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Op Ed: Goonswarm Federation conquers Delve, what’s next?

August 9, 2016

Editor’s Note: What follows is a speculative piece on what scenarios could the largest and most powerful entity in EVE Online could find itself in the coming weeks, enjoy.

What happens after the remnants of “The Imperium” seize Delve? With the political landscape looking very blue at home (here) one direction they could go is west to Fountain, home of LowSechnaya Sholupen [LSH], the newest member alliance of “The Imperium.” The other direction I could see them going is to the aid in full force of Stainwagon in their staging of GE- in Catch.

Looking at Fountain now it appears as though, Chaos Theory. [KOS] and The-Culture [-T C-], are consolidating the region between the 2 powers. After the ousting of Violence of Action. [VIOL8], led by former Nulli FC Canaris Roshaak, and several other powers LSH Sovereignty in Fountain has fallen under siege by the -T C-/KOS alliances.

Will The Imperium come to their aid or will LSH abandon the area for bluer pastures in Delve? Or will they hold the first in-roads to a Goon held Fountain?

Looking to the Catch region it does seem possible that, with the aid of Imperium forces, the area can be retaken and stabilized as the INFAMOUS coupe (links here, here and here) leaders lose ground in all directions. This is a strategy that would have to be implemented before the Vanguard coalition and friends clean up all the systems in Immensea and Tenerifis otherwise the momentum they could gain from that offensive might flush out any hopes of keeping Catch in StainWagon hands.

With the consolidation of Delve under the Imperium I predict that NC/PL as well as other former MBC members will travel south to farm the newly settled Imperium space by the end of the summer, much like they did in the north.

Imperium be warned, winter is coming…

Progolegend: All this exploit drama is lame. Lets get back to fun stuff. I have a message for Goons

This is an addendum from editor in chief riverini.

In case you have no idea who Progolegend is, he’s TEST Alliance’s sky marshall equivalent and boy he sure did a good job reforming that ragtag bunch of misfits. Why is he relevant at the moment? because three days ago he bursted into the reddits with the following portend toward goons:

What does this all means? its no secret that player (and trillionaire) lenny kravitz2 single handedly funded most of the MBC war, here we have confirmation from TEST Alliance leader that an escrow has been put to fund another punitive action against Goonswarm Federation. So far, TEST activity has been focused on their northern home but we’ll monitor what goes on in the coming days.