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Triumvirate Leaks Damaging Relations With Drone Region Federation

July 6, 2017

By Seraph IX Basarab

Over the past few days, I have posted a series of leaks on Kugutsumen’s Foreplay section exposing internal dialogue among Triumvirate’s leadership/directorship regarding the future of the alliance. A previous campaign against the Guardians of the Galaxy coalition in the north left Triumvirate’s efforts frustrated and they’ve been sulking back home since the retreat. In light of that, a discussion abounded among TRI on what to do next. According to the leaks, they are interested in turning their sights on their allies, the Drone Region Federation and even against FCON “depending on who they reset first.” Despite having a non-aggression pact with FCON the leak shows that many are quite interested in attacking them. Triumvirate leadership also seems to have a fairly high opinion of their capabilities. Failure against GOTG has not done much to harm their confidence. They declare themselves as one of the “top 5” supercap powers in Eve and none of the other 4 willing to fight them


While I’m writing this, no conflict has broken out yet. However both the DRF and FCON/Phoenix Federation are aware of Triumvirate’s leaked logs and one can only imagine some of the planning and plotting going on behind closed doors. I say “some of the planning and plotting” because a fair bit of Triumvirate’s plotting has made its way to the Foreplay section on Kugu. If the situation didn’t already have the potential to spiral into a conflict destabilizing the east/south east yet, it’s very likely that it soon will. The implications to such a conflict are numerous but not always obvious.


  1. Triumvirate currently manages their own rental empire of numerous systems occupied by many corps. Such a conflict would put the renters in danger. This may cause dozens of different corps to leave this area and go elsewhere.


  1. Vanguard had been working with DRF for quite some time. A conflict between the two could threaten to destabilize the balance the power leaving a vacuum open for a new contender to enter the space. The south east is a complex network of small and medium sized alliances looking at their opportunity to break through into the big game.


  1. If such a conflict were to break out, it could also attract groups from great distances to weigh in on which side’s potential victory, or just shoot both sides for the hell of it. Depending on who else gets pulled in, this could in turn affect different things. For example, if Pandemic Horde were to participate in this conflict, this would in turn keep them out of a potential conflict arising in Fountain.


It still remains to be seen if Triumvirate can salvage this diplomatic scandal. A lot of things were expressed in the logs that clearly showed less than amicable sentiments stemming from their alliance toward some of their partners. Whenever wars break out, there are direct implications among the immediate parties involved. We can be certain that all sides are considering their options, counting their allies and weighing both the costs and benefits of such a conflict. I, for one, hope wars happen. The more conflicts in Eve the healthier the game’s activity. Those that may lose their spaceship livelihood may consider their options a bit differently. Who knows? What do you think? If you would like to participate in the kugu discussion hop on the public discord server.


Raw logs of the aforementioned leaks