long relationship with both as a ally of Triumvirate. and a founding member of the Vanguard Coalition. Much like the diplomatic drama surrounding Manifesto., FCON, and other allies, things seemed to ratchet up when Garst went AFK for real life reasons and left Cpt Patrick Archer in charge of both Triumvirate and the coalition. When he (Patrick) announced a deployment north to attack the Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition he only took Triumvirate and left the rest of the coalition. Marrowbone as a alliance exec and informal leader inside of Vanguard picked up the reigns and worked with the coalition and FCON to protect Triumvirate.’s sovereignty and keep the remaining coalition members active and defending their space. Multiple line members from all the involved credit Marrowbone with taking a bad situation and keeping the coalition together while Triumvirate was off in the north.

Due to Triumvirate.’s absence and lack of concern at what was happening ‘back home’ Marrowbone had to create an infrastructure and communication system to coordinate between the remaining Vanguard members and other blues (FCON, TBC, ect). This became handy as Marrowbone also had to spend considerable time patching up diplomatic incidents caused by Patrick, his heavy handed approach, and violating multiple diplomatic agreements, with FCON and other allies. After Triumvirate.’s deployment failed and they returned home Cpt Patrick Archer recalled the entire coalition to a central location to “make ISK and ‘krab’ to support an upcoming war’. He also called a coalition leadership meeting with the following:

  • That all alliances were to rat to support a ‘upcoming war’ (No specifics were given on who the war was with)

It was at this point, that command chats and private messages show that Triumvirate was eyeing a reset of the Drone Region Federation/Gemico allies in the north and considered them ‘Useless blues’.

Below is a series of DMs between Marrowbone and Patrick discussing the reset. We have not edited any of them except to add a few words in parenthesis for clarification:

Cpt Patrick Archer – 05/24/2017: hi, you here? there’s been a massive push from basically every1 in TRI to remove droneland standings, announcing those 4 groups joining VG triggered it again I’m of the same opinion and I think we should move forward That will 75% sure mean lose our droneland holdings Thoughts? DON’T SHARE WITH FAFER until i talk to him
Marrowbone – 06/05/2017 Look pat I have had your back since garst left because I promised I would and even when I don’t agree with you and my own ppl are leaving I’m doing it anyway. So all I’m asking is what’s the plan here we go fight of Gemico and drf at one Were good but not that good
Marrowbone – 06/05/2017 You said we were resetting all of them
Cpt Patrick Archer – 06/05/2017 yea i hate useless blues they give us nothing havent for months
Marrowbone – 06/05/2017 Umm so if we lose er (Etherium Reach) How do we get supplies in except gwls (Great Wild Lands) Where we will die
Cpt Patrick Archer – 06/05/2017 gw we’ve been using gw since forever we used to jump to poses and now astras
Marrowbone – 06/05/2017 All I’m asking is for u to slow down and think abt this. Like why not take on one thing at a time
Cpt Patrick Archer – 06/05/2017 we are thing one is reset drones
Marrowbone – 06/05/2017 Ok so how do I get the money back and all our shit moved We aren’t you pat We lived outta there for ages We don’t have money or time to move fast
Cpt Patrick Archer – 06/05/2017 i mean you can stall till july if you want but garst is gonna be of the same opinion
Marrowbone – 06/05/2017 I know what he says I talk to him every night But I’m going to lose ppl over this It is going to knock Hades down alor Alot
Cpt Patrick Archer – 06/05/2017 why do you keep saying that if it’s compensated?
Marrowbone – 06/05/2017 With bloody what We have to good sec systems U literally gave every one in vanguard better sov and moons then us And yeah you gave us some sov in er but most we took Like if its me u don’t like fine ill walk away but don’t punish hades
Cpt Patrick Archer – 06/05/2017 im not this isnt about hurting hades at all it’s about getting rid of useless blues like drones and igc

There appears to be two interesting things going on in this exchange. Cpt Patrick Archer is building a narrative that due to the four new members of Vanguard, that Triumvirate. members are demanding a reset of DRF due to lack of content and a glut of blues. On its surface, this would be a reasonable statement but, remember, that some of those new members were forced into Vanguard under threat of join us or be invaded. If your members are unhappy with having so many blues and a lack of content then why would you then create more blues by threat of violence? The second interesting thing is Triumvirate considers DRF/Gemico a ‘useless blue’ and that ‘they give us nothing haven’t for months’. I find this interesting, because it was the agreements with and efforts by DRF that allowed Triumvirate. to hold the space they have had. No matter how you read this, the obvious disdain for DRF/Gemico on the part of Triumvirate. is quite telling. Having the highest level of leadership refer to their long time allies as ‘useless’ and ‘giving us nothing’ speaks volumes. When Marrowbone attempts to slow down the conversation and advocate for a different course Patrick shows a singular focus on his goals. She states “All I’m asking is for u to slow down and think about this [resetting DRF]. Like why not take on one thing at a time?” The response from Patrick is straightforward, and can not be misinterpreted:

Cpt Patrick Archer – 06/05/2017 we are thing one is reset drones

After these conversations, and meetings, Cpt Patrick Archer admitted to Marrowbone that the deployment to attack GOTG, and leaving the rest of the coalition, was a mistake and he would not do that again. Marrowbone continued working to try and change things from inside the coalition, the Drone reset, and help the coalition hold together when, despite a prior promise to to not just take Triumvirate. and deploy again he did just that. Triumvirate. deployed for a ‘fun content deployment’ and left the rest of the coalition, sans it’s strongest member, to hold the home regions again. To make this worse, there was plenty of content in Vanguard space that Triumvirate. could have had by simply deploying to counter daily attacks against coalition members and renter areas. During this deployment, Marrowbone asked for a position to coordinate the home defense operations while Triumvirate was away again. Whether Marrowbone’s ability at managing things during the GOTG deployment threatened Patrick, and his position, or for some other reason Patrick refused to consolidate command to help the coalition coordinate in Triumvirates absence and said “they just needed to work together” and no central leader was needed but him.

Marrowbone – 06/14/2017 u fine with me trying to organize these guys when u go up and deploy so we cut out all this floundering abt
Cpt Patrick Archer – 06/14/2017 thats a no

The effect was again the remaining coalition members being abandoned by their coalitions anchor alliance and left to fend for themselves. All this occurred while alliance leaders worried about the wisdom and strategic value of attacking one of the largest entities in the game(DRF). Marrowbone’s story unfortunately did not end so well as shortly there after Garst returned and despite solid support by Hells Pirates over 2 years in the Vanguard Coalition she found herself in a meeting with Garst and Patrick getting yelled at for participation during Garst’s absence. This also occurred right after Triumvirate had poached one of Hell’s Pirates largest corps which caused a large moral hit inside the smaller alliance and a chilling effect on recruiting.  The meeting devolved into a heated argument and Marrowbone’s comments fell on deaf ears. A follow-up meeting was scheduled for the next day to sort it out. Before that meeting was held, Marrowbone was messaged and similar to the Manifesto incident they were kicked out of the Vanguard Coalition effectively immediately but were granted 30 day blue standings to move out and make arrangements to withdraw from Vanguard Space. Marrowbone asked for 30 days to show that what Patrick was saying was not true and that they had been pulling their weight in order to remain in Vanguard.

The request was denied.

Before Marrowbone could react she was presented with an offer that would get her people back into Vanguard. She could disband her alliance and form one large corp that would be allowed to join Triumvirate. The corporations and members of Hell’s Pirates promptly rejected this offer and sought membership in Phoenix Federation. Almost as soon as Hell’s Pirates turned down what was essentially ‘Widotting’ their alliance Marrowbone received messages that her veteran players and “super/titan” pilots were being contacted and poached by Triumvirate. Leadership.  Since then, they (Hell’s Pirates) have joined Phoenix Federation as a full coalition member and moved on. Despite all this, I detected sadness from both Marrowbone and their members at the state of affairs inside both Vanguard Coalition and their former longtime friends in Triumvirate.

The South continues to destabilize and longtime bonds have either broken or are so damaged that a point of no return seems to have been passed. Triumvirate. appears to have taken steps to destabilize and weaken their own coalition members to then kick them and either absorb them or poach to strengthen their own alliance.

Multiple communications logs have verified that they have a desire to reset and attack both the Drone Region Federation/Gemico and FCON and from the looks of it those plans are well under way. Recent announcements by INN and the Mittani have teased a announcement by Garst and Patrick to take place tomorrow (Saturday 7/29). Could this be an announcement by Triumvirate of an immediate reset of the Drone Region Federation followed by an attack? I would normally have discounted this but with TEST Alliance being out of the region and occupied up north they are out of position to immediately come to DRF or FCONs aid and strategically this would be the best time for Triumvirate to attack.



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